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  1. It's not declining in Michigan, nor most of the Midwest. Tracks do close and others open. I agree that it's intimidating when you go to a popular track and have hundreds of young fast people with works bikes and the best gear money can buy but then again good for them. Anyone can buy a used 2 stroke and prep it for MX, buy close-out gear, and still have fun. You'll be surprised how these people will meet the "fast" people and become friends. What I do know is Vintage MX is growing rapidly and the clubs run series all spring, summer, and fall. Big family events, lots of fun, camping, end of season banquets, awards, and many other perks. For example my club has a guy that owns a MC shop. He got a 80's CR and has been restoring it all season to be given away to any member that ran at least one race. Just plain fun. Yeah, there is less seat time in MX but it does help condition you for other MC sports like off-road, as has been mentioned. Well I'm 58 so my opinion focuses more on the VMX scene. My son's are mid-30's and they still love the modern MX and there's really nothing that they don't like about it. I know two owners personally - one is a National track, and one is a local track. Neither has any plans of closing in the near future. I guess I have a narrow perspective. It would take some real work to crunch numbers nationwide to see the big picture if there is actually a decline.
  2. Any oil thread is fun to follow! Really, anyone that has brought up the fact that it's 2018 and there have been advances in products has relayed the best advise. If it were 1718 I'd be more concerned what cutting hay I was going to winter my cows over with.
  3. US Chrome or Millennium. Check their websites.
  4. No, don't run the old one. Have you been riding long? Any mechanical ability? Some riders do all, some, or none of their own work. Depending on where you are in this group you can: go on any of the websites and buy a new rim and spokes and learn how to lace and true, or, you can have a buddy that knows how help you, or find a used rear on Craislist or Ebay with the correct hub. Find out what years RM125 fits the 02 because sometimes it a few years before and after. Or (most expensive) you can take it to a shop and have them rebuild the entire thing. Also, check and/or replace you rear wheel bearings at the same time. They are fairly inexpensive.
  5. Tomahawk has a few campgrounds that you can access the trails from. I lived in the UP for a few years and there are a ton of good trails and forest roads that are legal (I liked the Kinross system). Michigan is going through a process to legalize "some" forest roads in the LP for 2018. The National is always around the 4th of July and the MXofN is around now (it just happened overseas). So plan accordingly by the seasons.
  6. You should hook up a camper and head to a Pro National next year. Day before, day of, day after! Red Bud has amateur racing day before and day after and my son takes full adavantage of the big track that pros were on. Long way for you but there are closer ones to you
  7. Bummer. I used to attend SX races but they are really no more than a circus with many people not really knowing what's going on. I work at Red Bud every year and am friends of the owners. MX races are the best because (for the most part) the attendees will stand in heat/rain/mud and still have a good time knowing what it's all about. There are some people that create problems but it's getting better IMO. Also, as a side not, the MXofN will be at Red Bud in 2018 and I'll be working that event as well and I can't wait!
  8. Not running is pretty vague...get a better idea of that? Could be as simple as tight valves since many people forget to adjust them, to a dirty carb, to a bad ground, to, blah, blah. I even had a bike come in with a plugged spark arrestor that wouldn't start. The oil sump is in the frame and partially in the engine. Does it have clean looking oil? Compression. The list goes on but since it's a Honda I bet it's a simple fix, maybe the kill switch is bad, lol...good luck.
  9. I sold a mint (yes mint) 1999 XR250 for $2200. Very nice bike. That was my last trail bike. Just wanted a smoker:) With me on it at around 200 pounds it sagged enough for me to almost flatfoot
  10. They all break, lol. My first Cummins re-engine was in 1976. Nothing lasts forever but proper PMS can give a modicum of peace of mind
  11. The owner at Lake Cycle KTM in Michigan knows these things inside out. I'm going to ask him about them to get a better insight. Splitting cases would be ridiculous. Although there are car engines with starters mounted under the intake manifolds...that's why mechanics like myself love engineers
  12. It seems everyone's drinking diesel kool-aid around here lately which is funny because they don't need them. What's funny too is I was at a local MX race my son was in and a girl he knows asked my if my truck was a diesel. When I said no she informed me it was under powered and I should have bought a diesel. She was all of 25 and obviously an expert, lol. Don't get me wrong if my wife gave the okay I'd be running an F-450 with a dual turbocharged diesel pulling a 5th wheel toyhauler through the rockies to get to some of that crazy nice off-roading I see on here all the time.
  13. I pull a 26' toyhauler with a 12 F-250 gasser. After being a diesel mechanic for 40 years my wife said no diesels are allowed except your farm tractor. She spent 40 years wasking my work clothes in pinesol and she's happy now I just work on dirt bikes for a living. A diesel would be great if I lived where there were mountains but in Michigan it's pretty flat and towing is no worries with a gasser ($8K less than the diesel option).
  14. I know nothing about the freerides but what year was your buddies? In 2017 KTM basically replaced the engine in the enduros. The older model starters were basically "add-ons" and never worked right so most people took them off. KTM redesigned the engines and had a purpose built started designed in which is supposed to work fine. I did not realize there was no kicker? I'd never buy a bike without one.