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  1. Brokenbronco

    Popup Toyhauler... homemade

    Nice set up!
  2. Brokenbronco

    Is the SDG speed mini really that bad?

    Thanks for the replies. Well, the first bike ended up being a bust, bike had issues and would not start. My boy kept looking, and found this. It's an 04 SDG Speed Mini 107. The tranny had the upgraded shaft done, avalanche racing resi shock and coil, tag bars, pro circuit Ti pipe, Asv levers, upgraded front 12" wheel, uni filter, extra set of plastics with Monster graphics, fiveO chain guide, extra set of super moto tires. He picked it up for $500, he's pretty jazzed!
  3. Brokenbronco

    Is the SDG speed mini really that bad?

    That is pretty cool aint it!
  4. Brokenbronco

    Is the SDG speed mini really that bad?

    Thanks guys!
  5. Brokenbronco

    Is the SDG speed mini really that bad?

    Hi Guys! My 14yo son just picked up a 2004 SDG 107, that has maybe 4 hrs of riding on it. Now that he got it, i'm reading that not many people really dig them. Are they that bad? It will mainly see backyard use, no pro racing, just something to have fun with. Please enlighten me, thanks!
  6. Brokenbronco

    What songs get you PUMPED!!!

    While i really like old school metal, i have really gotten into the band Trapt. 2 songs in particular, Headstrong, and Stand up. Check em out http://www.trapt.com/site.html
  7. Brokenbronco

    I did it. Brand New '04 XR 400.

  8. Brokenbronco

    SF Supercross Pictures.

    Thanks for sharing!
  9. Brokenbronco

    Another freaky thing

    That is scary!
  10. Brokenbronco

    Leaking fuel

    Thanks for the help! I'll check into replacing the seat and let ya all know how it comes out.
  11. Brokenbronco

    Leaking fuel

    Greetings all! I recently purchased a 2003 wr250, i bought it from the original owner who only rode it a handfull of times, then parked it. It has been sitting for about a year, since the last ride. When i got it home i cleaned out the carb, and it was like a science fair in there! I put it all back together, fueled it up, ran it for a while, then parked it. After about 20 minutes i noticed a good sized puddle of gas underneath it. I turned off the fuel at the petcock, and watched what would happen, agin it was dripping out the overflow tube. I took the carb apart again, removed the float needle, and i noticed that it looked as if someone had removed it before, there were several scars on it. I replaced the float needle, turned on the fuel, startted and ran the bike, shut it off, and it is still leaking fuel from the overflow. What else could be causing this??? Any help would be appreciated!
  12. Brokenbronco

    New alpinestar boots, and shifting

    I forgot all about this thread. Thanks for all the tips, i ended up getting some tech 4's, they were great right out of the box.
  13. I have a friend that put a deposit on a 450 anaversary edition, and he's still waiting for it. Not sure about the price, but availability is scarce!
  14. Does anyone have any experience with a conversion of this type? The kx is a perimeter frame, how hard would it be to fab an air box? Would the carb fit? Would the head fit? Any help would be appreciated.