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  1. CRFRida1605

    KLX110 mods

    Join "Mini Moto Mx" on facebook and try to find a good used one. I think they might be making another round of the BBR ones also. Just stay away from the chinese kind. You could try tboltusa.com or factoryminibikes.com
  2. CRFRida1605

    KLX110 mods

    Stock style swingarms are way cheaper than mx style, just find a good +2 and the best shock you can fit in the budget. Kx65 front is cheapest, I did sx65 forks on mine but it costs more and brakes are hard to find sometimes.
  3. CRFRida1605

    KLX110 mods

    I cant remember exactly, but I think there was a difference between 01/02 forks and the 03+. You could use either Im sure. You will get more height, maybe 2", so it would look and steer funky without a rear setup.
  4. CRFRida1605

    KLX 110 Front & Rear Suspension Conversion Updated *Need Help*

    Kx65 front end bolts up if you swap the klx steering stem into the kx clamps. The swingarm requires mods to the frame and a shock mount bracket. Best place for updated info is to join "Mini Moto Mx" group on facebook and search in there.
  5. CRFRida1605

    KLX110 mods

    If you press the klx steering stem into the kx clamps it will bolt up, any machine shop should be able to do this. The kx65 never changed much so you can use any year, but IIRC the 03+ forks are slightly better. You will need new springs in them though as they are meant for 70lb kids, Cannon Racecraft has them.
  6. CRFRida1605

    klx110 manual clutch slipping

    Grab a new tb parts hd clutch kit, it will come with stiffer springs. I had one with a 143 kit that would slip just like that, find a balance where it doesnt slip but the lever isnt too stiff.
  7. CRFRida1605

    klx110 manual clutch slipping

    The clutch is slipping, what springs are you using and how many?
  8. CRFRida1605

    450f swingarm swap again

    Werent the shocks on the 10-whatever offset to accomodate for the exhaust placement? If that is what your issue is, yes the 09 swingarm will make it line up properly. I always thought the newer ones would be off so far they wouldnt even work.
  9. CRFRida1605

    Takewaga dealers ?

    Try factoryminibikes.com, he may have one laying around. Webike in japan is legit though if that is the site you were looking at.
  10. CRFRida1605

    Motorcycle Dealerships... is it me???

    Im 33 and Ive never been to a dealer I thought did good business. Most are just trying to scam you for as much money as possible, whether youre buying parts or a vehicle. I work in banking, from that perspective most on the sales side are just scum.
  11. CRFRida1605

    Aluminum Flakes in CRF250R Oil

    You can change both seals without splitting the cases up until at least 09, not sure of the FI engines. I would also swap out the piston/rings, cam chain/tensioner, and inspect the cylinder and head. Check the oil screen on the flywheel side, bigger chunks get stuck there.
  12. CRFRida1605

    Head porting and new valves/seats/guides

    If you still have crosshatching everywhere consistently its doubtful you would need a replate. Any shiny or flattened spots are suspect though.
  13. CRFRida1605

    Head porting and new valves/seats/guides

    If you get a different piston size have a machine shop measure your cylinder. Proper clearance is important, but I wouldnt just randomly throw a larger size in there without verifying.
  14. CRFRida1605

    Head porting and new valves/seats/guides

    Depends what you mean by "worth it". $$ value wise for the bike, no. If you are keeping it and want a great running bike, I think so.
  15. CRFRida1605

    best way to quiet klx110

    Yup, oem exhaust. I had the powercore 4 pipe, quiet compared to the Yoshi, PC, BBR pipes but my neighbor still called it the loud one lol. Do you have a different head or just the big bore?