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  1. chuckf

    What else do I try?

    Yes sir, I'm positive. I have a pic of it, but I don't know how to post it on here. Its the first thing I checked. I call myself always checking that when I install it, since I have done that before. Especially since its such a beast to take the carb off of a CRF. Does it matter how the slide plate oring is installed? Should I start poking a pipe cleaner into the pilot orifice? I'm totally clueless as to what to try. A new bike maybe!! I did forget to mention that I have done the closed course mods on this bike when I bought it new back in '04. I'm certain that the pilot jet is clear of any obstruction, and cleaner squirts out of the carb when I spray into the orifice, but is it possible there is buildup internally. The rest of the carb is immaculate. Like I said a very small amount in the fuel bowl drain. Thanks again all.
  2. chuckf

    What else do I try?

    yes, that is correct
  3. Ok fellas, I've tried everything I can think of and read most of the related threads and don't know what else to do. Any other advise on what to try next. My problem is that the bike won't idle without the choke on. It pops on decel and then dies when reaching idle speed. I've just taken the carb off to check on things inside, it had been about a year since I've ridden. There were no deposits to speak of in the fuel bowl. But I cleaned everything in the carb anyway. I've got a 150 main, 42 pilot, 50 leak jets. Stock needle on a CRF250X '04. All the passages are blown clear. I figured I had to have the slide plate in upside down, as I've done that before, but it is in the correct position. The L intake is .004 and the right is .005 both in spec. The hot start and the choke levers have been cleaned and move freely. Oh, the fuel screw is out 2 turns. Am I missing anything else? The bike fires right up and will run and idle with the choke on, its just when it is opened the bike dies. It did the same thing with the 45 pilot.
  4. I thought it would be something simple. You don't know how long I stared at that carb wondering what I did to it. I looked in it last night, and it is upside down. I sure hope that is what is wrong. That is an awful easy fix. What is the purpose of the release plate in the slide anyway? Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Would it matter if the oring in the slide is backwards? I am having a similar problem. I did a routine maintanance cleaning of the carb. I sprayed carb cleaner on the slide and forgot the oring was on the slide. It shriveled up. I got a new one and in installed. When I put back together, the bike won't idle without the choke. I've given up on it, and haven't ridden it in about a year. Just tired of all the maintanance on the bike.
  6. chuckf

    whats your number mean to you?

    #936, my old army unit. Also when I'm upside down,(which is pretty often) its the same #. I think its funny when I go to a GNCC and ask for that bar code and the registration ladies get all mad because they have to make that #. I paid a lot of coin to have those #'s on my bike, to hell with covering them up.
  7. chuckf

    chain skipped tooth on crank...help

    Bodyman is right as usual. As long as the cam marks are even with the head and the piston is a TDC you are golden. I did get one tooth off last week on top end rebuild and she wouldn't even start and run poorly.
  8. I still think there are a lot of folks missing the real issue. There is not one bike trying to kill off another here. The EPA has spoken, they have the scientific data to back them up. The 2 strokes pollute at a much higher rate than the 4 stroke. They have slapped a limit to the amount of pollutants allowed by the manufacturers. The manuf. have countered this by producing a 4 stroke engine that is of much higher performance of yesteryears 4 strokes. The AMA has allowed a bigger displacement for 4's to encourage the use of the 4 stroke. But in the interest of fairness, they did lower the amount of cc allowed. Remember when KTM was running their 525's againt the 426's. They then lowered the class to 450. Anyhow, whoever said 4 stroke R&D has reached a plateau is mistaken. EFI will be on all production bikes within 2 years and then the sky is the limit. Meanwhile, 2 stroke will be adding injectors, pumps, valves etc to make them cleaner, but this is all adding weight to a bike that still burns oil in the fuel mixture and will always pollute more than a 4 stroke.
  9. chuckf

    Dealer screws up bad! Must read!

    Agreed, that cylinder looks unharmed. Run it again. A side pic of the piston skirt would be useful. Looking for blow by and how much wear is on the skirt. Anyone have any input from the looks of his head. Seems awful dark. Is he running rich or just have a lot of time on the head with carbon buildup?
  10. chuckf

    Interpreter needed !?! LMAO

    OK, the ad says its a 4 stroke, but under engine specs, it says 2 stroke. They don't even know what they are selling.
  11. Does anyone think starting it would be an issue? I see some of the pros having a hard time on the Lites when they have a get off. I'm thinking there is no way a 9-14 year old could hot start a high compression bike.
  12. Those three better lube up! What could they have been thinking? I've seen traps where the greenies hang neck lines with fish hooks tied to it, but never a trap with someone actually "pulling the trigger." They'll probably have some liberal arse judge that lets them off with community service or something.
  13. My buddy bought one brand new back in the day. I THINK it is a 00 model. Anyway, he hasn't rode it but maybe 10 hours total. He just didn't get into trail riding. He tried to sell it the year after he bought it, but didn't want to take that big of loss. I'll try to see if he still has it.
  14. chuckf

    New Head VS after market valves & springs

    Tom, I don't want to rain on your parade. But the cost of the new head you refer to is for a bare head. You will still have to decide whether to buy OEM or aftermarket valves and springs. Sorry to bring you down! I see you are in PA, give Randy Mann a call at Fastmann racing, he can give you a lot of info as well.
  15. chuckf

    Are you kidding me?

    I'm sure it is a Cadillac of a bike. Can you imagine a Chinese GNCC full of these things? Or Hung Long Dong doing a heel clicker or whipit across the finish line jump? What a riot!!