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  1. By having a bike thats a pain in the ass to start XD. My bike is in my freinds garage with his dirtbike,snowmobiles and mountains bikes with an alarmsystemon the garage.
  2. MrFreez82

    Wanted flywheel weight for 2001 YZ426

    finding one ofthose would be great for me too and i'm already running on a 52 rear tooth sprocket.
  3. MrFreez82

    Yamaha YZ426F (2000)


    Love the bike but such a pain to start sometimes
  4. MrFreez82

    Yamaha YZ426F 2000

    Love the bike but such a pain to start sometimes
  5. MrFreez82

    2001 yz426f about to blow!

    A cc upgrade will ask for a carburator jetting ajustment also
  6. MrFreez82

    changing full rear wheel assembly

    need to be sure that the sprockets are for the same chain size other then that as mentioned up I'd go for something more solide for a wheel too
  7. MrFreez82

    2004 CRF250R problems

    as mentioned chek for air, fuel and spark first
  8. MrFreez82

    What is my dirt bike?

    For the running issue try cleaning the carb, air and fue filter and put a nice new plug in there when warmed up it should run without issues without the choke on. For the tubes, any place selling dirtbikes should be able to get you somepretty cheap. looks chinesse
  9. MrFreez82

    Greatest bikes of all time!

    Tried a couple of freinds bike but my favorite is still my Yz426 evenif it tried to kill me a couple of times
  10. MrFreez82

    Bleeding brakes

    humm loosing pressure when bleeding looks like somehow you're letting air in. bringing the caliper higher then the cylinder is something i do too bring it up down up down. Probleme is, air bubbles wont come that easily back to the top with gravity alone.Last time I bleed brake on my freinds chinesse bike I passed a quarter bottle of fluid before getting 'em good. You could always try a gravity bleed sometimes it works better
  11. MrFreez82


    only thing I dont like about small bikes is the suspension that always bottom out under me and the wheels are so small they get pretty unconfortable while riding wavy dunes
  12. MrFreez82

    Help with ssr 125 rear wheel removal...

    bolts should be standard thread direction. You will need to loosen the bolts for the chain ajustment alsowhileputting on and removing the wheel
  13. MrFreez82

    Flywing mx 100 2004

    Ebay will be your freind I guesse unless you manage to find some other place. building skills and tools required XD
  14. MrFreez82

    Computer fan on dirtbike

    Oem fans are usually bigger, bulkier and draw a lot more amps\watts than the smaller fans. we are talking like 3-8 watts vs 30-40. The battery I have in is rated at 4 amps hour since it's compact. installing a oem fan on it I wouldkill my battery in amatter of minuts if not max an hour
  15. MrFreez82

    Bleeding brakes

    Sponginess can come from air bubbles trapped in your system. Brakes with dual pistones are harder ton bleed. I usuallu unscreew the caliper and slightly tap it with a wrench while turning it to dislodge bubbles and tap the line up to the top. I found that bleeding brakes like on cars dont work well at all