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  1. Autospirit

    Rekluse Clutch?

    Yeah, I am looking into one as well. I dual sport my '05 X and haul it up to the trails once a month. I feel I have my jetting dialed in but it is so difficult to tell with all of the elevation changes you experience on the trails around here as I am still running into stalling problems in rock gardens and the tight stuff. I have read many posts of praise for the Rekluse but I can't bring my self to justify the $600 price tag. I'd almost rather save that towards an FI bike or supermoto kit.
  2. Autospirit

    Is there a list of the Nationals RC will be racing?

    Dang, I was hoping he would come to CO one last time.
  3. Or is it all up in the air? I didn't even know he would be racing in the Nationals.
  4. Autospirit

    Billy Who? Where are you? Man funnel for 450X

    Yes yes. And using using the kick stand while changing the oil helps to control the mess even more. If you want to get every last bit out you can drape a shop towel over the shift lever and crank it over once or twice (kill switch of course).
  5. Autospirit

    Are you a 'Spode'?

    Wait, he just moved from Iraq to Libya today. Why weren't we invited to the housewarming party?
  6. Autospirit

    Do you jump?

    A little of both. I'm still "young" but most of my joints pop like a cement mixer and I am starting to wonder if the adrenalin rush is worth it.
  7. I could be wrong here, but it would seem to me that draining the carb for long term storage (via the plug) would increase the process of the residual gas in the carb going bad (greater air to gas ratio?). Unless you disassemble the carb and clean it out, wouldn't it be better to just leave it full and use Sta-bil? Though so far this winter I haven't had to worry about the dilemma because there have been plenty of decent riding days.
  8. Autospirit

    Honda admits problems-Well almost (CLOSED!)

    Yep, tired of seeing this show up.
  9. Keep this on tap. http://www.moto-brew.com/
  10. Autospirit

    The race was great but...WTF!?

    Maybe it's your new plasma TV combined with the glare of the clear Colorado sun. Really though, I didn't notice any bad quality? Agreed it was a good race.
  11. Autospirit

    Brake pedal bend

    The problem you describe is perfectly normal. You simply can't bend your ankle enough to use the brake while sitting. The trick is to keep your legs locked tightly to the frame while you lift your foot of the peg to brake. Dust Devil likes the heel but I still prefer to use the ball of my foot.
  12. Autospirit

    Leaving your X stock

    I consider a properly tuned carb on a bike to still be "stock". Sure you can ride it just fine without doing anything, but just try changing the clip position and maybe putting in a fatter main jet and see how you like it. Remember the fuel screw makes a huge difference as well. If anything, tuning the carb will increase your resale value.
  13. Autospirit

    Fuel Screw - Zip Ty Vs. Stock Vs. XR's only

    XR's only is a company who sells these fuel screws. They're designed to be used on all Keihin carburetors. It's great, you can lean over and adjust the mixture without even getting off the bike.
  14. Autospirit

    Are 450X bolts metric or SAE??

    I like metric because of how simple and common sense the system is, but I'll admit that if the US ever changed (which I don't think will happen) it would be a PITA to get accustomed to it. Especially weight, temperature, speed... I do prefer to use metric tools though and actually, most of the bolts on my Ford truck are metric, probably because it was assembled in Mexico. Heres another possibly stupid question. Is it easy to find SAE tools in other countries? I guess it should be since some of the best tools are American made.