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  1. EnduroMike

    Who lives/rides in Ontario?

    I just joined this year, been to the track a couple of times and rode there trails. Its good, nice and close plus there's always someone there so it's safer than heading somewhere alone.
  2. EnduroMike

    Who lives/rides in Ontario?

    Hey Mike, that puts you in the Caledonia, Cayuga, York or Binbrook area, have you ever thought of joining Steel City Riders?
  3. EnduroMike

    Who lives/rides in Ontario?

    @mikel42 PM sent.
  4. EnduroMike

    Ontario Ontario Offroad Events

    Does anyone Know if the Beagle Bash enduro is a go this year, it was canceled last year due to the ice storm (too many downed trees) I believe.
  5. EnduroMike

    Bike condition? Price?

  6. EnduroMike

    Avoid GnarlyParts and Accessories Like The Plague

    That's good to hear, I had a grocery list of parts ordered at the beginning of Dec, and figured about a week for delivery, 10 days later after e mailing them I find out my entire order was waiting for 1 small part. I instructed them to cancel that part and ship the rest. It all went well after that but I wish I had known they were out of stock for that one item up front.
  7. EnduroMike

    The KTM 200 Club

    What springs did you get? And what number are the stock springs? I just got my 08 200xc this year and it came with the stock springs in a box marked 44, idk if the ones in the bike are softer or stiffer than stock.
  8. EnduroMike

    The KTM 200 Club

    i did mine last year http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1050480-200exc-full-rebulid/ I just skimmed through ur rebuild, it turned out nice. I'm sure thats not something you want to do every year eh.
  9. EnduroMike

    The KTM 200 Club

    Hi guys, those pics look nasty squid. Im doing my top end atm, I ordered a wiseco top end kit (piston, rings gaskets). Does anyone know if those normally include the PV gasket and o rings? Somee pics.....
  10. EnduroMike

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    For Trails you would love the 200, lots of bottom end, hauls like a 4T, no need to fan the clutch to keep the rpms up.
  11. EnduroMike

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    2008 KTM 200 XC, 1990 KTM 125 EXC
  12. EnduroMike

    The KTM 200 Club

    This bike is new to me so I didn't set this up. Year: 08 Model: 200 XC Carb size (36mm) Slide: 7 Main jet: 168. Pilot Jet: 42 Air screw (turns out): 4.5 Needle model: (KA) R1370E Clip position:3rd Altitude where you ride: 500'-1500' Reeds: Boyesen Pipe/silencer - FMF Gnarly sprocket 14/48 Type of fuel - 50:1 synthetic Can anyone tell me if this seems like the right ballpark? It seems to have great bottom end, which is great as I like to ride the tight n twisties. The plug looks good, nice tan colour. Also are these the OEM reeds? I need to replace them and the info has been washed away.
  13. Penterating fluid and an easy out. (See pic) if the carb is off the bike and washed to remove any trace of fuel, heat the area (not the screw) with a heat gun or propane torch, this causes the metal to expand and hopefully losen the grip on the screw. If this fails, you may be able to drill the entire screw out and re tap the hole. (That doesn't look like a idle screw to me, or a carburetor for that matter.) Good luck.
  14. Thanx guys, your replies are very helpful.
  15. 08 ktm 200 xc, boyesen reeds, Can anyone tell me how this happens and will this affect how it runs? I didn't notice any changes, I'm just doing a winter cleaning/check.