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  1. KaToomTime

    New Rider/s

    You should consider replacing your front sprocket if it is worn at all (visible signs of wear, teeth are not perfectly symmetrical) since you are getting a new chain and rear sprocket. Plus if you want to go back to your current gearing your front/rear/ chain will all have matched wear.
  2. KaToomTime

    Endless Options I'm lost...

    @BrunoMars I was in a similar situation as you 4 years ago, except about my kids getting into riding. My .02 for you - Weight is the enemy. Get a 250 4 stroke. KTM, Husky, Yamaha is good but weighs more. You could go up to a 350 but not sure you will need it - Beta, Husky, KTM. Out here in the PNW we have lots of single track, lots of lowland and Mt. singletrack. Pretty much no one rides a Honda other then wife's/kids bikes like CR 230 etc. You should be able to find 2018s on close out if you buy new. Husky made a 125 2 stroke enduro for a couple/few years 2014-2015 ish not sure, then went to a 150. I would think that would be a great bike for a 12-15 year olds if you can find one sounds like you have the kids bikes wrapped up though, they are super lightweight and mapped and geared for enduro, not MX. Re parts. Can't speak to Gas Gas but KTM/Husky parts are readily available.
  3. KaToomTime

    New Rider/s

    The way I approach it is if I am riding with a group, and I know the group (then I know what to expect and I made that choice) or a group I don't know everyone (I still made that choice, and my expectations are go with the flow) then my expectations are also that the other riders made the same choice. Some guys are gonna wait for you, you are gonna wait for some. Don't feel bad if you're slowest, don't get wrapped if your waiting for a while. It is hard when you are the slow guy though, and every time you catch up at an intersection and the riders in front took a breather they're off and your like WTH I need a break! Kreft - just my .02, do a bit of riding first and think about what you might want and where you are now and where you want to be in the next year or so with your riding. I have only heard firsthand, and read excellent reviews on Kreft. Also, I think after you send your stuff down there you can call them and talk to them a bit about your riding style, etc. A well tuned suspension will blow you away.
  4. KaToomTime

    New Rider/s

    Those are ok opinions, but the easiest way to conquer difficult sections is to carry momentum. You'll need to work on speed up to a point, otherwise you'll really struggle to get to that next level. Good luck though. That is sort of relative though, most stuff that is gnarly that you want to carry momentum through is still slow enough you can *almost* step off, which is different than just going really fast on single track. But I agree, even going that momentum speed, or entering a rootball crap section with some momentum I think might be intimidating to many people and they get caught up, and have to work through it and use 10x more effort than it they hit it with some momentum, it's all on a continuum. The thing is, you have to do it to know how to do it, and know what lines to choose to do so. Lines are different when you are going faster and you'll never learn them without trying once and a while. But I am totally all over what @Anatoli is saying, ride another day. I am all for stopping and re-trying sections it is much safer to incrementally up your game than just going for it.
  5. KaToomTime

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds
  6. KaToomTime

    South Puget Sound winter men’s club: Wednesday riding

    Right before they ran the ST over it and smoothed it out all nice.
  7. KaToomTime

    South Puget Sound winter men’s club: Wednesday riding

    I know a guy that is still wrenching on his bike, a couple more hours to go but was hoping to get out Saturday and hasn't gotten back to you yet. Still not sure what is up with family plans though sometimes those drop in and confirm at the last minutes. Things get more flexible when you only have one kid in the house and she drives, but also makes for last minute decisions. Just for grins, This whole wrenching thing started needing to fix the starter, which ended up not being the starter or the battery but a starter clutch/freewheel + new airbox +blew the rear master cylinder at Walker, so rebuilt that +rebuilt rear caliper & new rear pads +clean air filter +new rear fender, fix screwed up tail light wiring +new handguards & fix turn signal wiring +new fairings +new frame guards +new side panels/airbox cover +new kickstarter bushing +new fork guards that might not make it on right now + I got sucked into a really gooey hole at Walker that was that super liquidey mud that went above my rear caliper, had to unsuck the bike out of that and of course everything is fricken' mucky dirty, so extra time cleaning everything as much as possible. But, no excuses.
  8. KaToomTime

    Found this on BFRO.net

    If they had said anything else the timber sale would have been held up.
  9. KaToomTime

    Found this on BFRO.net

    Highly recommend you read Missing 411 by David Paulides if you are interested in this stuff at all. King County LS has his first 3 books if you happen to reside in KC. In the first book he tells about how a NPS Ranger came to him explaining how the NPS was basically burying the number of missing persons cases in the national park system. Once he started digging in he was blown away by what he found. He makes no conclusions and is merely cataloging case data, facts, trends and asking some questions of the reader. He also has lots of interviews on Youtube where shares much more of his opinion. After you read these you get freaked out being in the woods for a while.
  10. KaToomTime

    South Puget Sound winter men’s club: Wednesday riding

    Please tell us you had the GoPro running and we will see some fun and entertaining action!
  11. The main photo on that page (inside the scrolling page) is beautiful! There should be a single track up that valley so more people can quickly access all of that beauty and enjoy it. Hiking, biking, horseback, moto.
  12. KaToomTime

    South Puget Sound winter men’s club: Wednesday riding

    @TigerTankerYou better edit your reply that quoted the post you are asking to have deleted
  13. KaToomTime

    Walker Valley Toughest Trails

    ^^This ^^ if you get out and ride and start meeting new riders that you have similar tastes, abilities and schedules with you'll find all kinds of stuff.
  14. KaToomTime

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    My first dirt bike was a fairly used (up) CR 480, I and I was totally clueless, all I knew about was I needed pre-mix, extra spark plugs and how to fix a flat. The funny thing is I don't ever remember having any problems with that bike (until I broke off the kick starter shaft starting it.) The first two bikes I ever rode on a regular basis were my brothers RD 400 and my 600 Ninja so I think that helped me with the 480.