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  1. Got a ram mount before we went to caw. Love it . Was kinda nervous at first, but rode pretty hard and jumped some big logs. It stayed put. My camel back is small that's why I went this route.
  2. What is making your elbows sore?
  3. Built this today for one of my riding buddies.
  4. They make less expensive sidi boots. http://www.freestylextreme.com/us/home/brands/sidi-mx-boots/sidi-black-black-xtreme-mx-boot.aspx?prodid=248854&gclid=Cj0KCQiAzrTUBRCnARIsAL0mqcwp6Kl22rozeMP-vo9R89ISwVZvuSx9Ekk-1e1kzerTPGQ7-r5o0rkaAggkEALw_wcB
  5. What kind of riding do you do
  6. You won't wreck a pair of sidi's in a year.
  7. Being in the middle dosent matter. I have a 3 bike rail trailer and it's probably no heavier than a 5x8 you mentioned. I can put 1 bike on left, right or in the middle and it's all good.
  8. 2 on each side would be good. Plus , make them removable so you can use it for other things if needed. You can always change things around down the road to suit your needs better.
  9. Put a hydraulic clutch on it.
  10. What kind of trailer and what size?
  11. Depends on which side of va. Bristol is nasty when its wet, and Martinsville not so bad. All the east side is not to bad because it's more sandy and takes the water better, unless it's a few inches. But it's all good.
  12. How about the vchss.
  13. Boots. Knee pads are all I wear and to me are enough protection for your knees. I'm 46 and been racing hare scrambles since 2010, never had a bad enough crash to really want knee braces. Seen a couple guys your age break their legs from knee braces.
  14. Yes. We jumped on the goat trail and it was pretty challenging. Some spots you could really hurt yourself if not careful. One of my buddies isn't ready for anything like that, so he stayed at the truck till we got back. Have a couple new riders, that I'll eventually take there when they get a little more experience.
  15. I have once.