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  1. Too many bread crumbs! Mum's the word. Besides, you have that damn snake pit sticker on your truck so you sort of blew it right there...
  2. That is waaaaay harder than it looks. The Boy makes it look like a piece of cake. Shit all looks flat on Google Earth.
  3. Two bikes need riding Tundra loaded down for bear Striped cat pounces Aaack better have another beer and finish watching the Brian Deegan story...
  4. Even though the Stumpy's have been doing this 50 years I bet every year something pops up that never happened before. The first year I rode it, 2015, some tape or something was rode through and cut so people started riding a different route that cut off some of the course, so some of the early riders did the original course, and a lot of the later riders didn't. By wave 2 your just following the dust! They figured it out and unwound everything. Separate question, curious did anyone see electric bikes? I would think a 50 mile class loop would be no problem for e-bike range, maybe even 100, that would sure speed up the pit stop if that was in range.
  5. Ding ding ding. I get it, I thought you took the Tundra down there when you were talking about running of gas.
  6. Totally get the bad juju vibe. It has saved more than one person. Probably includes inputs from your subconscious mind picking up bits that you can't quite put your finger on. BTW I think tundra can run on 40:1, for a while anyhow.
  7. I'd like to give a 300 a try at some point, the mountains is what made me go 450, I am not a small figure and that extra oomph really pays off going uphill.
  8. Welcome to WA! To get you started.. Some schools will be way better than others, even within a specific district. https://www.schooldigger.com/go/WA/districtrank.aspx There are a bunch more sites like the one above too. Good luck! Tahuya will be a good place to ramp back up on trail riding, pretty EZ going. Just try to stick to single track so you don't get head-on'd by a Quad T.
  9. That's why I ride a 450. A 690 would just be too much!
  10. I have read that the (a) boat launch on Mono can be pretty entertaining when the wind kicks up.
  11. I've seen this suggestion for a long time. Finally picked some up somewhere but didn't throw them in my pack on the last ride where I might have wanted them in an emergency. Just a side note, you can ride tubliss with like 40lbs in the bladder, it didn't keep the air in the tire, but kept the tire bead on the rim for how long I rode it like that (YMMV). I was letting some air out to get better traction, and brain fart, I let the air out of the bladder. Doh. So I had my little hand pump and pumped the bladder for what seemed like for 4ucking ever, well it was only 40 psi but I didn't know it at the time. I added some air (maybe 2-3 psi I thought) to the tire and rode. Later, at home tire was flat, bladder measured 40psi. Fortunately this was at my STG by my house. Lesson learned, bring an air gauge, and I need to test out of my 3 small bicycle pumps which one pushes the most air so I can pack that one.
  12. Looking at @mudmixer 's pic looks like the good line through there after the bridge is tight right, at the base of the bank. With such a long race it's I notice a lot of folks just tool along down the middle of the course. Most of the fast lines seem to be along the edges = less whooped out, fewer ruts, less boggy. Some exceptions of course. Can't wait to get back, couldn't make it this year. Bogs, a good place to wind up the big bore strokers and roost some unsuspecting rookies (if you're into that kind of thing)!
  13. It's fake news, don't you know anything?
  14. MM is second in the points standings, does that mean he is riding like a chump because he is not leading, or down by just a few points? If he is injured/ill then he is doing a pretty good job of hanging in there. If not, well since he cleaned up at MEC and A1 then maybe he is riding like a chump.
  15. You are like an economist, ignoring data that doesn't suit your narrative. Anderson gets one DNF from crashing or mechanical (in other words pulls a Tomac) and MM is in the points lead. http://racerxonline.com/rider/marvin-musquin/races