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  1. I installed an Enduro Engineering skid and linkage guard on the bike (2016 250 rr). Also installed their clutch slave cylinder guard. Snow and ice are preventing me from using it. Still am researching tire replacements for it. Didn't take pictures as I ran out of heat in the shop! Where is spring at?
  2. I am going through this process right now. I have had my my LF knee repaired. ACL and what not from a wakeboarding accident. Trying to get a brace for my RT knee is proving to be challenging. I will continue with the process but it will probably take 6 months before I can get it approved. My LF knee was approved instantly. I never want to go through another knee injury.
  3. Ive got it bad. The weather outlook makes me want to do some riding this weekend. Odds are the trails will be muddy. Anyone have a suggestion to some early riding? Without going south. Already trying to plan a trip to Brushy mountain in April or may
  4. When i checked last year the classes had filled up by mid may. I remember some of the harley dealers offered them. But they were not cheap. LCC offers them as well. Good luck!
  5. Michigan

    Anyone riding this weekend? I have a day pass for Saturday! Thinking about Evart and just don't want to ride it solo
  6. Michigan

    I figured that. I have just been itching to ride the new to me bike! Looks like I will wait another couple of weeks!
  7. Michigan

    Is anyone riding this weekend or maybe black Friday? Trying not to go solo. I am game to ride anywhere within a couple hours of Lansing
  8. Michigan

    We rode Evart on Saturday. My first time there. Was we,t but was a great time. Planning on going back again next Satruday morning if the weather holds out!
  9. So... I am in the process of rebuilding my 2010 150 xc... I would like to add a light kit similar to the XC-W has. Anyone done this? I am sure its like any other bike but I thought I would check to see what others say before I get to deep in it.
  10. Michigan

    I just snagged one at college bike shop in Lansing.
  11. Michigan

    We rode North of Lake City on some motorcycle only trails. Had a great time till I got a flat tire. Ran to Hackers in Houghton Lake. THey had an 18in tube in stock but no 18in rear tires? So that ended our weekend. Going back up again this weekend unless we go to the boat drag races.
  12. Does anyone know it the 11-15 xc spark arrestor will work on a 2010? Trying to get the right part
  13. What are people running for spark arrestor? Right now I'm running a FMF fatty to a shorty pipe. Local race series requires a sparky... Sent from my SM-G920V using ThumperTalk mobile app
  14. Michigan

    I'm in the lansing area. But will drive to ride for a day.
  15. Michigan

    I just need people to ride with. Anyone riding this weekend? Saturday perhaps?