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  1. Buttercup

    How NOT to lube your chain.

    how does lubing your chain end up choping your fingers off?
  2. Buttercup

    six six one flight helmet

    I've got a friend with one. awesome paint jobs. hes got no complaints as far as i know.
  3. Buttercup

    I need Stiffer clutch springs!

    Let me know if you want to get rid of those! Where would the extra plate go if i were to put one in?
  4. I've had my anodized pipe for a year and it hasnt come off. imo, it looks better.
  5. Buttercup

    I need Stiffer clutch springs!

    im putting them in my 250F. It needs them bad. It made the PC springs look like stockers and it still slipped with the 450 springs in it. The clutch might have already been fried but i would like some stiffer ones just because.
  6. Buttercup

    Darn it!! I have to much power!

    are the 05 450 springs stiffer than the 04 450's?
  7. Buttercup

    Darn it!! I have to much power!

    LOL, my clutch couldnt handle it! I fried it in less than a half hour. Heres the reason: I ran the bike for 1 year with a factory 4 exhaust system and a JD jetting kit. Recently i had the head done which added a LOT of power. then I started running race gas. Every once and a while i thought i felt it slip but i never really noticed. I just put in a high comp piston and a power now. After 1/2 hour, the clutch is gone. I had PC springs but they were no match. I didnt even know it was the clutch and i thought it was just running bad, so i raced it. Well the next dayi had a guy that knows a lot come to ride it and knew it was the clutch. So im guessing with out looking at it yet, that my clutch is toast. and i need some very very stiff springs. Any reccomendations would be appreciated.
  8. I need stiffer than stock clutch springs for an 04 450. Which brands? how do they compare to stock? how much are they?
  9. Buttercup

    Add me to the injured reserve list... again!

    Its our damn good weather, we're being able to ride in february and i think thats messing with people.
  10. Buttercup

    Finally did it...single cable throttle.

    Well after about a year, the cables get a little worn and the throttle (this is in my case) doesnt snap like it used to. Let us know if it sticks wide open, lol hopefully you'll be ok
  11. Buttercup

    Espn proving Video SX Web coverage !

    No for me too, damn!
  12. Buttercup

    High comp piston-pump gas possible??

    Im about to put in a 13.5:1 in my 250F, and it will run ok with 92 octain? im not going to run straight pump fuel, but i'd like to know. Thanks
  13. Buttercup

    best mx tire for hard tracks

    Michelin MH2. Give it a shot
  14. I switched to a 13.5:1 compression piston. What octain do I HAVE to use? as in at or above 94, 95, etc... and do i only need to worry about the octain level?
  15. Buttercup

    POLL! What do you prefer to ride in?

    Over cast, low humidity, between 60-68 degrees.