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  1. I mounted mine to my tool box. Just put a 4" metal angle iron for support and does the job. Never had an issue.
  2. I have the same. Bought it in 02. Still solid.
  3. Going down the weekend before thanksgiving. Hope it rains couple days before.
  4. That's why I loved my xr400, because of the shorter wheel base. In the tight stuff it was fun and with my bars cut down to about 30" it was extremely easy. When I put a 440 kit in, 250 2 strokes didn't have a chance in the hills in va. With a 2 stage hot cam,it would want to rip your arms off.
  5. My buddy is 53 and the same weight may be 10 lbs more. He has a yz250. I have a husky txc 310 but in my opinion a 2 stroke would probably suit you great. I'll be going to a 2 stroke soon. He is not a real aggressive rider and it does just fine. Is there a reason for a 4 stroke?
  6. Check the price difference from the 2. Time of saving weight costs. To me it really isn't worth it.
  7. Exactly. I've beat plenty of light bikes with my big ole xr in tight sloppy hare scrambles. Weight is mind over matter. If you don't make a bunch of mistakes and pick up a bike all race it don't matter.
  8. No crashes and no mistakes = better finishes.
  9. Anybody gone. Thinking about a trip down there. All dirt bikes. We pretty much love single track with a little open stuff thrown in. We have a few novice riders so that's why we were thinking there instead of brushy mountain. Flat land might not be so inteminating for them. Some have run some vchss races and told me they weren't very comfortable with some of the down hills. Any info would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  10. Honda,if they still made the xr 400r.
  11. I hope those airoh helmet boys don't read this. This is another scheme of the manufacturers and media for said activities to force their products on the consumers. Weight only matters if you want it to. I never have.
  12. If your worried about the little amount of weight difference, you might need the gym instead of a light helmet. Unless your pro and someone is giving them to you. I'm old school, so weight is no problem. Lol.
  13. I've worn a couple high dollar helmets in my time. Even had a airoh street bike helmet. Not worth the money imo. Why buy a high dollar helmet, just to beat it up. Helmets today are a lot closer made today as to 25 to 30 years ago. Plus the pro you mentioned wear what their sponsors tell them to. If your helmet is 4 years old it's probably done. You need to check it.
  14. Absolutely. Put some play in that throttle. Helps a lot. .
  15. No.