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  1. Hello

    I wanted to know  to use a stroker crank on Drz 400 that spacer should be used?




  2. freewheelers

    Really no fix for Cold Natured TTR-230?

    Put in a #40 pilot jet and set the fuel/air mixture screw out 3 turns ... back off to a 127.5 main ... make sure the carb is clean on all circuits ... it will start better warm quicker and generally run better ...
  3. Your crank is rebuidable ... about $150.00 for the rod kit ... $50.00 labor to install the rod ... total $200.00
  4. freewheelers

    Yz250 backfire wont start

    It will run without a pipe ... It won't effect starting ... Put in a new spark plug ... I bet it starts right up ...!!!
  5. freewheelers

    01 TTR-225 Smokes

    Pretty normal for the 225 engine ... if there is no oil consumption ... and no smoke when warmed up ... don't worry about it ...
  6. freewheelers

    Smoke after rebuild 125L

    Yeah ... everyone is ... untill they check ... it is easy to overlap while you are installing the upper and lower rings ... you can't check them enough before you insert the piston into the bore ... I had a tech in the shop I used to work at argue with me that I didn't know what I was talking about ... and swore that they were not overlaped ... untill he finally took it apart ... low and behold .... they were overlaped .... just sayin ...
  7. freewheelers

    Smoke after rebuild 125L

    I doubt if it is your valve seals ... when you install the valves ... if you feel a slight resistance ... then they are ok ... if the seals are hard and the valve slides with little or no resistance then I would replace them ... one of the most common mistakes made when when installing rings ... is that the scraper gets overlaped when installing the 3 part oil ring ... my guess is that is what happened ... you have to be very careful to make sure the ends butt each other ... it is real easy to overlap them when installing the top and bottom rings
  8. freewheelers

    98 XT225 bad bog

    I suspect the CV boot ... the rubber diaphram under the cap on the top of the carb has a hole or tear in it ... with out it working properly ... it won't lift the needle to provide more fuel when you open the throttle ... check it out ...
  9. freewheelers

    Hydraulic throttle

    The alternative might be to figure how to reduce the friction between the slide and the carb body ... I'm thinking something like anodizing or chroming ... another thought would be to mix some 2 stroke oil with your fuel ... say about 60 to 1 ... won't hurt a thing on the HP side ... a little upper end lube might be beneficial ... and add compression ... I'll bet it will also solve the sticking throttle issue
  10. I had the same thing happen to me ... I had mine repaired ... my machinst buddy welded the corner back on ... and redrilled the oil gallery back into the new piece .. then machined the new surface flush with the rest of the cam cap ... if I remember right ... he charged me $100.00 .. that was 6 years ago ... the bike is still running strong ... however ... now I don't have the decompressor on the exhaust cam ... if it ain't there ... it can't break ... I did however have to run a larger amp battery to turn the engine over with no decompressor ...
  11. freewheelers

    Busted Cylinder head.. HELP!!

    I'm jumping in late here ... I have just read the whole thread and ... I think I know what happened ... I had a similar situation a couple years ago ... Long story short ... check the filter in the bottom of the frame ... next to where you drain the oil ... the large nut that the hose is hooked to ... I'll bet that it is plugged ... in my case ... the customer got lucky ... the bottom end didn't suffer any damage ... the top end is the last to get oil ... he didn't have any money to fix it right either ... so I emeried the cam journals and cleaned up the cams ... and he is still running it to this day ... I'm not saying it is the right way to fix it ... but in his case ... he got away with it ... by the way I have the 2nd 475cc bore/stroke ever built ... ( I built the first one for my son)and have in excess of 20,000 miles on it running "E" cams ... and it is still running strong ... the first few thousand miles the cams were not degreed ... it ran ok ... was flat on the top end ... after degreeing to spec ... the engine ran much better ... especially on top end ...
  12. freewheelers

    engine falls flat at mid-to-high RPM

    What carb are you running?
  13. freewheelers

    KLX 650C brake upgrade

    Put on a braided steel brake line ... and a fresh set of sticky brake pads and call it a day ... it is never going to stop like a sport bike ...
  14. freewheelers

    470 stroker compression ratio?

    Rule of thumb is what ever the piston is rated on stock stroke ... add one point for the stroker crank ... I.E. .. 12.5 piston on stock stroke = 13.5 with stroker crank ... I have been running 92-94 octane fuel in my bike for the last 13000 miles with no issues so far ... I have one of the original big bore stroker 94.5mm wiseco piston on a custom offset crank pin ( +5mm stroke )running "E" cams
  15. freewheelers

    Bored and Stroked DRZ problems

    I built his engine ... Like I told him from the start ... if he would quit overfilling it ... it will stop leaking ... as for his random shutting off ... I also know what the problem is ... yes it is simple ... If you had not tried to screw me the first time and whine about the price to fix ... I would have told you what the problem is now ... anybody the gets a smokin deal on a bigbore stroker and then tell me ... it's only a offset pin ... whats the big deal ... must be smart enough to figue out a simple wiring issue ...