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  1. The plug on the right contains a crush washer, the plug on the left uses an o- ring seal and contains a small (re-usable) metal mesh filter that fits into the end of the plug. There is another plug/ filter on the bottom of the case, then the oil filter is under a separate cover up near the exhaust. KTM has a service kit that replaces the three plugs and two filters that generally speaking you probably want to replace every couple/ few hundred hours, if ever? About $55 from RMATVMC. My experience since the oil is shared between trans and case is change oil and filter often. It's super easy to do. Edit-Suggest since you just bought it change the oil and filter
  2. I am still tbd, if I can make it I will be there before HHeys 9Am and shoot @tigertanker a txt Fri PM or Sat AM
  3. Of course the flip (flop) side is you're walking out down some nasty stuff and now you have no ankle support. Danged if you do, danged if you don't. I guess you could always switch your footwear back and forth depending on trail conditions.
  4. https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/
  5. Idaho

    The back story - This is at the training ground but was a section with a set of sweet BMX lines. Hence "BMXers". But... too many BMXers coming up short, track knocked down with the small excavator. The mounds we are riding over are take-offs or landings of prior jumps, each of these had a companion ramp, you can get the idea in the short BMX clip of the air time then imagine coming up short. Super fun stuff to train your mind and your riding. - Cheers.
  6. Pro tip, spray paint a pouch full of clothes pins red or hi viz yellow. Way faster and easier to clip onto/off trees and bushes with gloves on. Squachies collect those, they think you are leaving some kind of gift for them. They like the bright colors and smell of the paint I think.
  7. Yeah, I cringe at Tahuya, Tahuya, Tahuya. I haven't ridden Capital much, but beginner vs. quadtard at Tahuya does not paint a pretty picture. Their idea of slowing down to avoid a head on is to watch you ride off of the side of the trail while they go by with a stupid look on their face. I'm sure there are some good spots there for beginners, but that is my general impression. Finding some nice easy,open single track at Tahuya would be good though if it exists. Maybe some of the clear cuts south of Belfair-Tahuya road would be good to set up some loops with a few beginner skills sections. Open with good lines-of-sight. For a beginner being able to re-ride the same sections of trail can be very beneficial IMO.
  8. Washington

    Gimli? Is that you?
  9. BTW re: the early mention of fire Inciweb is all clear for Teanaway
  10. I "serviced" e.g. changed the clutch fluid on my KTM and a little bit of air in the line can make a big difference, like no clutch action at all. I watched a few youtube vids to see the different way people were showing bleeding the clutch line (e.g. Slavens, etc. etc.) and dang if it wasn't a lot harder to actually get all the air out than it looked. I think there is a bit more of an art to it than doing brake lines. In the end what finished off the job (after pushing brake fluid in from the slave end) was removing the slave (from the block, not the line) and pumping it with my thumb, tapping the lines and letting air bubble out. Before doing that I drained the dirty fluid out the slave end, then used a big plastic syringe to push fluid up the line and out the reservoir. YMMV but I am guessing that a Beta hydraulic clutch is going to more or less be the same deal.
  11. Giardia squirts are for metrosexuals
  12. Thanks Dave one of my earlier vids. The Fifty Sports is about keeping active after 5 decades!
  13. Dang I've been found out!
  14. Jolly Mt. is a ripper! A few tight switchbacks right before you make the ridge. Here is a vid from a couple years ago. The wind noise interferance on the mic was unbearable so thats why no moto sounds. Found some funky open source songs to use.
  15. Thanks for the invite. Keep us posted on where you end up I will try to get out for a day not sure yet. I really want to go up a hill with a stove at the top.