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  1. I think once you go down the slope of racing you will always be doing maintenance. I don't think one brand is worse than the other. Having access to amazing local dealers and being able to handle most of the bike work myself helps.
  2. Well.... I was sort of in the same boat as you. 34. Never really had a dirt bike. Bought one. Rode a year and decided to go go harescramble racing. I would suggest signing up for a class that fits your age and your desire. Are you chasing a points of just want to ride with 200 of your new friends and have some fun. As far as bike choice... ride what you have. You know it and its limits. After some races or a season you will have a better idea of what fits your needs and terrain. PS.. I am now addicted to racing. I raced more this year than I trail rode.... so keep that in mind I started on a 2000 KTM 300 and moved to a 2010 KTM 150. Now I am on a Beta 250rr. Next bike will probably be a small bore Sherco 4 stroke. That is all personal though.
  3. tripped38

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Mounting up new rubber. The factory Michelin vs. IRC M5B evo soft. Excited to have a real tire on the rear. However it won't be used for backroad cruising anymore!
  4. tripped38

    Show me your...BETA !

    Little practice at a local moto track! Still like the ground and woods more... but seat time was great
  5. tripped38

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Stock tires front and rear. Stock suspension as well. I am ready for tires but have been indecisive. Suspension could use some tweaking. I finally feel like I've ridden the bike enough to know what changes I want to make.
  6. tripped38

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Prepped for a harescramble tomorrow. My last race I highsided and ended up replacing the bars and the bar mounts. Also trying the spark arrestor from procircuit. Should be fun!
  7. tripped38

    Smashed Muffler

    How did you like the Pro Circuit 296? I keep looking at it... but haven't done anything about it. I really need to bite the bullet and get a spark arrestor....
  8. tripped38

    2018 Battle of the Goats

    That looks like a great time! That was my local riding spot before I moved to MI. Always a great place to ride.
  9. tripped38

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    I used clear spray paint in the grips last time I did mine. Not the coolest but its what I had on hand and worked great!
  10. tripped38

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    Anyone riding this Saturday? 6-30? Wanting to ride...but not wanting to ride solo!
  11. tripped38

    Max Gerston came to my little town to race!

    Thank you for sharing! I debating signing up for this race! Ended up staying down state and spending time with the wife! Looks amazing! I am going to have to make a trip up there for some riding!
  12. tripped38

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Race prepped. Getting ready for mybsecond hare scramble on it!
  13. tripped38

    Top 5 Michigan Trails?

    I am going to be in Lake City this weekend. Family has a place there. Going to be taking the bike to do some exploring. Everyone says there is a lot of single track here. So far I found little pockets here and there. Any suggestions on where to find the tight single track in this area?
  14. tripped38

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    I installed an Enduro Engineering skid and linkage guard on the bike (2016 250 rr). Also installed their clutch slave cylinder guard. Snow and ice are preventing me from using it. Still am researching tire replacements for it. Didn't take pictures as I ran out of heat in the shop! Where is spring at?
  15. tripped38

    Knee braces *before* you need them?

    I am going through this process right now. I have had my my LF knee repaired. ACL and what not from a wakeboarding accident. Trying to get a brace for my RT knee is proving to be challenging. I will continue with the process but it will probably take 6 months before I can get it approved. My LF knee was approved instantly. I never want to go through another knee injury.