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  1. aebbern

    Hybrid Trials Tire ?'s

    I'm awaiting delivery of my '16 Beta 300RR and also planning to try the Equilibrium with it. Did you also change out the front tire... what are you pairing the Equilibrium with?
  2. 2007 TE610 - does anyone know what material the stock valves are: steel, stainless steel or titanium? Thanks.
  3. aebbern

    07 TE610 issues

    Just thought of one more "must do" item for you... replace the two bolts that attach the bottom of the subframe to the main frame. They break pretty easy (mine and many others) and are simple to replace with a higher grade bolt. This seems to be the biggest issue with the TE610 - the factory used some weak fasteners in places they shouldn't have... but at least it's an easy fix. Cheers, Andy
  4. aebbern

    07 TE610 issues

    In addition to the footpegs, you will also need to brace the battery tray on the subframe. It is very weak and prone to breaking (especially if you enjoy jumping the beast). While you're at it, check the bracket that holds the clutch cable on the motor. It sometimes needs tweaking to ensure the clutch cable doesn't kink (& then break) there.
  5. aebbern

    Idaho Rally, July 2009

    I'm seriously considering coming down from Canada for this rally. If I do, I will likely combine the trip with the "Tour of Idaho" route shown here: http://www.motorcyclejazz.com/TID.htm
  6. aebbern

    te610 best kick stand length

    I just drilled a hole in the base of the kickstand and bolted a hockey puck to it... gives it that ghetto Canadian look, works good too
  7. Yup - have the zerks... just didn't grease them on day 1. I'll never make that mistake again.
  8. Not sure if that makes it a better choice as a DS bike, I mean Ford sold a lot of Pintos too...
  9. - IMS has a 5 gal tank for the carb models, no different than having to upgrade the tank for a DR or XR - It's a 4 stroke single... any mechanic can easily work on this bike - Parts are a bit of a nuisance (at least in Canada), but there are a few outstanding dealers in the US that know the product inside & out and carry a very wide range of parts (Hall's is my favourite) Having said that, the DR would also be an excellent choice for what the original poster described.
  10. Congrats on the TE610... it is a great bike. Here's a tip for you... don't go another day without lubing the rear shock linkage with some quality waterproof grease. I mistakenly assumed that Husky might have put some grease in there at the factory... now looking at replacing all the bearing in the rocker lever.
  11. aebbern

    Disappointed in Canada

    Tspoon... lots of plated TE610s in BC (and some in Alberta). Go check out the Husky forum at http://www.dualsportbc.com/forums/ That's where I found my baby to bring back home to Calgary. If you don't mind buying used, Ross Rocher Sales in Ontario had a plated one for sale earlier this summer. By the way... they are a kick-ass dualsport bike!
  12. aebbern

    New Husky website

    What's the URL?
  13. aebbern

    Replacement radiator for 610?

    Thanks - I'll give them a try. Mine is twisted up pretty good - maybe they can work some magic with it. Cheers, Andy
  14. The right-side radiator on my '07 TE610 is in need of replacement - trying to figure out which rads from other models will fit. Has anyone had success grafting a WR rad on to the TE? Any other models of Husky that might fit the TE? Thanks, Andy
  15. aebbern

    08 TE450 street legal in Alberta

    I don't suppose you are aware of any TE610 ('06 +) owners here in Calgary? I am seriously considering a TE610 as a replacement for my DR650... hoping to have a close look at one in the flesh before I do a long distance deal. Thanks, Andy