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  1. It was made EXCEPTIONALLY clear in my original post that the bike was equipped with an after market Trail Tech Stator and reg/rec. And I will swear on anyone's grave that the bike will not run, (or atleast not run correctly), without a battery or capacitor in the charging circuit. One slight clarification to Barra8's comment regarding the design and potential pitfalls of the full DC trailtech system - If the battery completely discharges on a bike equipped with the Trail Tech system, the bike will kick start and run just fine as long as the battery has not totally failed and will not store any charge and as long as the stator and reg/rec are working as designed. If your stator and/or reg/rec go south on you, your battery will eventually discharge and THEN the bike will not run and this can be a detriment if you are way back in there and alone.... I have found that I was able to make it out by swapping my dead battery for a buddies charged battery until the bike started stuttering or the little red LED on the ignition button started lighting up intermittenly at which time we played musical batteries again until we reached camp.

    Team Race at Straddleline

    It looks like we are fielding the same 40A team as last year and I can only assume there will be atleast one more team formed. Cant wait Scott!

    EMXP Patriot Games 6hr July 7th, 2013

    We're you the racer down on the MX track? Sorry to hear you got hurt! When I came onto the MX section and saw the ambulance on the track I figured it was not good. Heal up quick.
  4. You guys need to ride more and spend some more time away from the keyboards.... Arguing on the internet is like the special olympics, even if you win you are still retarded. (OK I'm just being a smart ass.... but I will cite my real world experiences). Barra - I would suggest trying the functional test miweber is suggesting as my bike will NOT run without a battery in it.... My stator AC output is spot on as is my DC charging voltage. I just completed a full day of Dual Sport riding on the 4th and ran lights all day, when I parked at the end of the day the battery was fully charged. No AC on the bike now that I have the Trail Tech kit in it.
  5. Good comments Shane. There was a person on there that was pointing out some stats from 2002 fuel use survey and basically telling Dave Hiatt that he had no basisi for the claims he makes. This guy posted a link to the survey summary with a flow chart of Nova fund allocations AND a link to a WTA page that states ORV only contributes 20% of the fuel taxes but receives 80% of the funding and that ORV use is getting an in appropriate share. I also thought that there was a sentiment that the 2002 fuel use study was flawed in that it did not define what was a "non-highway" road? I agree though that it seems as if other user groups are as fed up as OHV users with the elitist wilderness whores...

    09 WR450 Cam Issue GYTR or Stock YZ?

    I never had any luck with YZ cams and the resulting e-start issues. The bikes would run great, the difference in the power delivery with 06' YZ cams was awesome but the e-start never worked well at all.... Does your 09' fire up good with the YZ cams installed?

    Need some hardcore Dualsport riders.

    I'd be down for the hang on Sally ride.... plated WR450 race bike and a longing for new adventures. I don't do a lot of pavement so it would depend on where we stage out of....
  8. New Survery - http://watrailstownhall.wordpress.com/comments/
  9. Thanks guys. I am not looking to eliminate the battery but I understand the design now. So for curiosity's sake - What do the red and white wires from the stator do? The trail tech person called this the "Ignition Trigger"... the bike ran with it unplugged while I checked voltage. Thaks again!
  10. A little background - I searched the forum and did not find the definitive answer I was looking for. I was once a regular in this forum for years, (hello to all the OG's), I am currently riding my 5th WR4XXf and like to think I know my around them to a certain degree. My bike is an 07' WR450 and has the Trail Tech 100W Stator & R/R kit installed. This is the 2nd such kit installed, the first one lasted about 4 years running HID and stock lighting systems. When that kit failed I had the ground float mod done on the stock stator and ran the BD R/R with success for about a year until this last spring when once again the battery went dead out on the trail and the bike would not even kick start. I condemned the stator and/or regulator without really testing either component and just ordered a new Trail Tech 100W kit.... In both cases mentioned above where the charging system failed, the battery went totally dead and I could not even kick start the bike. I have a Ballistic battery.... (It's a very bad ass battery that will take and hold a charge just fine). The bike, with the battery connected, currently runs and starts great. To my question - The bike has been sitting since end of April. I charged the battery and installed the new Trail Tech kit this past weekend. The bike fired up and ran great, my DC charging voltage was in spec at various RPM's. SO.........My limited pea brain logic tells me that I should disconnect the positive battery cable and if the bike continues to run then everything is good right? Well.... apparently not. The lights and motor die so I unplug the head light, hook the battery back up and re-start the bike. This time when I unhook the battery the bike runs, (w/o headlight connected), but is sputtering and the dash is flickering as well as the little red LED on the ignition switch. To my question - Does the CDI need the DC voltage stored in the battery for the bike to run properly? More background - I went through Trail Tech's troubleshooting guide and everything from the Stator and R/R checkout good, (Stator A/C output, Stator resistance, charging voltage, etc....). I called Trail Tech tech support today and asked point blank, "Does the bike need a battery to run properly?" and his reply was, "well...... not really, it shouldn't" and then he gave me a resistance spec on the ignition output from the stator. I got home tonight and it is in spec (290 ohms +/- 10 Ohms) I checked the DC voltage at the ignition output of the stator (Red and White wires) and both wires red less than 1 volt DC to ground but then my pea brain logic kikcs in again and I am thinking that this does not pass through the rectifier so how can it be DC voltage?.... I have searched the WR forums and I am reading differing opinions as to whether the bike needs a battery to run correctly. Some say that you cannot simply eliminate the battery without putting some type of capacitor in the DC circuit? I discharged the battery to 9.5 volts using a light as the load... the bike would understandably not e-start but it kick started right up, ran great and the battery charged up in no time at all. Can anyone confirm that these bikes must have a battery in them with at least a little bit of voltage to run correctly? Thanks in advance! Don
  11. SJMC_DON

    Problems in Taneum keep your eyes open.

    I found some oddly lain (read: put there on purpose) 4 - 6" limbs or logs on the trail yesterday. I thought it looked odd but at the same time, it was a simple loft over them and I did not even slow down. What I did find odd was the signs at the trail heads and information boards. They are very generic and I don't think they are even something the USFS posted but they state - "ALL TRAILS OPEN TO NON-MOTORIZED USE". No arguing that, it just seems like an odd sign?
  12. What doesn't kill you, makes you a better rider............ He won't do that again and if he does, maybe he should stick to safer sports like MX
  13. Perhaps it would be better if the IRS conducted the survey
  14. SJMC_DON

    Rode Devils Gulch yesterday

    Cant wait to get over there and ride.... will bring the saw(s)
  15. SJMC_DON

    Foggy Dew

    Following MX813 anywhere may not be the best option and Rollie, I have pictures of MX813 and a severly overheated orange bike taking a rest in that same spot..