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    Sweet tunes......

    Now Darin, I KNOW you're lying... I've seen all those Barry Manilow, Anne Murray and Carpenter's tapes in your truck...
  2. old_but_slow

    Finger Lakes State Park (MISSOURI)????

    Yo, milkman, why weren't you at White Rock 2 weekends ago for the enduro?? 'Fraid I'll kick your butt? White Rock was AWESOME, but it was VERY muddy in spots, thanks to all the rain during the week. I was covered head to toe and the bike was covered with about 50lbs of Arkansas clay. Didn't finish - hour'ed out because of one stinkin' hill I couldn't make. You're right about that place, though. I really like Chadwick, but White Rock is just soooo much bigger. Apparently there are some new logging(?) roads. It would be very easy to get lost. I'm ready to go back when it's a bit drier... P.
  3. old_but_slow

    I MADE DIRT RIDER MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Darin, now that you're famous (?!?), just remember about the "Gruber Incident". Just in case I have to keep you humble..... HAHA
  4. old_but_slow

    chadwick riding area

    Chadwick is an AWESOME place to ride. There are tons of narrow trails as well as wide open ones. There have been more ATVs of late, but I've never had any problems. There are 2 camping areas - Camp Ridge and Cobb Ridge. I've never stayed at the Camp Ridge area, just Cobb Ridge. Cobb Ridge has a bunch of new sites added this year. You have to stop a Kaye's store for the day permit (I think they're open 6AM-10PM every day) but you still need to pay for sites at the campground - $5 for no hook-ups, $10 for hookups. There's a drop box at the entrance to the paved camping sites and a board with info on it. I think without a doubt, Chadwick is my favorite place to ride (so far).
  5. old_but_slow

    here piggy, piggy! SUEY!!!!!!!!!

    Ron in SoCal - I too feel the pain. This was my first year riding dirt bikes and also my first year running enduros - at age 40. My philosophy is if you're gonna do something, go in full steam, headfirst. I definitely need a good routine. Picking up the big blue beastie (and my sorry butt) after 20 or so miles gets very tiring. Please send a copy to me. Thanks. Paul
  6. old_but_slow

    Countdown to Elsinore GP is on!!!

    Hey, ya big dufus, how did you do? Did the Suzu, er, yellow yammer carry your sorry butt? I'm just glad it wasn't my motorhome you were travelling in - after Gruber last spring it will never be the same! (I think you know who this is!!)
  7. old_but_slow

    Idle problems/Gearing questions

    Thanks for the tips, guys. I will check for an air leak, but I would think with a leak, it would run rough all around instead of just having the revs run up intermittently. Never hurts to check, right? As for the rear sprocket, I'll definitely change that this winter when I do the swingarm and axle service. What's the deal with the YZ timing? IS it that big a deal?
  8. old_but_slow

    Idle problems/Gearing questions

    I've got a completely stock 99 WR400, including the throttle limiter, and I have a problem with the idle surging. Starts, runs fine, but when the engine is hot sometimes the revs jump up for no apparent reason. The revs sound about the same as when it's cold on full choke. Blipping the throttle doesn't do anything - the only thing that seems to work is to put it in gear, let the clutch out to put a load on the engine till the revs come down. Then you can put it back in neutral, or pull in the clutch and it's fine, at least for a while. It happens when I'm stopped and when I'm running it. It's a real pain when you're coming up to a tight corner in the trees, roll off to slow, but the bike just wants to keep going. Any suggestions?? Second is a gearing question. I'm stalling this thing a bit too often and having trouble going up rocky trails - can't seem to crawl smoothly. It's got the stock sprockets and I was considering going to a 52 tooth rear. Is this a good start? I don't want to think about a flywheel weight, at least not now.