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  1. Spy just came out with their newest top end goggle. The previous top of the line goggle, the Ace got discontinued maybe 2 years ago. I have to Ace now and could use an extra pair so I’ll probably pick up the Foundation. My only question is if anyone knows how the lenses are removed with the new goggle. The ace has a nice system that it just clips out in a few seconds but my brother has the omen and it’s a pain to get those out.
  2. Get a good helmet and good boots. Chest pro would be next and get one with some foam not just plastic. Goggles are absolutely necessary. I’d get some pretty good goggles with good lenses. When I’ve had to take goggles off during the race I’ve gotten roosted in the eye, not fun. A guy I know got a bloody eye from ditching goggles so definitely get them. I wear knee guards too, I wouldn’t say they are necessary but they definitely help. I skipped elbow guards and arm guards from a chest pro because of improved blood circulation in the arms. Look on eBay for everything except a helmet. You really should spend we over $400 if you want good protection
  3. It’s pretty well known that in his biggest stuff (straight rhythm, aus race, any interview) that it’s jimmy albertson. Who knows about the smaller videos.
  4. motocross

    Jerry Robin was looking good at the local track Tuesday... just sayin. Tomorrow was a great day to schedule vacation
  5. Where do you get into the trails?
  6. offroad

    Not up anymore. Just some pictures of it on his ig. Maybe it wasn’t him that posted but I thought he did
  7. offroad

    Was his crash the one in the field that he collided with another rider and they both fell? Thought GJ posted that himself
  8. I’m young so I don’t remember those guys but I’d say JH has poto covered more often than not on outdoors and maybe RC too, especially in the sand. Don’t know about TC but now that he is easily catching and passing him maybe
  9. Jeffrey herlings is among the fastest guys ever. I think Tomac is definitely up there
  10. Yeah it’s a pretty cool picture that was the caption on the Instagram post
  11. 2013 250xc. 5 in rear for trails (mostly pretty technical) and like 7-8 for mx.
  12. Saw a picture on Instagram posted by floridatracksandtrails. On Eli’s engine there is a black box looking thing, what is this?
  13. Any KTM part I’ve bought said made in Austria. They do make their duke 390 in India but it seems like the quality is still good.
  14. I watched Alta’s video and they made a traction control map for him which should be interesting. I’m pretty sure it’s a dead engine start at erzberg and that bike would kill at that. Even in a mx style start it’s really good
  15. Who cares? I bought a practice bike off a pro and he didn’t have numbers on but his team graphics were on. You know what’s on now? The same thing. The graphics are a grippy material and and pretty thick so they protect the plastic so why would I peel them off? I did put a front number plate on with my number on it because my old one broke off but didn’t want to spend the money for a full graphics kit. Some day I will