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  1. Hey gang! I posted this up in the Land Usage forum. If you already know about this, great. If not, it is worth sending an email to this committee. This would be great to get back some rights as ORV users. Worth reading guys.... "Since 2005 some select areas already including Ogemaw county have been allowing bikes and quads to ride the roads to access various riding areas without trailering. Now there is a bill in Lansing that would make this happen for pretty much all of northern Michigan. Check this stuff out and send your emails in support." St. Helen Powersports Newsletter ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- April 13, 2008 Local News & Events ORV Legislation Update The Senate Committee Hearing is next week! April 16th at 1:00 p.m. is the Senate hearing date. The single most affective means to communicate with your legislator is a well written personal letter, however due to the timeframe to the hearing the next best method is an e-mail. Some legislators require their staff to answer everyone, some don't. But your e-mails are counted. If fact, E-mails to the Clerk of Committee are presented to the Committee as a whole. This is the only time all e-mails are on one table. Very significant e-mail! Position of the people becomes a bit more obvious. If you haven't already e-mailed your support of HB 4323 "as presented from the House", please email today to; Honorable Senator Patricia Birkholz, ® D - 24, Chair, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Committee senpbirkholz@senate.michigan.gov Honorable Senator Gerald Van Woerkom, ® D - 34, Vice-Chair, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Committee sengvanwoerkom@senate.michigan.gov Honorable Senator Bruce Patterson, ® D - 7, senbpatterson@senate.michigan.gov Honorable Raymond E. Basham, (D) D - 8, senrbasham@senate.michigan.gov Honorable Michael Prusi, (D) D - 38, senmprusi@senate.michigan.gov Clerk of Committee: Joy Brewer, jbrewer@senate.michigan.gov St. Helen Powersports Newsletter ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- April 4, 2008 Local News & Events ORV Legislation Update Less than 2 weeks to Senate Committee Hearing! A coach with seating for 55 will be leaving the West Branch K-mart at 10 a.m. Wednesday, April 16th. Please be there by 9:45 a.m. We will be dropped off on the steps of the Capital building at 12:30 p.m. The Senate Hearing is scheduled for 1:00pm. Do not miss this opportunity to visit our state capitol and be involved in supporting this important ORV legislation. The cost per person has dropped to $10 per person based upon full occupancy due to the generous donations of local businesses and ORV enthusiasts. It may drop further. It is of vital importance that this hearing is packed with ORV enthusiasts whether your county has an ordinance or not. Many of us have wondered how all the state and national forest roads became off-limits to ORV use in 1989? Did you know that it all started with only 2 anti-ORVers that sought support from the DNR and the forest service? They went to Lansing seeking legislation against ORV use. They were successful in closing all forest roads unless designated for use. Why? Because no one showed up and supported the rights of the ORV user, many of us were outraged afterward, but it was too late! The world is run by those who show up! We must be PRO-ACTIVE, it will be much more difficult to be reactive. If you want to be part of a change you must be where change is being made. If you absolutely cannot be there contact a fellow ORV enthusiast that can. Make a difference while you can! Reserve your seat on the bus now! Call Bob Hetherington at 989-685-3696 or email RHeth41@aol.com to reserve your seat. If you cannot make the trip but would like to make a donation to help cover costs, please make checks payable to American Tour Club and mail to Bob Hetherington @ 1325 Sage Lake Road, West Branch, MI 48661 Excerpt from a note from Dick Raney, Coordinator, Michigan Motorized Recreation Council, & Chair, MDNR ORV Trail Advisory Board: "Spent the afternoon in Lansing on Tuesday. Our chances are very favorable on winning, but it will be all uphill! The opposition is mounting and our work is increasing. We have plenty of good support, but the very best comes from you. The e-mails are of vital importance and the strongest part of our effort. We again ask you for yet another round of e-mails and handwritten letters. Certainly you are getting tired of sending them, but they work and are cheap. Thus far, we have not asked for one dime and it is remarkable how far we have gotten. We ask you make every effort to get as many sent in as possible. They will be the key to success! Once the bill gets out of committee, we will have one more round to individual Senators with emphasis on Republicans. They control the Senate by a margin of 21 to 17. We have gone this far and we WILL complete the final laps of this race! We can and you are urged, to wear clothing identifying you as an ORV user. Jerseys, jackets, sweatshirts and t's are very appropriate. We are doing great, we now must increase the momentum a bit for the win! See some of you on the 16th, 1:00 p.m. with ORV in the pickup." Below are the Senators on the Committee: Chair,Senator Patricia Birkholz ® District 24 www.SenPBirkholz@senate.mi.gov V/C, Senator Bruce Patterson, ® District 7 www.SenBPatterson@senate.mi.gov Senator Gerald Vanwoerkom, ® District 34 www.SenGVanwoerkom@senate.mi.gov Senator Raymond Basham, (D) District 8, www.SenRBasham@senate.mi.gov Senator Michael Prussi, (D) District 38 www.SenMPrussi@senate.mi.gov
  2. dirtr1der

    Last time I will go to Leota...

