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  1. It doesn't as far as I can tell. But, I got the transparent tank and Eddie's bike had a white I think. While the option to see a gas level is cool (especially on a drz), one day you gonna hate the looks. I would take black or yellow if I had to buy it again. Not sure what colors are available now
  2. tbh, can't recommend it cause it may look like a hack job, at least if you cut a lot. I am running a ghetto kicker so there is no battery on the left side. And I also have another set of plastic so I can experiment with a beaten stock set. But it could be better with several more iterations. Unfortunately stock drz's fat ass and muffler direction make it look like a brick
  3. It's a stock height sdg. Got the same setup on mine. I am pretty sure tall sdg seat won't work with ims 2.7
  4. Hi, I got yz125 (03) and PO decided to machine the linkage and went with oversized bearings? (Dunno why he did it 🤔) I really like to service the linkage with OEM bearings and, well, now I can't. But it seems like newer models have better linkage design with washers that protect seals. It is similar to linkage I got on my DRZ which uses Showa components. Pre 05 models have sleeves with 'shoulders' that got packed with dirt after each ride. Did anyone tried to swap it or maybe at least measure the linkage? They look similar on pictures. (I am looking for a bolt on fit not a hack with welding and grinding)
  5. Aive1

    Suzuki drz400sm rear sprocket need help!!

    You need JTR822 or Japanese OEM Sprocket -- 64511-15D50
  6. Hello, so the long story short I am using an airbox boot of klx400r. It doesn't have a joint to connect a vent hose from the crank breather box. Most likely it was this same way on old kickers. Can someone take a pic (or explain) where the vent hose goes? So far I tried to bend it and route along with carb vent hoses between a swingarm and shock. (bad idea) Another pic I saw suggests to route it along the subframe under the seat. That's how I run it currently, but as it ends up in a battery holder area it is quite a mess. I hope Suzuki had a better idea how to route it. thanks
  7. Aive1

    Rear brake poorly braking?

    try to move your brake pedal a bit higher
  8. I am not 100% sure, but according to diagrams modern aus E comes without fan. Most likely the tank OR E rad hoses routing (which is different) makes it impossible to install the stock S fan. And it seems like Suzuki thinks that the cooling system is sophisticated enough without the fan (considering the overall HOT climate of Australia)
  9. Hello, I am planning to make my SM a bit more track oriented. First step is to convert it to kick only. But what is more important I want to remove the starter clutch assembly completely. Have anybody tried to "partly disassemble" a flywheel, remove a bigger starter clutch gear, and put it back together? (I know there are 2 oil ports I need to cover). Did it work? I am concerned with part on a left here http://www.partzilla.com/parts/detail/suzuki/SP-12600-29810.html thanks
  10. Aive1

    Stock head gasket on bb

    you can try to search for Athena gasket kit. part number -- ATHENA P400510160002 I have also blown the cometic one in about a year since I'd installed the bb kit. As far as I know lots of folks on LTZs had the same problem. They recommend to go for Athena head gaskets
  11. Hi, one more punctured cover. Has anybody really tried to use a kicker cover on s/sm? I know that cranks and flywheels are different and according to pictures the cover itself is a little bit smaller, but maybe it’s still possible to fit it? (by fit I mean a bolt on fit without hacks) I want to fix the punctured one and convert to “kicker” at the same time.
  12. Hi, would like to make sure I understand it correctly. according to Clymer Manual E and S/SM might have a different ignition timing. The manual says the following: E - 7° BTDC at 1800rpm S/SM - 7° BTDC at 1500rpm Does it mean that E has a more advanced ignition timing? If so, it should influence the mid range and top end pull. The ignition is not adjustable but maybe it's possible to change it by swapping flywheel or cdi?
  13. Aive1

    Cylinder To Base Dowel Pin Missing Ok To Run?

    my 125 03 was running fine without both dowel pins, without cylinder head mounts; with a melted plastic on crank halves and cheap ims taiwan rod (I don't even want to imagine who and how rebuilt that crank)...a little bit rich but ok
  14. Hi guys, I have a yz125 03 and last weekend I went ridding like a normally do. It's just a trial ridding nothing special. Suddenly the bike started to idle really high. The only way to drop the revs was to blip the throttle or just keep on riding. To make the story short - bike ran fine, but when I pulled the slide it was chipped. And I think that part of the slide is now somewhere in my engine...or maybe it has already made its way to the pipe...not sure it's even possible. Here is my question - do I need to split the engine to get that little part or maybe there is another way? I am sure I can't use the magnet. Maybe someone had the similar experience? Thanks
  15. Aive1

    1st Post DRZ S vs SM

    It all depends on mods. If both bikes are stock go for SM. (I can hardly believe there is a stock DRZ somewhere outside Suzuki factory)