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  1. flattusmaximus78

    Ronnie Mac in for Red Bull Straight Rhythm

    Well that is hands down the worse Mac video so far.
  2. flattusmaximus78


    It is impressive, but that was just a guess, I don't have a clue what he has; that is why I asked. C-headed cobra motors don't need rods and pistons to be able to handle 600 hp. My fox made 472 or 473 a few years back. Has hit the limiter religiously and is just fine. That is well over 500 at the crank on a stock block, stock bottom end 302; which the internet says you can't have. I don't claim to be a dirtbike tech either, nothing I had said would indicate as such. I probably wouldn't be on this forum if I was, no? I just don't see the link between working a cnc machine and being a dirtbike tech.
  3. flattusmaximus78


    What made me sound like an &%$#@!? I did some guess work, prior to asking. You have a mustang, its a pushrod SBF, a mod motor, or an LS if it is a blower/n20 combo. I'm asking why you change your oil so often. I have an 04 cobra, obviously has a blower, and stock block 302 with a vortech... I've also had a HCI, stalled, and n20 camaro. Just curious killing the cat. Seriously man, wasn't trying to call you out or something. One enthusiast to another man.
  4. flattusmaximus78


    Dude, what do you have? A mod motor, 302 based moter..... 600 isn't a shit ton of power with the tech these days, changing oil that much is nuts. Unless you got some ringer 302 spinning to 9000 every track outing, you are just rich if I had to guess. Back to OP, if you run a CNC machine, does that make you a dirtbike tech?
  5. flattusmaximus78

    What do you think this bike is worth?

    I would jump to the moon if I got a grand for that thing man. It is an older bike and it is not restored.
  6. flattusmaximus78

    '02 kx 250 restoration

    Came out perfect, enjoy it! don't sell it!
  7. flattusmaximus78

    03 kx250 coolant/radiator problems.. please help!

    When I did my left side rad on my 2002 I had it removed with all the tubes in place for over a week. Simply reinstalled it put a little coolant in it, fired it up and let it suck up what it could until the level was at the cap. Let it run for a 5 minutes with the cap off and it was good to go ever since. Just like a car, you gotta let the system burp, it is important.
  8. flattusmaximus78

    What's missing on my 05

    Correct, but It looks like something punched/ripped a hole in your air box on accident and the previous owner kept it, so he trimmed up the fender on purpose. On my 02 the fender runs up against the air box and would cover up the section where your hole is.
  9. flattusmaximus78

    What's missing on my 05

    Should be close to my 02 kx250. Someone put a hole in the air box and trimmed the rear fender flush with the hole. Too lazy to take my seat off to show you pics, plus it might be a little diff. Regardless, no airbox is what is needed.
  10. flattusmaximus78

    Starting problem

    Gas on, lean bike over so fuel comes out of the over flow lines, then get the piston @ TDC. My bike starts first kick whether it is 40 degrees out or 100 degrees out.
  11. flattusmaximus78

    Bought my first bike

    Chain looks SUPER TIGHT, I would loosen that up a bit.
  12. Put your mouth on my 2 stroke pipe and try it.
  13. flattusmaximus78

    Air Filter size/shape

    Any air filter from any brand specific to your make and model should fit your stock filter cage.
  14. flattusmaximus78

    My 2001 KX 250 build

    I kept over tightening my chain, never looked like that when the CS seal leaked. Prob chain wax and mud. It would be splattered on the shifter as mentioned.
  15. flattusmaximus78

    I drove 1100 miles today for this 05 250

    Glad it worked out! People can be real trash some times, I don't bother driving more than an hour to look at toys.