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  1. motocross

    What did I say that was stewpid?
  2. motocross

    I didn’t mean I think he will win or even contend. He has barely ridden yet I highly doubt he will contend. I was just replying to the person who said he is good indoors but not out... that’s stupid
  3. motocross

    He won an outdoor title... and not because everyone was hurt
  4. I don’t think it’s really much except for trying to break in the new elastic and just like a nervous twitch kind of deal
  5. He just wasn’t comfortable on it enough. It has plenty of power, I heard of people pulling 450s on some starts. DC was like 1-2 on the holeshot on the Alta against some 450s I think and he hasn’t even ridden it much
  6. How about for outdoors? Like gh with the long straits they would need more gears right?
  7. Why do they have 3 gears? How about when you hear about the 250 guys being in 5th gear in the whoops, or is it just 450 guys with 3 gears?
  8. I’ve raced with (passed at 3x the speed)/watched several top gncc guys and watched several pro mx races and I think 450 wise anyway that the gncc people are in very similar rpm ranges if not higher for the whole race.
  9. Matthes talked about this a little. He said he asked some teams and they just said put some heavier clutch springs in and that’s about it. Matthes thinks they should have done more
  10. Most sx riders use their clutch in mud too much, plus their bikes are way more tuned and have shorter service intervals.
  11. http://offroadvideos.org
  12. I feel like a duke or similar naked bike would be more fun on the road than a drz especially since I’ve ridden dirt bikes for years and if I get a street bike I want a different feeling bike. And I wouldn’t ride off-road at all because I have a 250xc for that and I wouldn’t like anything heavier and slower.
  13. Yeah I’ve been looking around on the Duke 390 forums just wanted to see if tt had anything to say. I’m 16, just recently I’ve been looking at street bikes I’m not sure if I want one though. I’m afraid with speed limits it might be like riding behind side by sides on flat trails. My cousin might get one too that’s why I’m looking, it would be fun to go around with him and some other family members who have motorcycles. And I don’t think I’d really modify it at all except for little things or whatever, I don’t want to work on it too much already busy enough with my dirt bike.
  14. Anyone else have any experience with the duke 390? Started looking at them
  15. Did you try to test it to see if it does break if your arm would get caught in it?