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  1. Some Dude

    Husqvarna Blowout Sale

    That's subject to interpretation, find anywhere in that legislation where Motorcycles, Scooters, RV's, Fleet vehicles, watercraft, etc is specifically listed. Consequently it's up to the court to interpret if a street legal motorcycle is considered a passenger vehicle, in GA motorcycles are not considered such in the eyes of the insurance commission and other legislation, but &%$#@! do I know
  2. Some Dude

    Husqvarna Blowout Sale

    Wow that sucks, TE449's have been rock solid out of here, but there are a few nuances as with any bike that the new owner of one should know. Make sure your fuel petcocks are open, or the fuel cell for the fuel pump will not fill adequately and you could starve the bike for fuel. There are two petcocks, one from the main tank and another from that feed of the main tank going into the transparent fuel pump cell. If they are slightly open fuel will not make it to the fuel pump in a timely fashion and cause the issues you had,....They need to be wide open (unscrewed all the way out) This should have been covered on delivery of the bike but sometimes things get overlooked. The other issue that might cause intermittant running is the main connector to the EFI control box/computer. It's directly under the seat and if the connection is at all loose or wiring harness not routed and secured just right it can cause the ignition to loose spark momentarily and will manifest itself into the engine hesitating, stalling on bumps or such. The TE449/511 will blow smoke out of the pipe if the oil is over full or if the bike runs for any length of time on it's side which both scenarios gets oil into the airbox which can get sucked into the intake. Not a good situation but the dealer you bought from just started carrying Husky a few months ago and does not have any real experience with them, but maybe you just got a bad one which can happen with any brand/product. However Georgia Lemon Law isn't going to be much help, specially for a TN resident, hope that isn't the case for you and perhaps your issues are something as simple as above. Either way you need to have the bike in for repeated failures and it only sounds like you've had it in once so precedent isn't going to help you either. Good luck with it.
  3. Really Dale???? The current TE 6 speed close ratio has been the same ratios they've been using since the Italians started sending 50state street legal TE's to the USA in 2004 (3 years before KTM in that segment) Yes it was a bonehead move by the Italians, but even you should know better BMW had nothing to do with that initially and didn't fight the Italians hard enough to change the ratios on TE only models. BMW designed the G450X and it's 5 speed has a wider spread then the TE449 which was in the "Italians" hands to massage. The wiring harness is far from that much more complicated and a TE can race a Hare Scramble quite well with. The only real performance difference between a TXC and TE310R is the front forks, same rear shock, same potential power after full power is enabled and the wiring harness is not that big of a deal once the computer and headlight are replaced with a number plate.
  4. Some Dude

    Engine break in advice for a new TE310?

    2012,.......2013's are the "red head" valve cover and the cylinder head is shaped more like a V
  5. Some Dude

    LAMC Tecate Hare Scrambles 1 DEC 2012

    My Buddy's son finished 9th overall on a Husky '12 TXC310 and the National HSQ sales manager in 10th overall on I presume a '13 TXC310
  6. So how come you didn't know this was coming Dale?????? http://www.dirtrider.com/features/mini-os-new-gp-race-format-amateur-mx-schedule-quinn-cody-to-husqvarna-the-weekly-dirt-november-28-2012/
  7. I'll tell you why,.....because Italy was given engine to make a frame with and they succeeded in making the bike heavier and added a tuning fork resonance just to spite the G450X platform. They both get great traction, however Speedbrain already has 3-4 years in development on the G450X platform and the TE449RR is as much Husky as it is G450X in that there is the Husky generation 6sp 449cc which is quite a bit massaged from the G450X generation, a whole modified G450X frame which has extra cross members and a linkage suspension (standard under arm vs TE449 top arm) and then all proprietary to Speedbrain tanks, panels, skid pan, muffler/exhaust. While the TE449RR may not be much like the TE449, it's not much like the G450X either. BMW is in business to make money, plain and simple and one of the largest privately own companies in the world that now owns Husqvarna. I sure hope they stick with dirt bikes and I don't see them stopping. They've managed to make the TE310 better with their resources and production quality/consistancy of the Korean based engines is still better then the X-Lights unfortunately,.....not sure if that's an engineering issue or assembly issue, some of both I've seen but still all improved since BMW's take over. The big shows are becoming less and less important with internet speculation and leaks of late and why wait 2-10 months to unveil a new model when a bigger splash can be made with an internet blurp and some leaked spy shots??? Indy and SEMA trade shows are WAY down and in this fast paced world and market we live in, waiting for some show and having to spend a bunch of money to be in the elite viewing audience is just not as big of a deal as it once was back in the day of print magazines on every grocery store shelf/check out stand. I haven't seen a decent dirt bike mag on a new stand in at least a year +
  8. Some Dude

    2012 TXC 250 VS 2012 WR125/144

    If weight is your ultimate concern and you want a plusher trail ride, the WR125/144 is going to be the hot ticket in my opinion. The TXC has electric start and would be my vote but WR has single chamber Kayaba forks and lighter weight.
  9. Some Dude

    Do Husqvarna SM wheels fit a BMW G450X

    BMW G450X wheels are completely different form HSQ wheels. However the rear wheel of any KTM from 2004 up with fit the G450X and for the front wheel the G450X is pretty unique hub/axle diameter wise. Speedbrain offers wheel sets as do a few other companies but there wont be a used "set" ready to use
  10. Some Dude

    2013 Husky Sighting

    Dealer meeting is beginning of September and they are saying no 2013's will ship until after the meeting even though there may be a few sitting in the warehouse a month or two before then
  11. Some Dude

    2013 Huskies....Again!

    With the TC250 it comes down to technique as the fuel system will only hold operating pressure for so long after shutting off the engine, therefore it requires a primer kick. Once the crank position sensor sees rotation it turns on the fuel pump which means your first cold kick will not light it up. Best procedure is to give it an easy kick or two to prime the fuel system and then wait a few seconds and try to light it up with the coldstart lever pulled back, everyone I've played with will start right up that way.
  12. Would you rather no German involvement and Husky dissolved all together back in 08/09? The dark side is strong in you it is.
  13. And lookie here, Nuda 900 made position 3 and 5 on the first prologue http://www.erzbergrodeo.at/jart/prj3/mm/data/uploads/erzberg12/results_ger/Competition_Twin_Zylinder_update.pdf
  14. Ding Ding Ding!!!! We have a winner from someone without an agenda and who actually has paid attention to the Erzberg format. The HP2 cleaned house two years in a row at the prolog but wasn't going to finish the hare scramble or even attempt it. While I know the HP2 can still clean a Nuda 900's clock on the prolog or pike's peak,..........the Nuda 900 will do well in the prolog with someone like Simo who is very good at high speed pin it to win it type racing,..not so much in GNCC's evidently.
  15. Some Dude


    Acerbis makes 2 different capacity fork tanks to this day and have for many many years as I just got one in couple months back for a customer............small market and this is why you don't see clarke and IMS trying to get a piece of that pie.