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  1. Rodzilla

    Booby traps in Rampart

    Hey guys, thanks for keeping up with this. If anyone of you were one of the riders or know them, can you have them contact me? Send me a PM here or on KTMTalk? Sounds like there may be more than one thing happening in the area and were trying to find out if there is a link.
  2. That time of year again, it's starting to thaw a bit and water is starting to run. Forest Service has noted that the annual "Emergency" closure will likely take place this week (April 3rd ish) (the gate is closed but the trails have been open all winter)...this means the road AND trails will be closed for the melt out. The FS does this to help minimize resource damage when the snow starts melting. (and it keeps the "mudding" to a minimum) No ETA on a full reopen...they usually wait until it's dry and dusty though. At least it's a sign that Summer is just around the corner!
  3. Rodzilla

    Moab in mid December?

    IF there is recent snow, some trails like Porcupine Rim might be off the table as they are pretty shaded (I broke trail through 5 inches of snow on that route one time...it was not fun) But the open stuff that sees sun are usually rideable. I've ridden White Wash in Feb when the dunes were frozen solid and Dead cow had ice in the tubes as well.
  4. All, As is typical every year, the County closes Rampart Range Road to traffic on or about Dec 1. (if mother nature does not close it first) This is because the county does not spend $$ or resources to plow it. Please note, although the road is closed to through traffic, the area (including the road) are still open for use by OHV in the winter. Snowmobiles, ATV's and those brave souls who stud their bike tires can still use the area in the winter. Once winter arrives in earnest, the trails kind of close themselves but the ATV/UTV guys and the sleds usually keep the road pretty packed down. It is legal to ride unlicenced OHV on Rampart Range Road when the gates are closed.
  5. Rodzilla

    New Rampart Maps Get em while they're hot!

    I will have our map guy call them up! Thanks! By the way...the paper for the maps is pretty thick and waterproof as in the ink won't run. But after getting 1/2 drowned on the street bike on Monday (map was in the tank bag) they won't hold up to being drenched. So don't drop yours in the drink!
  6. Hey Gang. The new Rampart Maps have come in from the Printer and should be going out to our dealers soon (probably this weekend, RRMMC members will be taking them out to the dealers and places like Sprucewood and Jarre Mart) You all will like the new maps. Full Color/Color Coded by use (Motorcyle only/50 inchwide/open/road) GPS legend along the border Includes both Skeleton and Turtle Mtn (although both are listed as "turtle mtn") Based on GPS, so the scale is correct Includes Rainbow Falls trails Printed on waterproof (but not tear proof) paper Double sided, with a zoom in on the spagetti trails on the east side of Rampart Road Still Cheap! They should go for around $6 (although the dealers set price) Now the down side...they will have an expiration date since we're still building trail eventually you'll want to upgrade to version 2.0!
  7. Rodzilla

    Turtle Mountain-New trail at Rampart

    Sorry Guys, Bad timing. I was on vacation with the family at the Tetons/Yellowstone last week when they opened the trail. Really not TRYING to keep it secret, I just don't spend as much time here as do on KTMTalk and ADV. Not that I don't like this place or the people, sometimes life gets in the way. Also, the RRMMC is 100% volunteer and we have one guy that does the web page. So if he's mired in work/family/out riding...it can lag. Facebook is a little different as several of us have admin rights so if I'm not around someone else can post up and we can do more frequent updates. But I'm kind of the only guy that tries to update the boards and if I forget or I'm gone, then it doesn't get done. So again, I apologize, we were certainly not trying to keep anyone in the dark. If you have a FB page, you really should follow the RRMMC page. Yes, the 16.5 mile "Turtle Mtn" trail is open. Pinch gates and a brige was put in on the 11th during the Performance Cycle work party. It runs from the west end of Skeleton (at the 650/649 intersection) North/northwest to 677b where the short section of singletrack that connects to Devils slide is and is probably an advanced trail until it gets burned in similar to Skeleton. Next we reroute Dev. Slide and return it to a singletrack trail. ALSO we have new maps with these new trails, GPS points etc... at the printer right now. (MUCH NICER than the old ones) They should be at dealers soon or you can pre-order them from http://www.motoridephoto.com/maps.aspx
  8. Rodzilla

    Rampart Trail Poaching...again

    Anyone ridinging the unopened trail has to "bushwack" to get to it. It is obvious that they are on closed trail. While I appreciate the thoughts, I don't think game-cams are the route we want to go down. Besides we wouldn't get the sticker number we'd need. What I WANT (pipedream) is for the OHV community to do a better job policing themselves.
  9. Here we go again. Riders are poaching the next section of Singletrack out at Rampart and the Forest Service is NOT happy. Not just about the poaching, but the fact that those riding the not-yet-open trail have decided that roosting up the hillside to get out is the smart thing to do. Guys, this is unacceptable. Yes we all love single-line trail. Yes, we are all excited. But we've waited 20 years for these new trails, we can wait a couple of months until the RRMMC, Mile High Youth Corps and Forest Service get this next 15 mile section done. We have about 2 miles left to complete (but it's the toughest two miles). The Trail should be open by the end of July, then we will start rerouting and returning Devils Slide to Singletrack. But we CANNOT continue to be our own worst enemy. We whine and cry that the "Anti's are closing our trails" but THIS is a matter of "US" endangering our access. From the Rampart Facebook Page:
  10. Rodzilla

