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  1. I had a 01 and in 2012 put a 440 kit with stage 1 cam plus redid the bottom end. Raced it for 2 more years and sold it. It was strong and wouldn't be surprised if the guy that bought it, hasn't done anything but change oil, filter and air filter. Wish I kept it.
  2. Edgecombe

    What is the best bike for me?

    Yes ,250x.
  3. Edgecombe

    Battle of the Goats 2018

  4. Edgecombe

    Off road practice

    Riding with faster riders will help also. It's a good way to pick their brain too.
  5. Yes , proper clutch and throttle control is essential, but then you could spend a bunch of money on one of those girl clutches. I've raced many hare scrambles and in one lap I'll probably pull and slip the clutch hundred if not more times.
  6. Edgecombe

    Brushy Mountain This Saturday?

    That map looks way better than the one we had 2 years ago
  7. Edgecombe

    Brushy Mountain This Saturday?

    Don't know much about which trail is what, since I've only been there once. That does suck about your bars though. Might have to add those to your spare list.
  8. Edgecombe

    Brushy Mountain This Saturday?

    I feel ya pain. We have a couple guys that are slow as molasses and I try to push them, but it's no good. Kids will do some funny stuff sometimes.
  9. Edgecombe

    Brushy Mountain This Saturday?

    He was told all the good trail would be closed. We'll wait a month or so and hit it.
  10. Edgecombe

    UHD tubes and less than 10 psi

    I think any heavy duty tube can handle low tire psi, but that's not at speed. If I run a hare scramble and I have ultra heavy duty tubes in , I have to run around 12 in soft conditions and 14 or more in the rocks.
  11. Edgecombe

    Brushy Mountain This Saturday?

    My buddy found out they're closing some of the trail at brushy to get it ready for the up coming race, so we're going to head to riversedge in va.
  12. Edgecombe

    Brushy Mountain This Saturday?

    Thanks. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed ­čśü.
  13. Edgecombe

    Brushy Mountain This Saturday?

    Planning a trip next sunday, July 29. With a rainy week coming up, will it be good. I've been there once and I'm thinking it will be good even with a lot of rain. Anyone care to inform me.
  14. I use geo tracker.