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  1. jay bird1138

    Reed's censored sponsor

    I don’t think there’s really any bad side effects of cbd and it doesn’t get you high. As for the too many stoners thing, I’m in high school and it is an issue. Mostly through vape pens though which is even more harmful to teens that pure weed. I don’t think cbd adds will impact any of that though. I do think though that there are some people who got into the pen thing because they used juuls and other nicotine vapes but that’s another topic. Either way it’s better that people use thc than if they were on harder drugs or abused alcohol
  2. jay bird1138

    White helmets?

    Yeah I thought about the black one but that would be terrible in the summer. I’ll probably go with white
  3. jay bird1138

    White helmets?

    I’m getting a new Alpinestars SM8 and down to the black white grey, silver, and white. Leaning towards the white because I feel like I have the best chance of liking that. Anyone have any experience having white helmets? How do they look after some use?
  4. Glad he’s doing better now. I hate drunk drivers just as much as anyone but it’s pretty impressive he did that, especially while drunk
  5. About 10 years ago I would have been 7 or 8, me and my dad were driving down the street and there was a pickup sideways on the road. My dad got out and started talking to him. He was drunk and wanted to push the pickup out of the way. Just so happens that he crashed right in front of the fire chiefs house, so his plan of not attracting any law went downhill quick. When the fire chief came out but before the cops were there I saw him jogging off right beside my dads truck which I was still in and down the road. My 7 year old self didn’t think anything of it but turns out he ran away, kind of sketchy looking back it could have turned real bad pretty easily. Pretty soon 3 cops flew down the street looking for him and they found him that night I think. Gotta be pretty stupid to do that
  6. jay bird1138

    AMA CBD Statement

    CBD is legal by WADA. It’s crazy that this stuff isn’t legal everywhere yet. Heard so much evidence that it’s helpful, and haven’t really heard any negatives
  7. jay bird1138

    C class uncovered

    Do both. I race 250c and college boy, thinking about doing open c next time too. What indoor are you talking about
  8. Only been to high point and Ironman. I liked high point better. Heard good things about millville
  9. jay bird1138

    Andrew short

    Listened to Keefer’s podcast last night with brabec he said he’s going and just trying to get through it then he will take a break from riding
  10. jay bird1138

    Supercross Bike Evolution

    Thought I heard somewhere they only have 3 gears. Maybe bowman?
  11. Yeah I don’t think it will plummet but say the 20 has e start then next year I think the 19 will be less desired, thus cheaper than the 18 is this year.
  12. Some yam guys were on the pulp show and it sounds like e start is coming on that bike soon. Will it decrease value of the 19? I’d say yeah. Why not buy used now, they haven’t changed anything in them bikes since they came out really. Then if you would sell a bike u got used u wouldn’t lose very much money at all
  13. jay bird1138

    Glen Helen MX OFF the 2019 National Schedule?

    From what I’ve heard on the pulp show it’s been glen helen that’s been the problem and they want to run everything themselves like for example I think he said they were emphasizing their sponsors more than they should have over the pro moto sponsors.
  14. Those look pretty good but how are they with protecting levers? That’s a pretty big reason why I run full wraps
  15. jay bird1138

    Izzi fully gone

    That really sucks I feel for him. I’m 17 and have had some friends get addicted to stuff but thankfully have recovered. A couple years ago when I broke my leg I had pills and thankfully the doctor didn’t prescribe any more, I probably would of went down the wrong path.