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  1. Excitable

    Detroit back on the schedule

    still pissed Toronto got scrubbed
  2. Excitable

    Reed will be racing SX in 19

    Lawyers for that, plus with this new invention (interweb) we can send documents around the world in minutes.
  3. Excitable

    This new Eli Tomac

    I also miss the Dunge, just not the way he rode the bike (and this is props to him), very careful and calculated while staying in front. made watching him slightly boring...where you watch this years riders and you can see the lack of finesse that Dunge had.
  4. Excitable

    Cycra skid plate - full armor or full combat?

    i have the full Armour, haven't looked if i have ever bottomed the bike out onto it or not, assume its doing its job.
  5. not familiar with the bike you have but there are multiple reasons over the years why parts don't interchange, the main one is improvements to the engine, its quite possible they changed the angle of the cylinder and the older one simply wont bolt up properly. sorry i cant give you exactly why they don't fit, hopefully someone knows why and enlightens us both.
  6. Excitable

    brake pads wear diagonally on piston side

    i would check that the rear wheel is aligned properly, even a quarter to half inch would cause this.
  7. Excitable

    This new Eli Tomac

    this may be a bit of a stretch, but the new eli could possibly make a run for the goat title. now i know this is still a long way off and a ton of stars have to align, but all he needs to do is keep wining the over all and stay on 2 wheels, and we all know how much eli likes the dirt. old eli 0% chance, new eli......50\50?
  8. Excitable

    Who is this rider?

    sadly a very easy hole to fall into at a pro level.
  9. Excitable

    Is Chad Reed calling it a career?

    I see no shame in calling it quits, he has done it all in mx good years and bad years... major accomplishments he received. 1997 Australian Junior Motocross Champion 1999 Australian Supercross Champion 2000 Australian Supercross Champion 2002 AMA Eastern Regional Supercross Champion 2003 U.S Open Champion 2003 FIM World Supercross GP Champion 2004 U.S Open Champion 2004 AMA Supercross Champion 2005 X-Games Supermoto - Bronze Medal 2007 King of Bercy Supercross Champion 2008 AMA/FIM World Supercross Champion 2008 Australian Supercross Champion 2009 Monster Energy Triple Crown Motocross Champion 2009 AMA National Motocross Champion 2009 AMA Athlete of the Year 2009 Australian Supercross Champion 2016 AUS-X Open Champion 2018 The Ironman of Supercross (Most AMA Supercross Starts Record) not to mention if RC never raced chad quite possibly could have been the goat. go kick your feet up chad, you earned it.
  10. Excitable

    Converting cr125 to cr250?

    easier to just buy a 250
  11. I bought a race prepped cr250 2 stroke a few years ago (not a 450f but tons of power) scared the crap out of me, bought a 15 yz250f slammed a recluse into it and love it. still have to tune it for trail riding but love the light weight and easy handling.
  12. have you checked any local dealers? the 65cc cobra will set you back a bit more and the only other options i am aware of are the ktm or the kawi. the new kawi msrp is around $3700 where the cobra is MSRP // $5,298. I would get the kawi and save the money for spare parts and what not.
  13. Excitable

    07 yz250F cant keep up! Upgrades?

    your bike has a carb his is fuel injected, as others have said swap bikes and see if that makes any difference.
  14. Excitable

    2001 CR250R

    you must idle that bike around to get over 200 hours from her.
  15. Excitable

    2002 cr125 stutters.

    good place to start.