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  1. Catbatman

    Anybody else here dislike 29ers?

    I'm new to the 29er's after 15 years of on and off riding. So far most of my prepurchase concerns about bigger wheels are gone. Heck, going from a bike with skewer quick releases to thru axles makes much more of a stiffness difference than the wheel size, I think. Weight? I'm not really a "weight weenie" when it comes to mountain biking, so that aspect still feels ok. So far my only negative with the bigger wheels is the added input that is required to do wheelies, manuals, bunny hops, etc. I really gotta put a lot more effort into the motions compared to my 26".
  2. Catbatman

    Something Different

    I find it fun to think of these reimagined "optimal" designs for things sometimes. Regardless of what the thing is, the same issues and principles always seem to rise up. So much of the concept revolves around totally changing the manufacturing level of the bikes. That would be huge $$$ and risk for the manufacturer. That would be like a government funded r&d project. The benefit, or end result, over the current direction and designs would be how good/important? I'd figure that in the world of road racing the benefit would be greater and more evident. Everything is more consistent, predictable, and measurable on the concrete. That question is where the beauty of offroad riding meets machine lies imo.. The more varied and unpredictable the action is the lesser effect a single design can generally have. What I'm getting at is I think that a rider's adaptation/usage to a given bike will have greater overall effects than slight design changes in offroad riding. Sure you can stack up many refinements that combine to give a larger improvement, much like the actual bike evolution has done. If the evolution skipped too many steps you'd have a freak of a bike...eww. But, as long as off road riding stays varied and not overly groomed and sterilized, I would guess major new developments are little return for great expense. I dunno, realistically if you ask, "What's next?" I'd say more bling and comfort features...it's all fun to think about though.
  3. Catbatman

    Lefty anyone?

    It's been a while, but I found a great deal on a new 2018 Scalpel si 5 a few weeks ago. I had to go with my long time wishes and get the Cdale with the lefty and unusual designs. The bike is friggen awesome! Quite the change from my old school 1996 xc Raleigh M400 for sure. Now I just need the weather to stop muddying up the trails when I have time to ride. I've been very time restricted lately; riding pedal and motor bikes has taken a sad hit for the time being. But yeah, I love this scalpel.
  4. Catbatman

    Disappointed in Bike Bandit!

    Why make a thread about giving bad rep for something so minor? If you called them about the issue and they told you to shove it, then I could understand being disappointed.
  5. Catbatman

    2003 RM250 exhaust valve cam replacement

    Just noticed you asked. Yes, both of the 06 cams together will work. That is what I have been running since this thread.
  6. Seymour Butts recommends rotella.
  7. Catbatman

    What age did you peak?

    I knew a superhero would show up. You've made me reconsider my other post... I'll peak when I'm dead! Lol.
  8. Catbatman

    What age did you peak?

    Probably 31-32. I'm mid 30's now and while I feel I am on the upswing of certain things there are a couple of noticeable changes. Mental clarity, strength, reflexes, discipline, all of those things still feel like the only way to go is up. Better than ever actually. Joints that have taken a beating, heat tolerance, and stress are the downswing.
  9. Catbatman

    Forum Management

    ūü§£ Vital... I check there regularly to be amused by the vast loads of ridiculous and idiotic troll posts that accompany nearly every single topic. I for one don't post there though. I'm not pro enough to grace such a forum. I come here for real bike talk and info. More riding less talking is my goal. 2 cents.
  10. Catbatman

    Who makes the smallest kids mx kits?

    Looks like Thor makes stuff down to 2XS. Those measurements should fall into the chart. http://www.thormx.com/size-charts/
  11. Catbatman

    rm125 or rm250

    Which ever point is more important to you I guess. Obviously if an even race with your buddy is priority the rm125 will match his cr125. But if you just want a fast and fun 2 stroke the rm250 is the way to go.
  12. Catbatman


    I ride a 2 stroke. So just top end kits, zip ties, and duck tape for me.
  13. Exactly! You're right though. It's not always a bad thing. If it gets too regimented it wouldn't be nearly as fun.
  14. I think for me it is practicing specific drills, obstacles, or sections when I ride. I always have stuff like this in mind before I ride. Then when I get there I'm like the dog that got out the front door and sprints random laps around the yard until it's worn out.
  15. Catbatman

    Help need advise..

    This is probably more effective