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  1. Yeah it's no so much the hills more riding open country with rocks in it and occasional whoops. If it is a wet year the mud can be bad too, though I have missed those.
  2. Do the poker run the day prior it is a great way to recon the conditions. You are probably going to need tape or second skin for your hands. Do lots of riding at Mattawa ahead of time, preferably standing. Find a whoops section there and go back and forth on it for an hour at a time. You should be good to go after that.
  3. We used two 8mm sockets from KTM tool kits to replace an upper shock mount bolt that sheared and fell out somewhere. Safety wired them in. I am pretty sure he is still riding with those sockets in there... I have to say, I read the FB thread some of the post were pretty dang funny. I am speechless, these "guys" need their man cards pulled, they should sell their bikes, and put on some pu$$y hats. I can't fathom having 12 TT'ers together in this situation and having a single one saying "we better call in a rescue helicopter because I'm cold (and I am not going to build a bigger fire even though there is a shit-ton of dry, dead wood laying around - saw it in their FB video). Also, I would move my bike farther away from the fire, especially when I started piling some of that shit-ton of wood on it.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. The "escate from quadtards" side of Tahuya. Honestly, we (collectively the State of Washington) should let those trees keep growing and cut them later, when they are worth more $$, like when they are old-growth timber or sumptin'.
  5. I like that custom-cut front fender, it's like from a works bike or something.
  6. RockyMTATVMC has it not sure if they ship down under. If they did it seems like it wouldn't be worth the shipping unless you bought a bunch of stuff on one order.
  7. I use No Toil chain lube. Super slippery, biodegradable, no sticky foam to collect dirt. Chain looks clean most of the time because dirt doesn't stick to it very well.
  8. He jacked his neck up. I have to imagine he was thinking that he could have been spending the rest of life in a wheel chair. Yeah, he could be the points leader this year but as much as he probably wants to be winning races, he has been training and racing his whole life and I bet he is happy he has been able to take his foot off of the gas and enjoy the fruits of his labor and spend more time with the family.
  9. Thanks for the direct link. The state loves to make this as confusing as possible.... wdfw: "A Discover Pass or WDFW Vehicle Access Pass is required on all WDFW lands." DiscoverPass.wa.gov: "If you just want to drive through state recreation lands managed by DNR and WDFW and you do not leave your vehicle, you do not need a pass. " So, basically you can cruise the roads with out a disco pass, don't get off your bike.
  10. There's gotta be somewhere out there to sling some lead. I don't think you can do that in a wildlife refuge so you'd have to figure out where it's legit to do that. Plus, eat some 3 eyed fish (they get them from the Hanford Reach). Zip up to E-burg and eat at the Ellensburg Tavern (deep fried green beans, try 'em) and fill up some growlers at Iron Horse Brewery, check out some really cool petrified wood specimens at Ginko State Park in Vantage. Clean wind blown sand out of your eyes... Lots to do.
  11. 17 hours is a long haul. I bought new WRX at the "Dave Smith" of Subaru, Heuberger Subaru in Colorado Springs, and drove it home. I don't think I drove more than 10 hours in a day and that seemed like plenty of seat time. This was at the end of April 2016. The day I picked up the car I was planning to top out on Pikes Peak, but a late spring snow storm had it closed down. Saturday was skiing at A-Basin then driving to SLC. Saturday was Snowbird then driving to Montana. I was tentatively planned to stop at Lost Trail Powder Mountain and skin up but it was too dark and storming when I got there from Snowbird. Sunday was I-90 to Alpental for the afternoon of the last day of the season then home. Because of the projected blizzard in Colorado, I actually bought and installed Michelin X-Ice tires before I left Colorado Springs which capped my top speed due to the tire speed rating. ;). It was a fun trip, the western US is beautiful.
  12. Can you link to the thread please? Can't find it over there. Thanks.
  13. It's probably OK to whip out of your pack for a tiny branch, but it is really pretty small for practical use. I have two flip saws and they are both larger than this. This is better than an exacto knife but if your going to throw in a flip saw I'd make it with a bit longer blade.
  14. My generously provided, much appreciated while it is available super secret place has locked gates and No Trespassing, that works pretty well too if you can swing it (plus video surveillance and ex special forces guarding the place, along with under fed Pit Bulls and mean German Shepards). And rabid deer too.