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  1. endurocross

    Are trials bikes more silent than Enduro ?

    Ok , got it , thank you @all One more question , on my EXC 200 i can go almost a full day with its 9 liter tank , i have seen 3.5 liter tanks online for trial bikes . Knowing that trials are also ligther , how much should i expect out of a tank knowing i will ride the same ?
  2. Hello boys and girls , I have myself right now one piece of EXC 200 from 2007 and one piece of KX 125 from '97 . The problem with them is that they are loud , sure there are ways to improve noise reduction on them , bu they seem more like trial and error , jetting be changed , and it still make a considerable amount of noise . Did not own a trials before , not any of my friends , i just remember seeing on the youtube posts trials bikes that did not seem so loud . But in videos enduro bikes are also not so loud as in reality , so i might trick myself and buy something that in reality is just as loud as the motocross bikes . So the question : are trials bikes a lot more silent that enduros ? based both have similar setting , or stock from the fabric , comparing an enduro with Qstealth 2 vs a trials bike with silencer taken off is not gonna be a fair comparison .
  3. Hello peoples from around the world , I have to admit , this is about my car battery but the same principle applies . So i have a 12V 55ah battery , a charger that charges at 3 ampers , and on the cover says "for batteryes of max 60Ah" . I am afraid that if i ever buy a stronger battery then this charger will be useless , so my problem is , if I buy a 100Ah battery , and charge it with this charger , this means it will charge it at 60% ? Just for information , I am not really going to buy a 100Ah battery yet .
  4. endurocross

    EXC 125 tank on an SX125

    Hello everybody , The title says it clear , i will bee looking for something betweeen 2010 to late 2015 , and i was curious if the same year 125 EXC/XC(W) will be fitting an SX125 ? To me it is pretty simple , but someone had told me they don't fit , so that is one thing to consider when i will buy . Thanks a lot .
  5. endurocross

    What odes it mean M 6X25 WS=8

    Hello everyboy I have to buy this screw ( but it will arrive too late for me ) , Part number 0015060253 ( https://www.motorcyclespareparts.eu/en/ktm-parts/2007-200-exc-europe-off-road/mask-fenders ) Size is "HH COLLAR SCREW M 6X25 WS=8" Ok I know what M6x25 means , but i have not ideea what that "WS=8" means , can anyone explain ? Rest regards .
  6. endurocross

    What's this washer's size

    Hello all 2T dirt-bike users I just have lost my PV seal washer (0603262322 CU-SEAL RING DIN7603-26X32X2 from this site https://www.motorcyclespareparts.eu/en/ktm-parts/2007-200-exc-europe-off-road/exhaust-control ) , and to order it and receive it would mean 2 weeks or so . Since it is not such a big deal to "manufacture" it , i was either thinking of buying one with similar sizes or ask a blacksmith to forge me one ( skill needed 300 :)) ) Size i think it is easy , calculating from the "26X32X2" i think it would mean inner size X outer size X depth . Now one more thing , from what material is it created , does it have to be from the same material ? or can i use anything ?
  7. endurocross

    KX250 ignition timing

    Will you meet chinese in China too ?
  8. endurocross

    I need a bigger float needle

    Hello, thank you all for the answers I am eager to go back to the bike ans see what is wrong with my needle/float or other stuff , I will keep you informed as soon as i get there :)
  9. endurocross

    I need a bigger float needle

    Hello peoples and gents . The fact is that i already have "stretched" that float needle to its upper limits ,i fear that i will break something if i push it even more . All my other bikes had to be leaned 45 degrees or so in order to overfloat , this one will simply overfloat at a 10-15 degree angle . So my guess is to buy something other that the stock needle , not having so much moto-shops around here means I have to order them from somewhere else ( internet ) Looking at the pictures it seems like some other manufacturers have longer float needles that might just fit . But i might also get burned . What do you recommend to fit in ? Bike is EXC 200 '07 , carb is PWK 37 mm
  10. So the PV opens to allow burned mixture to evacuate earlier , which creates a vacuum . If the PV does not open , the burned gases evacuate later in the stroke , thus more time with pressure from the burned gas in the cylinder . More time with pressure from burned gasses , less time with vacuum . Less time with vacuum , less time for fresh mixture to enter cylinder . Less time for fresh mixture to enter cylinder , less total mixture is used by the motor . Actually NOT , it is at lower RPM that the engine consumes less - not talking about the possible problems we can encounter by starvation of oil And at the same RPM . if the burned gases escape later , then there is more time for them to burn . The way i see it is that the PV only servers to create that vacuum sooner so that fresh mix can come in sooner
  11. Hello , I know already the drawback of closing off the PV , like deposits on the valves and stuff . Now only form a theoretical point of view , would that increase mileage ?
  12. Hello , Actually this is a 2 question . Does moving triple clamps up or down matter for the rider sag ? And second , does modifying compression/dampening of the front shock have any influence on the rider sag ? All videos mention the rear spring , I have my front forks 10 mm higher , will that increase or decrease my rider sag ? Best regards .
  13. endurocross

    Main jet needle , jet needle , and idle jet needle ???

    One more thing I might add : Mine is a European version , so i have the "slide stop 38 mm" , what is that , how do I remove it By the way it always revved much slower than my 125 , and when it gets at max RPM i still have more throttle left , but if i use all that it just sounds "boggish" but does not increase RPM .
  14. endurocross

    Main jet needle , jet needle , and idle jet needle ???

    Ok , so "main jet needle" is the actual "main jet" , and "jet needle" is the needle itself . Yeah , pretty explanatory , thank-you kxrob :)
  15. Hello International Users of Thumpertalk , I knew until now that there are 2 adjustable needles to the carburettor ( PWK 37 mm ) But i see in this picture there are 3 , The ones i know about ( and seen on the carby ) are the main and the pilot , so where the hell is that so middle one called simply " jet needle " ?