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  1. KaToomTime

    New Guy

    I bet there are a lot of guys on TT that have blown way past what your friends are categorizing as "too old"! Definitely get a skid plate and pipe guard before you put a big ugly dent in that pristine pipe!
  2. KaToomTime

    New Guy

    How are you doing? I thought you'd already be off the pain meds by now!;)
  3. KaToomTime

    Hey Idaho! What you think of this trail conflict?

    It's never going to end..... That phone needs a Seahawks flag!
  4. KaToomTime

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    Not a "trail" pe se.... definitely requires lost of technical nuances though. The start of the vid is the one time either of us have cleared the top - persistence!
  5. KaToomTime

    Gifford Pinchot Sept 8th & 9th, 2018

    Fastest 10 minute ST video I've ever watched. Entranced the whole time. I am in the same situation as you before this trip, dying to get to GP. Looks like great fun! (Just as a side note, the fastest 40+ minute ST video I have watched is OffRoadRider51f's video of the Salmon River here:)
  6. KaToomTime

    Hey Idaho! What you think of this trail conflict?

    That make more sense thanks for clarifying. Sort of a roast, that's the risk of having a big web presence. She runs the risk of Russia, Russia, Russia at any time!
  7. KaToomTime

    Hey Idaho! What you think of this trail conflict?

    WTF are you even talking about? Serena (creepy), I agree. Megs? She craves the attention, she is a promoter. http://megsbraap.com/ http://megsbraap.com/2015/11/26/a-girl-and-her-bike-photo-shoot/ https://www.instagram.com/megs_braap/ https://www.youtube.com/user/nagemg441 https://www.facebook.com/megsbraap/ https://www.patreon.com/megsbraap
  8. KaToomTime

    How do you know you need a new tire.

    I've got one. Works great for what it is, which is a way to just get a noticeable amount of grip out of your rear tire for a few more rides before you toss it. When the knobs start getting really rounded and I feel like tossing the tire I usually hit it with the knife, then the next ride or two hooks up much better. You can maybe knife a tire twice before it's just more lipstick on a turd. I have the benefit (currently) of a neighborhood riding spot so for me it really helps if I can extend tire life even just a bit 'cause I ride so much. What it doesn't do: give you squared off knobs - you probably could do that but it would take way more time, they are more cut down at an angle to your tire, not 90 degrees. What it doesn't do: make your knobs taller, seems obvious but all you gain is a sharper edge. So if it's winter and your riding a bit of deep mud, it doesn't help much, but if it is slippery, harder surface, it helps more. What it does do: sharper edge on knobs for better traction (noticeable in most cases), you hook up better on acceleration.
  9. KaToomTime

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Dang, I'll have to add that to my bucket list. How's the moisture content at Mattawa?
  10. KaToomTime

    Extreme Enduro Places to Die For... Mudmixer's Big Fall

    Could always put a Seahawks flag there as a warning and leave the rock as- is.
  11. KaToomTime

    Extreme Enduro Places to Die For... Mudmixer's Big Fall

    Protective gear is good for sure. Glad your ok @mudmixer and could walk out. That is a scary feeling when you are rolling down a hill thinking that you should stop right away then and don't. Had it happen once with a full backpack on when I was in my 20's. My most memorable protective gear tests were following @GreenMT_Rider around at Tahuya, I was last out of our group and we crossed maybe 3 small trees stacked across the trail 18" high or so, no big deal except I shanked it, bike flies off to the ground to the right and I fly off right behind it and land with the center of my chest on right on the end of the bar. Imagine standing on a chair and swan diving onto the end of your bars while your bike is laying sideways on the ground. Owe. Chest protector saved what could have been broken sternum or... Still, hurt like a mofo for a few minutes. No lasting issues. Another one was at Mattawa, rolled up the side of one of the washes and coming back down hit a rock and washed the front, I went flying and hit chinbar first on the ground, wrenching my head all the way down, then all the way back, fortunately "all the way" in each direction was stopped by my Leatt neck brace. Saved the day. So I've decided since then not to do any more stupid shit when I ride... I have to say I really like the 3DF stuff, or hybrid that includes 3DF along with hard plastics.
  12. That sucks, I think we are fortunate and some of our ranger districts up here are very supportive of their ORV constituents.
  13. @cjjeepercreeper have you read any of the Missing 411 books? Everyone that spends time in the wood should read these, for no other reason than to scare the crap out of yourself the next 6 months you go into the woods! Or, more seriously to add situational awareness. The interesting thing about the books is the author offers no opinions on who or why, he just is reporting on cases and patterns, and there are several patterns to mysteriously missing persons in the national parks, forest and urban areas backed up to these areas. One thing he harps on is the lack of transparency and tracking by the USFS and NPS, they keep no "official" records of any missing persons cases in the NP system or NF, which is completely ridiculous and unprofessional for any LE Agency to ignore in their jurisdiction. They are also extremely uncooperative regarding FOIA requests on same. There is at least one case where the army comes in and is searching where there is a missing person, but they don't coordinate with the Search and Rescue people, and are heavily armed off doing their own thing. I have read the first three books, available in our local library. So, even if your post is tongue-in-cheek, I also can believe you if you are saying that story is 100% true and legit. https://www.missing-411.com/about/
  14. KaToomTime

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    Hey hope you heal up fully and quickly. I watched in total amazement after your crash thinking how much that must've hurt.
  15. KaToomTime

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    First ever selfie hill climb video! (hillclimb in the background) https://photos.app.goo.gl/9U2bYMb3NUGNsYUR9