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  1. chemomche

    JD needles on PWK

    JD already relaied on ktmtalk. Thanks!
  2. Hi, i got JD kit from a friends ex bike. It is JDK011 for KTM 150/200 07-13, PWK 36 carb. Can i use the needles on my 01 SX 250, which has PWK 38 AS carb(the one with power jet)? Are the JD needles the same for all PWK bikes?They are blue and red, but is the red for the 150 different from the red for 250?
  3. Hi, i got oldie mighty 2001 SX 250 which i want to make a woods weapon. I got most of the bike covered - Steahly, DOMA, guards everywhere, but i want more from the suspension. I got 2010 530 EXC OC forks and 2013 Husaberg FE shock. The shock i put a week ago and it was a big improvement from the previous one(it was from 2002 EXC). It has bladder kit and now the rear is much more stable plus i got more traction. The shock came with 80Nm Ohlins spring, but i put 69Nm to suit my weight(i am 75kg w/o gear). With the exc shock i used 72Nm as it suited me better than the 69, but i read that the FE shock is valved harder and need softer spring, so i put 69. I have also the exc OEM progressive spring. I am not able to work on the shock valving, so can only work with the clickers and change spring if needed. The newer shock i longer, so i will be making a spacer to lower it or get less preload to get the bike lower. Not is little squeezed when installed, so the preload when more from the 7mm i preset before installing the shock. I got 30mm static sag and 110mm race sag w/o gear. I may try 35-40 satic sag if it give me 125-130 race sag. As for the forks, they worked ok with the previous shock, but now with the better shock they are just not good enough for the bike, so i want to set them to work better. I already changed the BV with the 250/300 exc stack and i saw that the MV and Rb are the same for 530 and 250/300 (i use this site as OEM stack source http://www.ktmshop.se/index.php?action=showDocuments&id=19#partslist) Now the BV is like this(250/300 EXC) (6) 24 23 20 18 16 14 12 9x0.30 16x0.25 MV 18 (3)20 (2)18 16 10x0.20 Rb (3)T20 12 16 14 13 12 10x0.30 14x0.25 I got 4.6 springs in the forks, but also got 4.0Nm available. I also go showa softer MV springs. I noticed that the forks are way far from bottoming in the places i ride. I do not use around 60-80mm of the travel. They do not soak small bumps very well, tried the forks without the air valves and it worked better. I am running 130mm gap. I ride woods and not very fast open roads. No jumps, no hard hits, some roots and rocks. I am after a plush ride at low and medium speed and can sacrifice some high speed stability and harshness. What stack/spring set up will you recommend? I found a couple of two stage stacks in the net, but not sure it the will suit my set up. First one BV 24 .10 X 4 15 24 22 20 18 16 14 9.5 .30 16 .25 MID 20 .10 X 3 18 16 14 10 .20 float 0.55 REB 20 .10 X 2 delta 12 20 delta 16 14 12 10 .30 14 .25 130mm air gap Second BV 24 x .1 (3) 16 x .1 24 x .1 (3) 23 x .1 22 x .1 21 x .1 20 x.1 19 x .1 18 x.1 17 x .1 16 x .1 15 x .1 14 x .1 9.5 x .3 16 x 2.5 MV 12 x .1 20 x .1 (3) 18 x .1 16 x .1 14 x .1 10 x .2 0.6mm float Reb 15 x .1 3 (d) 20 x .1 12 x .1 16 x .1 14 x .1 13 x .1 12 x .1 10 x .3 16 x .25 Third BV (3).10x24 .10x17 .10x24 .10x22 .10x21 .10x20 .10x18 .10x16 .10x14 .10x12 .30x10 MV 20 x .1 (3) 18 x .1 16 x .1 13 x .1 10 x .15 (2) float .6mm Reb 3 (d) 20 x .1 13 x .1 16 x .1 15 x .1 14 x .1 13 x .1 12 x .1 10 x .3 16 x .25 What do you think of those?
  4. chemomche

    Doma Racing Exhaust system

    Got the bike with this pipe/can on. It is lighter then the OEM and the bike has great low end. Only draw back is that the can uses rivets and not bolts and after some packing changes they tend to broke the body of the exhaust.
  5. 1 review

    GENERAL INFORMATION DOMA Exaust pipe and silencer
  6. chemomche

    Suzuki NECJ suzuki needle

    Good improvement of the stock jetting along with 40 pilot.
  7. chemomche

    Suzuki NECJ suzuki needle

    1 review

    GENERAL INFORMATION Suzuki needle from RM250
  8. chemomche

    KTM 250 SX (2001)


    Great bike! Strong bottom end and insane top end. Very light and easy to ride when off the pipe. NECJ suzuki needle did a big improvement on the jetting. The bike pulls like my brother's 520 EXC at low and middle and rips on the top.
  9. chemomche

    2001 SX 250 jetting

    Any suggestions? I read a lot about the "Suzuki needle"(NECJ) and some threads for 38 carb on SX 250. So if i got all right i plan to use 42/45 pilot NECJ #3 168/170 main Those are for 200-750m elevation and 16-24'C temperatures. Ane thing that i cannot figure out is the magnetic valve that opens at high rpm and gives more fuel. I thought i need leaner main because of it, but when i compared the 2002 model carb settings they are the same as mine 2001, while 2002 do not have the valve. What do you think? Should i even unplug the valve and make my life easier?
  10. chemomche

    '01 SX 250 timing marks

    This was what it looked like when i got the bike, but i thought that the previous owner messed it up, as i doubt that he had the manual. But i think that the manual is not showing it correctly, as the engine sheet shows 1.9mm BTDC for the SX timing, and 2.64(not sure the excat number but it is greater that the SX), for the EXC. So the SX need less advance, but it should use the right mark which is retarded - i see no logic in thins. I will try different set ups till i got it the way i like it.
  11. chemomche

    2001 SX 250 jetting

    Hi, can you give me some base jetting for my 2001 SX 250. I have the manual, but i know that the stock ktm settings are not always the best. I ride at 300-1000m level, around 20-25'C temperatures. I use it for the woods, faster trails, so need more bottom and mid range. My current settings are: 172 main 48 pilot NOZE at 2 clip 1 1/2 pilot screw My carb is 38mm Air Striker carb, the one with the magnet valve that opens at high rpm. - KTM DOMA pipe and silencer - TwinAir powerflow kit - Boyesen Pro Series reeds The bike runs ok, however it is new bike for me and i cannot tell if it runs at its best. This how the spark plug looks like
  12. chemomche

    '01 SX 250 timing marks

    So like that(the red mark)?