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  1. gphilip

    FS1 picture quality? Sucks for Supercross!

    I do not pay for cable, just subscribed for NBC Sports Gold and watch it on the big screen with Chromecast. Only $80 for the entire year of SX and Outdoors. Yes, the camera work and editing is HORRIBLE! Last week they didn't show much or Tomac and Webb, as they were picking through the field. Where is the "fastest lap" stats? This week was even worse. Lots of rider footage and stupid commentary. The whole stadium is roaring, the scoring is showing the racers switching positions, yet the camera is showing the first or second place rider riding all by himself, and the two announcers keep blabbering about something else.
  2. gphilip

    Alta Motors shutting down?

    We just had a word from the CEO. There will be a news update next week. https://altaownersforum.com/threads/bad-news.553/page-4#post-6534
  3. gphilip

    Alta Motors shutting down?

    No, they pulled the plug for the time being.
  4. gphilip

    How much is Savatgy's cut?

    Like Dungey, Tomac didn't do anything. Nothing. Savatgy said in the interview that they had no prior agreements or team orders. He thought it would be the right thing to do, so he did it.
  5. gphilip

    How much is Savatgy's cut?

    How could you prefer the Musquin's faking and lying, Tomac's keeping his mouth shut, and all the fans being kept for idiots, to the Savatgy's being open and transparent about it? Would you rather be kept in the dark and lied to?
  6. gphilip

    How much is Savatgy's cut?

    No fan was stupid enough to not see that Musquin pulled over. Him not admitting it, and then lying into the microphone, this is what shit really smells like. Savatgy was honest and open about it, and I respect that. Which of the fans did not like his move? Those who rooted *against* Tomac and his fan's winning $1M each? That's messed up. Then there are those who are concerned that Monster might be upset that they had to pay $2M. Poor Monster... They are the ones who established the prizes, and they have made more money on this free publicity than $2M. Is anyone not going to pay to watch the Monster Cup next year?
  7. gphilip

    How much is Savatgy's cut?

    Unlike others, I wholeheartedly supported Savatgy as Tomac's new teammate from the first announcement. He often gets great starts, leads laps, and he is a clean rider. The last race went exactly how I think all the Supercross and outdoors races will be going from now on. Savatgy gets the holeshot, blocks and holds everyone back except of course his teammate. Tomac will still have to work, but Savatgy will not be blocking and slowing him down, teammates never do (ignore Webb's blocking of Barcia). Tomac gets the Supercross championship and 24 outdoors wins. All Tomac's fans are happy.
  8. gphilip

    How much is Savatgy's cut?

    Joey spills the beans @3:08!
  9. gphilip

    How much is Savatgy's cut?

    Maybe, but it could have gotten very ugly. Worse than last year's with Osborne and the same Savatgy. This was not necessary, they are teammates, Eli needed the win more than Savatgy did, and they are now all much better off. Savatgy would have upset all the fans if he had blocked Eli. But now he actually gained fans and the support of the new team. Smart move.
  10. gphilip

    How much is Savatgy's cut?

    Everything is good, as it should be. But there are a few things that I do not quite understand. 1) If teammates were NOT allowed to help each other, then why have teams? Just to same money of bike transportation? 2) If teammates ARE allowed to help each other, then why hide it? Why wouldn't Tomac give Josh a big hug after the finish and thank him at the press conference? I was a bit disappointed that neither of them admitted anything. It is not against the rules, is it? 3) This is an old topic, but when Musquin let Dungey by last year, and it was so obvious, why did he have to lie? He keeps losing my respect every time he lies, and he lied a few times into the microphone already.
  11. gphilip

    How much is Savatgy's cut?

    Savatgy is the best teammate ever! Jeff Emig: "This is the greatest team move in the history of Supercross".
  12. gphilip

    Will any US be willing to ride 2019 MXON at Assen

    Can we try some better sand tires please? The Pirelli MX 410 sand tires have much taller paddles than the Dunlop MX12 that everyone in the US runs.
  13. gphilip

    Suspension work for Alta

    They have it for the Redshift MX with the 4CS suspension, but not for the new MXR suspension.
  14. gphilip

    Suspension work for Alta

    Here are the stock shock shim specs: https://altaownersforum.com/resources/2018-redshift-mxr-wp-5018-rear-shock-specs-from-alta.7/
  15. gphilip

    So what's your take on it all

    I am wondering whether the Euros were so much faster simply because they ran the Pirelli mud/sand tires, which have about 50% bigger paddles/knobs compared to the Dunlop MX12, which everyone in the US runs? This wouldn't matter much if the track was not all deep sand/mud, but yesterday it was. And this could easily explain the difference in the lap times and in the ability to clear the Larocco's Leap. We in the US should try better tires!