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  1. Wayne_Thompson

    Legal Riding Areas Around Yucca Valley

    I love these areas! I agree with you, it is some of the best riding around. I just didn't know that it wasn't legal. I am a fireman in Yucca/Joshua Tree and when we have gone out there for injured riders, CHP comes along too and they have never cited anybody for illegal riding. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. When it gets better, we need to go riding. Let me know!
  2. Wayne_Thompson

    Thor quadrant boots

    I have a pair and hate them. They do offer good support but I think the plastic buckles suck. I cannot get mine to stay latched. They constantly come undone while I ride.
  3. Wayne_Thompson

    Legal Riding Areas Around Yucca Valley

    I just went to the BLM recreational riding area maps and I noticed that the maps don't cover the Giant Rock area in Landers or Coyote Dry Lake in Joshua Tree. Are these areas legal to ride in? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the link!!!! Email sent
  5. I change my oil every 5th ride which is about 10 hours. I also have a Scott stainless mesh filter and clean it everytime I change to oil.
  6. Wayne_Thompson

    Dr. D

    Mine did the same thing. If you notice when it is running, it is red hot which is normal. After it cools, it will turn blue.
  7. Wayne_Thompson

    Thor Quadrant boots

    I own a pair and hate them. I am sick and tired of plastic buckles. My next pair of boots will have metal buckles.
  8. Wayne_Thompson

    The Best Way To Get Old Grips Off

    This works great!!
  9. Wayne_Thompson

    Question about yz450f

    I have not had any issues with my 450. I have owned it just over a year and have replaced the piston and rings once. That was November and my valves were still within spec. I change the oil regularly (Every 3 or 4 rides). No problems as of yet.
  10. Wayne_Thompson

    question about dr. d exhaust

    I have heard with the quiet cone insert it is 96 dbl.
  11. Wayne_Thompson

    Problems with EBay order

    Agreed! You can also get their phone number through the complaint department. The last time I had a problem, I called the seller direct. He was a bit surprised to hear from me but did send my product.
  12. Wayne_Thompson

    Does the YZ450f?

    It is hard for me to compare the YZ250 since I have never owned one. But let me tell you, when I twist the throttle on my 450, it is a huge thrill. Excellent power now that never seems to let off. All around a great bike.
  13. Wayne_Thompson

    Grunge brush: good tool or useless crap?

    I use one with Simple Green. But to tell you the truth, an old tooth brush would be just as good.
  14. Wayne_Thompson

    New to Thumpertalk, How y'all doin?

    Welcome! What is your location?
  15. Wayne_Thompson

    Radiator Guards

    I agree. They protect all sides.