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  1. HJC
  2. Aluminum folding ATV ramp. Easy peasy
  3. On the weekends, the wood trails aren't bad. I'll give a heads up on here the next time we're heading that way. The teenagers usually moto the most, while the older fellows like the trails. We usually get there at 10 and cookout for lunch. It's a good time.
  4. I can only ride the weekends, so maybe down the road we can ride. You ever ride the woods?
  5. That's why honda stopped making the xr line. So they can get some of that maintenance money. Stupid honda. I probably won't buy another one.
  6. I love it all. Keep em coming. East coast Virginia dirt is awesome.
  7. Took a long time for a response, unlike town square. I'm happy not to be judged on the side of the tracks. Lol.
  8. Just bring a buddy or 2. Problem solved.
  9. Exactly. Proper technique will over come any gadget.
  10. I am a senior rider, but not that old at heart. And I do enjoy my brew.
  11. Looks like your the only one who got it.
  12. I have a left one and a right one. I really think that's all you need. Some will say you do ,but I think it's a mental thing. I raced vchss since 2010 and a few gncc in 02 and 03, I've really never thought it would be worth the price, plus I'm old school.
  13. I mostly ride 2 places. My trail at the house and NCMP. My trails are way to narrow for any training wheel vehicle. People are way to lazy now a days to cut trail. Me and my friends cut all I ride and we make sure it's way to narrow. NCMP use to allow quartards in the woods ,but no more since all the trail was tore up. They are limited to the mx track. The trail are way to narrow for them to even try. Then if I race a hare scramble, well there is none there at all. I have been to caw and rode where the sxs are but they have single track too. Plus they have one way trail, but every once in a while someone will ride the wrong way. I feel your pain, but I really don't know what you can do. It's sad when people can't follow the rules and have trail etiquette where every one can have their own piece of the pie.
  14. Welcome to nc. You could try Brushy mountain for sure. Maybe visit a nc hare scramble race. You can meet many folks there and most of them are in the Taylorsville area. I would say come to NCMP tomorrow, but it's a little bit of a drive for you.
  15. NCMP tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be a mud hole.