    I saw someone on an old school yamaha in the parking area on Canoe Camp. Must have been your friend. It was quite busy there last weekend. I was riding with a 250XCFW and a CRF 450. Few utility quads and sport quads with us too. However, the Quadtards we were with are not like the ones described earlier - well maybe on of them who I'd never met before. I had words with him later in the day at West Higgins. I don't think it helped, tho. He was pretty clueless.
  3. Nevermind. Just checked the website. Not on diesel vehicles.
  4. Anyone know if they are covering the Heavy Duty with this???? Cummins and related powertrain???
  5. dirtr1der

    Info on Leota trail system and lodging

    Top one is on 18 south of Prudenville. I was there in my truck on the 4th. Other sand bowl looks like an area near the leota trails south of the Hackers/Spicers area in Houghton Lake. I spend quite a bit of time in the Houghton/Higgins lake area. Riding Leota this weekend, actually. Any takers??? We'll be at the parking area on Canoe Camp Road at 10am. J
  6. dirtr1der

    jd jet kit

    Anyone got one of these in a 426??? Just curious which needle clip position you use.
  7. dirtr1der


    All, It is with deep sympathy and profound anger that I have to cancel my trip this weekend. A few things have come up on the homefront that will make it impossible for me to take off this weekend. I've been trying to console myself by reminding myself how much money I'll save on gas, but its not working. Nonetheless, I will not be traveling to The Rock this year (at least for Memorial Day.) Everyone have fun and be safe. I'll keep checking threads here, as I will be looking to ride somewhere the following weekend and the saturday of father's day weekend as well.
  8. dirtr1der


    Relative of Jim and long lost 1/2 brother of Lim - who oddly enough, also had chaffage issues from too much spicy Asian food. Must be hereditary.
  9. dirtr1der


    Yesterday, I tried to break in the WR for Drummond. Leota - loop east of 27. Only got in 13 miles, but they were hard-earned. She's offically ready.
  10. dirtr1der

    Houghton Lake - Meredith

    Rode Leota yesterday. The loop east of 27 is way flooded. See pics I'm posting on the Drummond thread. However, did not get over toward Merideth, but met some guys on quads who rode there on Saturday. They did not say anything about trails being bad near there.
  11. dirtr1der


    I'm with Rick. Not at all happy with where this thread went. Hell with the tent...I'm now going to stay in a locked vehicle at night. If anyone breaks out the.... I'm running far, far, away.
  12. dirtr1der


    Brakes??? They're not needed on The Rock. Just find the closest bog,stump or boulder and steer toward it. Congrats on the baby news. J
  13. dirtr1der

    The ROCK calling Yzman...come in Yzman

    He actually said "&%$#@! this sh*t" when I stopped to ask if he was ok. And I'm sure that there was not ever a trail there. It was YZman's little joke of the weekend. That being said...lets do it again!
  14. dirtr1der

    The ROCK calling Yzman...come in Yzman

    Pressurefreak, Is your dad coming along again this year??? The old TTR did pretty well there last year. Besides, being the slowest rider there (me) it was nice to have him there reminding me to ride at my own pace. I had a few near misses on some of the two tracks trying to catch up to you pros. He kept telling me the faster I went, the more likely it looked like I was going to eat it. Anyhow, I spoke with Dave (who came with me last year) a few days ago. Although gangfully unemployed, he's still considering coming back if he can swing it. Should be a good group again. Anyone know if Wolf is returning? If so, make sure someone reminds him how tight the trails are. I hate to see a perfectly good bike in the hands of an irate rider! Then again, I remember cursing myself a few times as well.
  15. dirtr1der

    St Helen 4/21/07

    Damn! Just remembered I have a wedding to attend on Sat. in Port Huron Bike is ready but the rider is not!: excuseme: Have fun!