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  1. stownsend82

    Clutch replacement?

    I don't know how large your metal flakes are but most times I change the oil I have a slight metallic tint to the oil if the light is hitting it just right. This seems less now that I've installed a magnetic drain bolt. I have 10,500 miles on the original clutch. I ride trails quite a bit and am not particularly easy on my bike at time. So I find it very odd you are having to change it so soon. But about the clutch adjustment. I recently adjusted mine and I'll try to explain my experience the best I can. If I adjust the clutch lever and it effectively engaged or disengaged the clutch plates there is an annoying amount of slack in my lever which led me to believe my clutch wasn't adjusted correctly. If I adjusted the slack out of the lever then the clutch would slip terribly while riding. I adjusted it 10 different times before concluding that the slack is inevitable. I've never experienced this in any other bike I've owned. Maybe it's a result of stretched clutch cable, too long of cable or a result of clutch plate wear. After my experience I actually read some other people have experienced this too. I hope this makes since and the slack isn't throwing you off to believe something that its not.
  2. stownsend82

    Honda xr650l dave mod question

    Hello everyone, I'm a returning member from several years ago and am now the proud new owner of a 2002 xr650l. I'm lovin' this bike. I purchased the bike all stock except a White Brother exhaust and the smog removed. Everything else is stock. I was told that the carb had been heavily modified but, after 6 months of riding, I'm tired of an annoying flat spot just off idle and it seems the surging is getting worse. So I'm going through and doing the usual un-cork. After investigating the carburator I have found that it has never been worked on. I ordered a couple of aftermarket jets (jetsrus.com)/ uni filter/ washer and went to work last night. As I replaced the jets I noticed that the factory Keihin 52 was noticeably smaller than the 58 aftermarket I put in. Just what I expected. But, when comparing the difference between the factor Keihin 152 to the aftermarket 158 or 160, there seems to be no difference at all. I thought this was really strange. So I put everything back together and went on a short test run and I must say the throttle response is extremely smooth. I mean it is a night/day difference. Tonight I will do some further test to dial in my pilot screw and try to determine if the 160 is going to work the best. SO my question: Should I be able to notice the difference with the naked eye that there is a difference in diameter between these jets? Should I purchase the Keihin jet to be sure? Per the jetsrus.com website they state "The advantage of the OEM EQUIVALENT jet is the lower price. Our OEM EQUIVALENT jets are made in one manufacturing facility for lot consistency and match the jet number, orifice size and flow rate of the Genuine jets." So what would you guys do?
  3. stownsend82

    XR650L Height

    How difficult is it to lower these bikes?
  4. stownsend82

    XR650L Height

    Hello, I am 5'11". Do you guys think the xr650l is too tall for me? I've never sat on one. I have quite a bit of dirt bike experience and a little road experience. I used to ride an xr250 a lot and now am riding an '85 Kawasaki KL600 of which I am trying to sell. Thanks in advance. Stephen
  5. stownsend82

    KLR 600 Air filter

    Anyone? I'm interested too. Thanks
  6. Hello, I'm looking for a "plate element" that basically holds the air filter in place. This part has been discontinued. If anyone has one of these and would like to sell then let me know. It can come from an '85 or '86 (not '84). Thanks
  7. Hey did you ever figure out how to do this in Louisiana? I'm interested in getting a HOnda 650r and tagging it.
  8. stownsend82

    KLX plastic tank to KLR?

    Did you ever figure this out?
  9. stownsend82

    Gas Tank

    Hello, did you ever find anything? I'm looking for something else too. Preferably plastic. Thanks
  10. stownsend82

    86 klr600 tank upgrade

    Did you ever find out anything? I have an '85 and would like to change the tank or recoat it.
  11. stownsend82

    '85 KLR600 problem

    In case anyone is interested, I found out that when the motor locked up a large amount of gas was forced into the crank case. So the fluid level in the crank case was much too high. When the bike idled it ran rough because there was pressure behind the cylinder. The gas did not come from the intake back into the carb then back into the air box. It was coming from the crank case vent hose that vented into the air box. From there it was draining out of the air box overflow tube. I know that nobody really cares but I hope that this bit of information might help someone out.
  12. stownsend82

    '85 KLR600 problem

    Hello, I have an '85 KLR 600 that only has 3000 miles on it. My brother bought it and rode it for a while then one day it wouldn't crank. So he pulled the spark plug to see if it was firing. It was but also noticed it was spitting large amounts of gas out of the spark plug hole. Placed the plug back in, tapped on the carburator thinking it was a stuck float. Kept trying to start but finally the engine hydro-locked. Wouldn't turn over at all. Brought the bike in to a shop and had the carburator rebuilt. Picked it up and bike will start but is pouring gas out of the air filter box while running. Since then he gave it to me cause he does'nt want to fool with it. I'm in the process of pulling the head to see if the intake valves are bent. In the process i've checked that the timing was correct and it was fine. Given this information does anyone have a clue or a suggestion? I appreciate any information in advance. Thanks