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  1. Laro3879

    Metzeler MC360 Mid-Hard

    So far so good. Decent on road relative to D606.
  2. Laro3879

    Metzeler MC360 Mid-Hard

    1 review

    Traction on mid-hard terrain Metzeler MC 360™ MID HARD is the perfect choice for medium and hard terrains and features has a higher land/sea ratio than the mid-soft to ensure an adequate footprint for maximum adhesion. Its unique characteristic is the CKB (Continuous Knob Binding) design that is a layer of rubber surrounding every knob to maximize the tearing and wearing resistance of knobs and the versatility of use in all terrains. Front mid-hard specification has 5 rows of knobs Front 90/90 - 21 M/C 54M MST 80/100 - 21 M/C 51M MST Rear 120/80 - 19 M/C 63M MST 110/90 - 19 M/C 62M MST 100/90 - 19 M/C 57M MST 140/80 - 18 M/C 70M MST 120/100 - 18 M/C 68M MST 110/100 - 18 M/C 64M MST 100/100 - 18 M/C 59M MST
  3. Laro3879

    Scott USA Radial Half Waffle Grips

    Solid grips.
  4. Laro3879

    Scott USA Radial Half Waffle Grips

    1 review

    The Radial grip is a single density half waffle grip. A half waffle pattern on one side and a low profile pattern on the other offers great grip and comfort. This traditional grip is a top choice amongst many top racers and weekend warriors alike. Single density grip. Half waffle pattern. Soft palm area. Integrated safety wire channel. Sold as a pair.
  5. Laro3879

    Maxima ProFilter Ready to Use Dual Stage Foam Air Filter

    Ready to use and sized perfectly.
  6. Laro3879

    IMS Pro Series Foot Pegs

    #1 upgrade in terms of rider comfort.
  7. Laro3879

    IMS Large Capacity Gas Tank

    One of my favorite upgrades! Looks sharp and functions perfect.
  8. Laro3879

    Firm Throttle Pull

    A little background: my throttle cables are new, motion pro cables. They are freshly lubed, and I am using a Zeta QT aluminum throttle tube. Also, everything has been cleaned and the throttle wheel on the carb turns very smoothly when manually operated. I’m not sure if this is technically a problem, but it’s been a curiosity as of late. My throttle seems to be a little tougher to twist than a stock DRZ. For instance, my dad has a motion pro throttle tube and his feels so light it puts mine to shame. Again, mine snaps back just fine and has the correct free-play set, it’s just a bit less light and smooth. I’m thinking it could be the Zeta tube pulling more cable that makes it feel firm. Curious what y’all think/if you’ve noticed something similar with quick turn throttles.
  9. Laro3879

    Spark Plug Question

    Right, yeah I saw the used plug part (my plug was new though so I followed what it said for a new plug). I just chalked it up to machining variance and went with “pretty snug” rather than trying to get the whole 1/2 turn. Glad I did as 8 ft lbs is probably about where I ended up. Thanks again for your reply, I appreciate the quick turnaround.
  10. Laro3879

    Spark Plug Question

    Message received, thanks for the help. I’d say I got about 8 ft lbs on it as it’s pretty much “wrist tight” with a 1/4” drive. For the record, the manual I referenced was the 2006 DRZ400SM OM, although I like the looks of your service manual better.
  11. Laro3879

    Spark Plug Question

    Pretty sure it’s more like 8 ft lbs.
  12. Laro3879

    Spark Plug Question

    Thanks for the reply. That’s the thing, the plug was new but I could only really get it to go 1/4 turn or so. And like you said, I’m not about to wrench on it (hence the small ratchet). It picked up the threads easily and threaded in for a while before stopping at finger tight, so I’m pretty sure it’s not cross-threaded. It just seemed strange that it would get so snug so fast.
  13. Laro3879

    Slip on exhaust jetting?

    I Installed a couple of these recently and with stock exhaust/slip-on the 155 is what is called for. If you had a full system the kit recommends the 160. It’s been mentioned a few times on TT that the real increase in flow comes from changing out the restrictive factory header.
  14. Laro3879

    Spark Plug Question

    I swapped out my plug yesterday and when I reinstalled I threaded it in finger tight first, then hit it with a small quarter-inch drive ratchet. The manual says to go 1/2 turn past finger tight, however I got maybe 1/4 turn before it felt about as tight as I was willing to go. It ran great after install, but I’m a little worried that I missed something. Has any one else experienced this?
  15. Laro3879

    DRZ400SM Suspension Clickers

    Fair enough, thanks!