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  1. 40oz

    Ohio Just moved to Columbus Ohio

    I just recently moved to Columbus Ohio, and I am looking for some places to ride. I normally ride hare scrambles so I am interested in trail rider (meaner the better) but if there are moto tracks closer that would work to get some seat time. Thanks 40oz.
  2. 40oz

    Help Please!

    Good info on the ground screw, did you put some loctite on that screw? Welcome to the forum!
  3. 40oz

    Check this one out; Squashy Brakes

    Just a heads up guys, added this thread to the FAQ section. Thanks a lot everyone and specifically 7thirtyseven for his input.
  4. 40oz

    Recent buyers of '13 250-300's

    FYI guys, I added this thread to the FAQ's section. A lot of great information in here!
  5. HAHA Too funny, totally forgot about it. The plate when you actually get the right part is amazing (would fight through the pains of getting the right one again and again). The screen mod was/is a life saver, stops all the mud and junk from building up (aka becoming a shovel). Wow, wish someone called me out on this much earlier - i think this was what I was going to post about, after the screen mod. I am still running it to this day, yup a lot say its ugly but i have never had it come off, bend, brake, etc...slides over rock and wood and other bikes without issue nothing to hang up on it. I have hit some things VERY hard and yup i get a scratch or have to make a new screen (only happened twice). But I would like to have something ugly on my bike and finish a race/not lose a skidplate/bend a pipe any day. I just chuckle at the guys with bling all over the course, as I fling myself around the course without issue. Make me smile near the end of a race. Also, with the screen protector the bike stays cool as the mud, leaves, junk falls off the screen and does not build up on the pipe/engine. Another note, that cant be stated enough is make sure to use the paper insulators that come with the install kit, look like junk but totally needed.
  6. Move here (Indiana) recently from NY and had tires dialed in there for the terrain and my riding style. What do you folks use out here for the sand and clay (dry/wet) conditions found out here in the woods, nor as interested in the moto conditions but more about woods as I am a harescrambler/gnccer. Thanks
  7. 40oz

    wheel bearings

    Just get wheel bearing from AllBallz and put some extra grease in them, I use to run the WNYOA series when I lived in NY (will come back for Dreamriders as well) but I would say from running that series for a number of years (wet years and dry) if you put new bearings in at the start of the season you will be fine. If you are going through them more often than that - something else is the root cause of the failures (wheel out of true, forks not same length, etc, etc).
  8. 40oz

    Thought I'd Share...

    Had a few complaints/notes that URL was not a URL, it is NOW a URL.
  9. 40oz

    Thought I'd Share...

    This is a young rider (last year was his first year racing), but he puts together some nice vids. http://www.youtube.com/ktmrider766
  10. 40oz

    new KTM 2 stroke rider

    Very nice, a number of years ago i use to rock the CRF250X then moved over to a KTM 250xc-w, best move i had made. Glad to hear you are enjoying the move as well!
  11. 40oz

    Anybody racing these events?- IN

    Looking like less rain tomorrow, none on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So it may actually shape up to be decent.
  12. 40oz

    Anybody racing these events?- IN

    Class normally breaks down in size of bike (cc's) and/or age. How old are you and what bike to you run and we'll be able to tell you which class would suit you best. Its a two hour race think it kicks off at 10am, but be ready before that as you need to be on the line a little while before they get things running. Also, you will need to go through tech inspection. They are mainly looking to see if your transponder number matches the number sticker on the left side of your helmets 'jaw'. As well as making sure your bike isnt insanely loud. The course length can vary depending of what changes they made to the track, it normally runs from 8-14 miles per lap. I normally get there the day before or well before the race start so I can walk the course or at least the beginning part, though probably wont be an option this time as I have to work on Saturday. I will probably walk the first mile or so while the AM race is kickin'. Let us know if you have any other questions. If you hear someone come up on you and rev their engine or yell normally something like 'HEY!' just move off to the side of the trail if possible or wait until a safe time and let them by. Also, toss me a Private message. And I will exchange some info with ya - maybe I can meet ya before or after your race.
  13. 40oz

    Anybody racing these events?- IN

    with as dry as it has been the ground will suck up the rain pretty quick, looks like no rain, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. So I am hoping for tacky conditions I am sure there will be a wet spot if they run the creek and some dry dusty spots, hope the woods set up nicely even after those quads.
  14. 40oz

    Anybody racing these events?- IN

    I have never needed fuel on a 2 hour harescramble, yet I have been on fumes. All the 3 hour GNCCs i have run I have always needed to stop just before the two hour mark for fuel. But you need to be a B, A or higher class to run the 3 hour PM race.