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    99 se350 any good for a almost do anything bike

    I have one and yes it is a great all around bike, I’ve never had any issues with it. They can be hard to start when they get hot and it’s in the middle of summer. Only thing I can say is that it might not be great for hare scrambler etc because it’s air cooled
  2. Can anyone tell me if this will fit my 16 500 EXC, I know it says XC-W but didn't know if that was just due to passing forest service regs, I don't ride where I have to worry about that Thanks
  3. nrweaver

    Dealer Recommendation in Northeast

    Not sure how far you want to drive but Schaeffer's KTM in Orwigsburg PA is pretty awesome would highly recommend them. I talked right to Bruce the sales manager.
  4. nrweaver

    Ktm e bikes on KTM's us website

    Does anyone know if these are going to be available in the US since they are on the site now? If so has anyone said MSRP?
  5. nrweaver

    13/50 +13/52 Chain Length

    I think my buddy who is running that has a 118
  6. nrweaver

    LED Turn Signals 1999 DRD350SE

    HI, I need new turn signals for my 1999 DR 350 SE. I want to get LED ones but I cannot find any that plug directly into the harness and don't need any resisters. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks Nathan
  7. nrweaver

    Tail tidy for 1999 DR350se

    First post and I have searched and cat find anything. Previous owner made a mod to license plate and light for plate. Will not pass inspection. Does anyone know how a good tail tidy for it? Preferable the cheapest. Thanks