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  1. No biggie. But, absolutely he should pass.
  2. Seems like a long time for a xr to sit. Mine probably sat for no less than 4 days before I had to hear it just idle.
  3. Did he say why it sat up.for so long?
  4. Pick it to death, maybe he'll come down.
  5. Any small gas one will do, even a electric one. Don't spray into bearings or seals. I use simple green and that's it.
  6. Please get rid of the training wheels. If you are thinking about getting rid of it, you have probably out grown it and ready for big boy toys. And yes ,buy new. Stick with a yamma and get a yz250x.
  7. Got back from ncmp. Trails are way better than they ever have been. Not the mud hole it use to be, since they stopped letting the training wheels in there. Plus 5 dollar discount for veterans. I'll be back.
  8. Riding Saturday, if anyone wants to. Going up with a buddy and his son. Going to meet up with some others. Italian husky 828.
  9. Luckily for us,it wasn't that crowded. I think we picked the best weekend to go. Yesterday there were only 5 trucks in the parking lot. We were the only ones on the dirt bike trails. Plus some of the guys with me aren't ready for brushy.
  10. Just got back from CAW. It was a little different than I thought. Wasn't as much mudholes all thru the place. The single track was decent ,but needed some love. Some of it was confusing ,trying to connect one from the rest. They should have it in a loop and Mark it better. The larger trail was fast and fun. Plus they are mostly one way trails. You still have to watch for wrong way riders. Some rocks and many hills,more than I thought. Manmath mountain was something I had to try,but after a couple times I talked myself out of it. One of our young fellows made it with help from the grown ups. He was 14, so props to him. Over all it would be some where I would vist again.
  11. If honda still made an xr, that's what I'd be riding.
  12. Nope.