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  1. I would get a flatter bar bend versus a taller seat. I'm 6'2" and tried a taller seat. I did not like it at all. Changed where you squeeze the bike when sitting.
  2. disconnect the kill switch and try again. The connection under the left shroud. If it starts replace the kill switch. I'll seen and heard about several failing.
  3. start with 35 psi. Check it again after a few laps. Adjust to 35 psi if anything changes. Do some more laps and adjust again (if needed) to your riding preference.
  4. exactly what red rider said. Have the springs tested.
  5. I've had no issues with my insurance paying for knee braces. I had to pay 10% per my coverage. Go a orthopedic surgeon and tell them you want knee braces. They will contact your insurance to see what's covered. Mine covered the custom CTI knee braces. My friend who went the same Dr got CTI's but his insurance only covered the standard off the shelf CTI's. Still great knee braces. Good luck.
  6. only 500 made. Definitely will sell out quickly.
  7. You’ll be back in no time. Remember to eat healthy and take care of yourself even though you’re not riding. My hardware was supposed to be permanent but it bothered me too much. Hopefully yours doesn’t. good luck with your recovery.
  8. depends where the break was and how bad. I had a displaced fibula fracture right above the ankle. It was 11 weeks before I was riding again. 6 months later I had the hardware removed. Listen to your doctor. Also if you don't have a scooter, get one. So much better than crutches.
  9. you check the valve clearance? check the timing again while you're in there.
  10. The '15 mapping will different than an 18. But yes, getting it remapped is a good suggestion. Also, what insert is on your yoshimura silencer? If there's none or one of the less restricted ones, you could try changing or adding one. A smaller rear sprocket could also help. A tamer map would be the best bet I think.
  11. no. remove the radiator and have it fixed. there's several places out there that you can send it to, or even better bring it to your local radiator shop and have them do it. I used these guys before I found a local shop. https://www.motorcycleradiators.com/
  12. great advice from coach Robb. Request a nerve block. Makes waking up and the first night a lot better. Also, your recovery already started. Get the swelling down as much as you can before surgery. Also, work on your range of motion now. If you don't have a physical therapist already, find one! Follow your Dr. and PT's advice and you'll be back in no time. Good luck!
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