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  1. DirkP

    weight reduction

    No suggestion, but (as Moleculo stated) Morimoto would kick Bobby Flay's ass in a street fight! Maybe that's a different thread.
  2. One of the mags (Dirt Rider or Dirt Bike) mentioned recently that they tried losing the batt to save weight, but it wasn't worth it. I don't have the article in front of me but there were five or so mods they tested with no noticeable improvemnet.
  3. DirkP

    Oil Cooler

    I'd have to agree with Tiki, it "shouldn't be needed" if you change your oil frequently. I've run mine year round for almost two years now and it gets pretty hot here every once in a while. That said, it wouldn't hurt (other than weight and possible leaks).
  4. DirkP

    Idiot Crotch Rocket Picture...

    He would only look "half as cool" without the jacket!
  5. DirkP

    I need Part.

    If you're talking about the soft "sintered" metal band (about 1" wide), mine is stuck in the muffler pipe and would probably get tweaked beyond use if you could even get it out in one piece. Maybe somone has taken theirs apart with the seal ending up on the head pipe side. Seems that would be easier to remove.
  6. Thanks for having me guys. I had a blast. I'd do it again anytime I could. Let me know. Dirk By the way, Jonny was too fast for my old camera, my pics were a tad blurry.
  7. I taught my wife to ride on the 150, but as soon as she road the 230, she liked the bigger wheels and extra power. Luckily this upgraded me to a 250X, so what can you do?
  8. DirkP

    miles per tank

    I've gone over 60 many times, at a pretty good clip. Still haven't hit reserve.
  9. DirkP

    150 in 125 class

    Maybe it's just me, but I would never come in Fake. Ride as well as you can, and if you blow them away, so be it. Take a shot at the bigger bikes if you want, but don't be suprised if you can't hang. Keep in mind that if your skills are there, you will need to improve you bike. Some people would be happy just to place, but if you didn't earn it...It's not really that great.
  10. DirkP

    changing tire

    You need a heavier hammer. I'm not trying to be a smart-ass, but a heavy-headed hammer should pop it out easily. I tapped mine with a 5lb mallet and it came free.
  11. DirkP

    Make $$ on ebay!

    I guess a lot depends on the "name". BBR gets around $65 for theirs.
  12. I've run my '03 230 at 6-7000ft with an FMF pipe and stock jetting many times. I had to back out the mixture screw a half a turn after taking out the snorkel, but still haven't rejetted. Asked two dealers, they both said "If it runs fine, don't mess with it".
  13. DirkP


    If you're around Phoenix, check out the Red Baron graphics at North Valley Honda. I put them on my 05 250X with a little tweaking (they were for an 04 450). I'm not sure how to post a pic, or I'd show you. I'm not sure if this will work, but we'll see. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v673/Diglerville/RedBaron.jpg
  14. DirkP

    CRF230 in sand/dunes

    You should look into getting a fork support. Check ebay or your local shops. Sometimes called "Bike Bone" or "Shock Saver", it fits between your tire and the underside of your fender between the forks.