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  1. ^ This. Will get you used to the front end coming up. Confidence is the hardest part. Gotta have just the right amount. Too confident and you'll flip it, not enough and it wont come up. Keep the brake covered and yank on them bars. Itll come up. If i can get a DR200 to wheelie i assure you that your bike will come up. Its all about knowing what gear you should be in for the given speed. IMO 2nd is the best to start learning in. Get going to about 18-20mph in 2nd and clutch it, that seems to be the sweet spot for 2nd gear.
  2. I'm in Jax, wbu? What race?
  3. KX500 plates huh? Thats interesting! Im gonna reasearch that upgrade a little more. I am pretty rough on my clutch with wheelies and such
  4. DRZs don't make the high rpm power that sportbikes do so clutch at lower rpms. Personally I hit 2nd at 20, 3rd at 30, 4th at 40 and I can pull a standup in 5th at 50-55.
  5. Primus sucks!
  6. Im running engine mods and 12/42 gearing. Ive also ridden them stock. It will come up, i promise. If all else fails, jump up, put your feet on the back of the seat and yank. My drz will come up in any gear. I can ride a stand up as fast as she will go. As for shifting in wheelies you need to use a quickshift method as in dont touch the clutch just let of throttle enough to unload the gearbox it will slide right into the next gear no problem. Good luck, be safe, cover your brake.
  7. I'm running a bored and stroked 469cc motor and fcr 39 carb. My question is what clutch should i go to next? I feel like the stock one that's currently in there is starting to slip (i'm around 16k on the bike). I did an inspection and the plates look good, not burnt. However i'm definitely getting slip under hard acceleration. Any ideas or recommendations on where to go from here?
  8. Anyone else accidentally back it in on the road supermoto style? Thats always fun to unexpectedly end up in a drift. Ive saved myself a few times with my feet.
  9. Thanks again! I'll probably just order a kit. I don't know how long I've been riding with them broken so I feel like I may have compromised all of them.
  10. Thank you so much. These arent cheap i guess. Oh well.
  11. Anyone? Please? I need to get this fixed asap
  12. I must be in the 30s. Stopped counting.
  13. Just in the middle of a ride, stopped and for some reason I decided to shake my rear tire. Spokes were crazy loose. 3 were broken. WHERE DO YOU FIND REPLACEMENTS? I cannot find anything. 2005 drz400sm
  14. I mean as far as the actual place to buy a Keihin 200 main air jet. I only see up to 150 on jets-r-us? Or is 200 the stock jet?
  15. Where doo i find a 200 main air jet. I cant find anything on jets-r-us