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    It is with sad heart I am selling my 2017 Husqvarna FE450, right now it has less than 40 miles on it. It has the following upgrades to it as I was making a Dual Sport out of it. Euro Map 4.5 gal IMS tank all uncorked FMF PowerCore4 in blue Tubliss DoubleTake Mirrors Comfort seat Cycra guards


    Grapevine, TX

  2. Thanks, I did not see that site on Google. that looks like a good setup too
  3. Thanks tigertiger but I dont find any racks on Nomadic or Moose Racing sites for a 2017 fe450. I wonder if I am looking at the wrong pages? http://www.nomadic-racks.com/store#!/HUSQVARNA/c/976078/offset=0&sort=normal http://www.mooseracing.com/products/?categoryId=2480&product
  4. I have been busy with other things for a spell and was wondering if anyone has come up with a tail rack for a 2017 FE 450? Thanks
  5. Thanks beardedballer I like, are those 80's? what did you use for attach points?
  6. Very nice work, if you are going to start making some I will take one for my FE450 :-) Thanks for showing us
  7. Our Environmental Protection Agency made them remove the switch and use a map for the US market which runs lean for the FE bikes. There have been some that have worked around it to make it like a closed course race bike that is not for street use.
  8. You might check with race shops and tell them you are wanting to make your bike ready for Closed Course Racing
  9. Just brought home 2017 FE450, all uncorked with EU map and FMF PowerCore4 in blue
  10. I know this is a old thread but now that some time has passed are the feelings still the same. I am wanting to compare as I will be doing things like TAT, Big Bend and hopefully some of the Rocky Mountain rides. I probably have to do some fair distances on the slab too. Thanks
  11. all your tie down points are above the suspension, if you also tie down through the wheels the bounce of the trailer has no effect on the wheels but if it bounces everything above teh suspension will come down, that is when the straps can come loose. be sure the Carabiners are steel and not those $2 aluminum things.
  12. I had my Dakar and xr400r fall over in my trailer and it was from bumps, the suspension came down and straps came loose. now I still tie down to the forks or handle bars and rear sub frame but then I run a strap from one side to the other but make a loop around and through the wheels with bike in gear for the rear and front I pull the front wheel into the front of the trailer. now at speed limit plus no problems.
  13. Thanks valvesrule, I will see what happens this afternoon
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