    2013 Rampart Spring Poker Run - Who's going?

    I'll be working at the entrance gate again this year. Say Hey when you go in on Sunday morning. Rod
  11. Rodzilla

    Getting to Dead Cow Loop Trail

    Derek, From the Parking area, head into the "wash" directly in front. It's pretty obvious it's between the parking area and the actual dunes. Head Right. Follow the wash, it will pop out at a fence line w/two track paralleing it. Follow that fence/road about a mile. In front of you, you will drop down into the first section of Dead Cow. You will drop down a little canyon, then out onto a flat. The trail is pretty obvious. You'll get to the tubes, then out close to the river where the trail will cross a mud flat that may or may not be dry depending on the river level. Through the area people call "Hobbit Town" or "Ewok Tunnel" then the route will paralle the river. Kind of whooped for a couple of miles, then you'll come to a BIG cottonwood tree and see a slot canyon to your left, that is what people call Beehive. Follow that canyon back paralle to Dead Cow. once you pop out the route forks. You can follow it straight and get back to the main Wash. or turn left and it will connect back into the deadcow canyon, from a side slot canyon via a pretty hairy drop in. (It's visually/psychologically harder than actually riding it) I prefer to do the route counter clockwise.
  12. Rodzilla

    Rampart Closure for mud season

    the Rampart range motorized management committee meets the 4th thursday of the month at Fay Meyers club house. Come to a meeting. We do 5 work parties a summer, all are listed on Rampartrange.org. They may, or may not be working on singletrack. The Forest Service, has been using the Mile High Youth Corps, along with the RRMMC, paid for through our sticker dollars to do the work. But the MHYC are young folk who are mostly still in school, so they can' start until June. the YC, work 5-6 days a week out there, the FS has been a little bit hesitant to do volunteer work parties on the unopened trails. Why? because we get people going out to work on Sat then telling their buddy "they know where the new trail is going in, lets go ride it before it's open".
  13. Rodzilla

    Taylor Park ?

    You do know that the main route into Taylor, Cottonwood Pass won't even open until around Memorial day, right? You're getting pretty ahead of yourself. Taylor will likely be mostly snowed in until Juneish.
  14. Rodzilla

    Rampart Closure for mud season

    Guys it is what it is. Right now the FS has the "North" end of Rampart Closed(What most of us consider "Rampart"). Political reasons or not. Face it, the area sees a Butt-load of traffic. Any mud or snow or downed trees creates a problem as the mouth-breathing masses will go around these things and if there is mud you know the "but dem dudes in the commercial was going through the mud!" crowd WILL destroy any puddle they come across. I want to spend my summer completing singletrack, not repairing the damage because people have cabin fever. Douglas County is going to grade the road and the State Trails crew is scheduled to go in and clear deadfall this week, so that is two reasons they are holding off, along with the melt out. Is it awesome? No. Is it a fact of trying to keep the area open, yes. We all have our little bones to pick, be it with trail closures or other. But let me tell you this, as someone who has been doing this a while, the Rangers out at Rampart are some of the most proactive in the country. Think about all the crap they have to deal with. The unwashed masses, the litterbugs, the drinking parties, the meth labs and pot growers (both have been found in the Rampart area), all the trash left behind, the high school parites etc...yet they still work to get trail open. Was top of the world everyones favorite? yes, but it also drains into Denver Water shed. Trout Creek, the same, remember the two stream crossings and the loose hills leading out of it? All that sediment ran right into the streambed. These are things not in our favor. The replacement for Trout Creek will be open this summer, the RRMMC, Forest Service and the Youth Corps have two more miles of singletrack to complete to get it open. That will make 15 more miles of single track connected to the almost 8 miles of Skeleton. Once that is open, the plan is to work on rerouting Devils Slide and returning it to singletrack. Face it, we are the ones who always "lose" but the things we can do is divert our trails out of the water and out of the drainages. Sorry I don't get to TT much anymore. I'll try to keep you updated. PS yes, that is Bear Moutain. There is an approximately 8 mile expert level singletrack plotted for that area as well. We'll likely break ground for that one this summer as well. But it will be a (pardon the pun) Bear, as that area is absoloutly brutal. We can be mad at the FS, but I have personally hiked several dozen miles and ridden many more, taken vacation and sick leave to work with the FS Ranger for the area. The Rangers, along with other members of the RRMMC have done MILES on the ground, days worth of work to get YOU new trails.
  15. Rodzilla

    Taking a trip to Utah, give me the basics!

    For rugged camping... 1. Bring water 2. Bring water 3 Bring water. 4. Drink it. That said, there is a handful of other things to know about camping out in that area. 5. Because it's so dry, waste does not decompose. Don't plan on doing like the bears do. Bring an option or go into town 6. If you want a fire, you'll need to bring your own wood. There is not much out there to burn, and if you do...it's not growing back any time soon. 7. Bring sun shade Momentum is your friend.