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  1. Just put these graphics on and i think they look great. Also put on new sprockets. Next I need to put on a pipe. Im thinking FMF or Yosh
  2. pius2014

    N-Style 2012 Troy Lee Designs Race Team Graphic Kit

    best graphic kit I've ever owned
  3. pius2014

    Honda CRF250R 2013

    Lucas Oil Graphics Kit Renthal Front and Rear Sprockets Blue Seat Cover coming soon...
  4. pius2014

    Honda CRF250R (2013)


    Lucas Oil Graphics Kit Renthal Front and Rear Sprockets Blue Seat Cover coming soon...
  5. pius2014

    Bent Subframe

    I have also heard that people will take them to a welding shop or somewhere like that and have them fix it
  6. pius2014

    Bent Subframe

    I recently bought a 2013 CRF 250r and after tearing the rear fender off to see why it was crooked, I discovered the subframe/seat frame was bent. It is not destroyed, just enough to make the seat not fit flush. Does anyone have an idea about my best route to go in fixing this problem? Should I buy a new one or see if I could get this bent back?
  7. Among the new 4t 250's is there a large difference between them? Or does that just come down to personal preference? I'm a little guy at 5'5 but touching isn't the biggest need in the world for me. Im coming off a 05 125 that I was able to sell for over 2k despite the 1200 value KBB gave me. I digress.
  8. pius2014

    Kawasaki KX125 2005

    Its bad
  9. pius2014

    4-Stroke Exhaust

    Thank you for that. I really like the crf's also but finding one the way I like has been next to impossible. Unless, of course, I want to spend $7,500 on a brand new one.
  10. pius2014

    4-Stroke Exhaust

    as useful as all those opinions are, one of them answered my question, and for that thank you. I'm more interested in the appearance of the dual exhaust. I am currently on a two stroke and am well aware of how fast and light they are. Since you asked, the price or added weight isn't a problem for me. As for the carb vs fuel injection, I would not own a four-stroke without the fuel injection. I like my carb now because its easy to keep clean, but again not a concern.
  11. pius2014

    4-Stroke Exhaust

    I'm looking to buy a fuel injected motocross bike and I really like the dual exhaust on the CRF250 but found a really cheap kx250. Could I buy an exhaust package to fit the kx or is honda the only one that makes it?