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  1. Puddn421

    RC as a color commentator - unfortunate!

    I think Ralph and Ricky’s chemistry isn’t as good as Ralph and Jeff were IMO. I’m not sure why Ricky seems to have a little bit defensive whenever Ralph tries to joke with him. Last observation that was slightly annoying is his love for Savatgy. Maybe it’s because Savatgy trains at his place but the bias for him was way too much in Minneapolis
  2. Puddn421

    2006 spark plug thread repair?

    If you’re comfortable with it a helicoil kit will work also. Kind of the same thing except the threads are made with wire instead of a solid bushing type. I think the kits are much cheaper maybe like $40 or so
  3. Puddn421

    2006 spark plug thread repair?

    Look up timesert and bigsert. These are steel thread repair kits. Basically comes in a kit with drill bit, tap and the inserts. Drill out the existing hole to the next size up, tap with the special supplied tap and then screw in the threaded insert. This will replace the worn threads with new steel threads and it will be for the stock size of the original hole. I think they even make spark plug specific kits. The big Sert is the Same brand, just the next step in case the hole is too messed up and needs to account for more than one step larger drill bit.
  4. Have you considered helicoil or timesert/threaded insert fix?
  5. Puddn421

    07 RM 250: what's it worth?

    While I would say it’s probably a nice bike and a lot of people have an emotional attachment to them for nostalgia or something, I don’t think it’s worth $4k. One of the big problems I’d have with spending that much on that bike is it’s almost 12 years old and so replacement parts, if not already, will soon become tough to find. If you really love RMs or are going to do a replica build I’d probably offer around $3k max, more like $2500 if I was paying. If you look at the bike for the sum of its parts, there are better and newer bikes for that money. My $.02 . In reality this time of year, I’d bet you could snag a one owner, 25hr, 1-2 year old yz for that same price. And if you like ktms I’ve seen some 2017s for low to mid 4’s.
  6. Puddn421

    Missing subframe hardware?

    Nope that’s normal. The bolt head is on the other side the bolt is just a bit short for some reason but my last two is exactly like that and I bought mine new
  7. Puddn421

    Motorcycle cleaning products: what do you use?

    Shout is the best. Wet bike, spray it on, let it sit and spray t off. Will not harm aluminum or anything and bike will look new and smells good too
  8. If you live in New England you should google coywolves. They are increasing in numbers out here in eastern mass. Pretty crazy looking hybrid of coyote/wolf/dog.
  9. For stripped out screws and bolts I have had good luck with drilling a pilot hole and then tapping a torx bit in there. The torx bit has enough points to really grab and does the trick. Not sure if that will work here
  10. Puddn421

    anti seize

    I use a tiny bit of beltway waterproof grease. A lot of factory mechanics do that
  11. Puddn421

    My new, or new to me, 2000 CR250

    Great job looking good. I vote to red scotch brute that swingarm and get the factory brushed look back. If you check out vitalmx there are a few really nice build threads on these bikes for inspiration. https://m.vitalmx.com/forums/Moto-Related,20/2001-CR250-pecial-Restoration-Part-II-RC250-Factory-Replica-or-Tribute-bike,1328739?page=7#post_3934756
  12. I would say if possible stay with 17+ for the AER suspension. The 16 and below had 4cs suspension and if you do a search you will find much displeasure with those forks. I would be wary of an aftermarket hour meter. The newer bikes come with them and they really don’t ever wear out or usually die. My last Ktm the hour meter was still working 4+ years after I bought it. I see benefits to starting with an SXF and not an XCF. The most being cost. sXF will be cheaper and if all you really need is a larger tank, 18 inch wheel and a kickstand that stuff is usually cheaper than going the xcf route and there are obviously more of them out there to choose from. The biggest difference will be gearing but it all depends on riding. I’d even argue the 18” wheel isn’t super necessary if budget is an issue. I try to buy bikes as stock as possible with as low hours as possible. Generally just feel out the owner I like to ask a lot of questions even if they are dumb and obvious questions but I want to know that the owner did oil changes, air filter cleaning and basic general maintenance. And lastly don’t buy a bike without any paperwork either mco or title or something. Good luck
  13. Puddn421

    2016-2018 350sxf reliability?

    I wish I kept my 350 hopefully the 2019 are as reliable as this version. Anyone know if they ever fixed the plastic breather piece melting deal?
  14. Puddn421

    bent rim

    That jay Clark video is really good or you can check out the Baja no pinch tool on amazon. Works really well and you’ll never pinch a tube again.
  15. I guess I should have specified I was mostly talking bikes ridden strictly mx. All forms of off-road, enduro, hs are brutal on bikes. In New England tho most tracks are roughly the same conditions as southwick and deep and watered sand just kills bikes quickly. Most of the tracks I’ve seen out west are generally smoother, harder packed and don’t seem to be as hard on bikes as our whooped out sand.