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  1. Edgecombe

    Any suggestions

  2. Edgecombe

    Trail clearing tool transport

    I walk my trail and carry a pair of nippers. If I see anything large I'll get the chainsaw. I also have a blade on a weed eater and a Bush trimmer. I dont like to carry stuff that can impale yourself while riding. But, my trails are only 6 miles long and right behind my house.
  3. Edgecombe

    K&N air filters

    I put a k&n in my 01 xr 400 2 months after I bought it new. Had it for 11 years. Clean and oiled like I'm supposed to. Started burning oil about year 8 and put a 440 kit in it. Weather it was from the k&N I dont know, but I ran the crap out of it racing and just riding. After 440 kit ,ran the same filter until I sold it. Didn't buy one for my husky, cause I know I probably won't keep a bike that long again.
  4. Edgecombe


    If I get my painting done ,I'll be there with my buddies.
  5. Edgecombe

    Looking for riding buddies in the Triad

    Ncmp has some good trails too. Not as much as brushy . I'm right out side rocky mount and it's only a 45 minute ride.
  6. Edgecombe

    Tool Tube - A trial run.

    You could get some 3" PVC pipe and make it as long as you want. Put a screw lid on the front.
  7. Everyone learns at a different pace. Maybe get a buddy, that way you can push one another. I had an older brother to push me and we made our own trails behind the house. Some people love it and I've seen people hate it, especially when it gets tough. Character always shows up when it gets tough, that's usually when I find out if your the kind of person I want to hang with. If your new,I would say stick with it for a little while and before long it will get easier and that's when everything clicks, plus you can get on this website and ask anything you want about this awesome sport.
  8. Edgecombe

    CRF450L first ride (and crash!)

    Looks like having a recluse makes you forget how to use a clutch like its supposed to be used.
  9. I would go with beta all day.
  10. I think thumpertalk should make Honda start making the ole xr line again. That's all.
  11. Edgecombe

    Searching for a Hare Scramble

    Vchss has a race Sunday. Peninsula 100. The dirt is awesome. It's in Virginia by the way.
  12. Edgecombe

    Dealing with/ preventing Ticks

    Spray down with some off deep woods.
  13. Edgecombe


    I was just on it last month. I dont know what's going on with it.
  14. I had a 01 and in 2012 put a 440 kit with stage 1 cam plus redid the bottom end. Raced it for 2 more years and sold it. It was strong and wouldn't be surprised if the guy that bought it, hasn't done anything but change oil, filter and air filter. Wish I kept it.