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  1. 03klxter

    Need new engine, Suggestions?

    I agree 100% with Precision make sure you find out all the details of what you will need to make each motor work. By the way I have a gpx140 with tb cam in my pitster x4 and it is plenty fast
  2. 03klxter

    Big Bore vs. New Engine

    I think you are on the right track by buying a new motor vs hopping up your motor that you now have .I was at the same place a few weeks ago I went with a new 140gpx motor And that was a very good decision .I also have a buyer for my old motor so I can get some of my money back that was spent on the new motor
  3. 03klxter

    jetting x4

    That looks like the same jet kit that I was sent for my molkt .If it is the same kit and Im pretty sure it is than the main jets would not work !!! I know someone will try to tell me that those main jets will work with some jerry riggin' .Trust me I am the king of jerry riggin' but in this case I wouldnt If they work for you more power to ya
  4. 03klxter

    should i try it?

    I can relate with you about the molkt I also had problems with mine:banghead: I installed a 22mm mikuni and got it to run spot on right off the bat but I lost to much power with the 22mm .I just kept pulling off the Molkt and playing with the floats and trying different needle settings .I finaly got mine to work fairly decent .I ended up with the stock main jet ,25 pilot,needle clip at the very top "leanest" position.Now dont ask me what the float hieght ended up at:excuseme: I just know the carb works fairly decent now but it drove me crazy there for a while
  5. 03klxter

    Where Does Everyone Ride Their Pits??

    I ride mine at a mx track in my friends back yard and in fields I can unload mine without a loading ramp so its very eazy to load and unload and doesnt take up much space .I am 38 years old and have been riding on and off for close to 30 years . I have ridden just about every kind of dirtbike you could think of .I kinda got bored with the big bikes and I have lost some of my nerve lately .I picked up a new 2007 leftover pitster pro X4 I will tell you that a 125cc wasn't quite enough for me thats why I just installed a 140gpx motor now that has plenty of power:ride: If your looking to have fun you will not be disappointed with a good pitbike .I would recommend the midsize based bike "KLX 110" style over the "CRF50" style bike.I wiegh 185lbs and I am amazed at what this little bike can handle
  6. 03klxter

    !!!Looking for an Engine!!!

    Well you boys are in luck I have a mint GPX125 it has about 5 hours on it still like brand new complete .I installed a crower G2 cam ,Light oil slinger ,Lightened stock flywheel it runs perfect I just wanted a little more than the 125 could give .I just put a 140gpx on pitster so I want to get rid of the 125 .$250 with free shipping !!!!!!
  7. I would have to agree with you about the 22mm being a great carb but after back to back testing it felt like the 26mm made a tad more power across the board but its kinda hard to tell .How much do you think we will loose by using the 22m vs the 26mm ???? I might just go ahead and put the 22mm back on it again .I have already spent enough $$$$$ and dont feel like forking out more for a carb
  8. 03klxter

    new toy

    Is that your first pitbike ??? You better watch out they are very adictive I am having a ball on my pitster pro X4 !! I was not to sure about the whole pitbike thing at first after coming off the big bikes big but these little things are just so much fun
  9. Well I dont know what kind of jets you are talking about but I will tell you flat out the main jets that I recieved with my jet kit part # TBW0327 for the Keihin 24mm/26OKO that were supposed to work on my molkt would not work !!!My problem with the main jets were the needle would bottom out on the inside of the them and cause the idle to rev way up holding the slide open to much .I love tinkering on things but I am ready to give up on the molkt and move on to a better carb
  10. I just got a brand new gpx140 for my 07 pitster X4 it came with the molkt carb .I have had alot of problems trying to get the molkt tuned properly.I did put on a 22mm mikuni that I had no problem getting tuned but the 22mm felt a tad restricted compared to the 26mm.I am ready to buy a better carb to get the most out of the 140 motor .I was sent some jets that where suposed to work with my carb but the main jets would not work:bonk:Now I cant get the molkt to stop trickling fuel from the overflow and yes I adjusted the float hieght several times What is your favorite carb ???? How much am I loosing by running the 22mm mikuni PLEASE HELP !
  11. 03klxter

    Selling my GPX125 how much is it worth ????

    I checked its not tne same motor mine is a gpx125/Jailing 4 up shift the one staggs is selling is 1down 3 up not the same motor .The motor I have is around $395 complete .I think I could get $250 -$275 but would like some more opinons
  12. 03klxter

    Selling my GPX125 how much is it worth ????

    I dont think he sells this motor for that
  13. I have a like new gpx125 with about 5 to 6 hours on it .It has a crower G2 cam light oil slinger and lighted flywheel the motor comes complete .How much should I try to sell it for ????? Should I put it on E-Bay The only reason I am selling it is I just installed a brand new GPX140 and I dont need the 125 anymore
  14. 03klxter

    Molkt 26mm junk???? 22mm mikuni better???

    I put the molkt back on tonight and put the clip all the way at the top and it seems a little better .I think with some more tweeking I might get it strait .I am expecting a jet kit from T-bolt early this week .I am going to go smaller on the main jet and try that first and I will go from there .I do believe that the molkt makes more power after riding it back to back against the 22mm mikuni I hope I can get it working right
  15. 03klxter

    Now MY 26mm MOLKT is peeing gas!

    When I look at this graph it tells me that even without the midrange falling off the 22mm mikuni still makes more power across the board ???? Shouldnt the molk if tuned properly make more HP than the 22mm mikuni ???? What is the best performing carb that is easy to tune