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  1. GreenMT_Rider

    South Puget Sound winter men’s club: Wednesday riding

    I've been weighing my bikes and the numbers KTM provide are pretty close. Once you start adding protection and changing tires/ tubes the weight starts to go up. After adding a skid plate, hand gaurds and changing tires with hd tubes the bike gained 8lbs. If weight of a bike is important get a 150xcw. Mines only 226lbs ready to ride real world conditions.
  2. GreenMT_Rider

    2018 ktm 250 xc vs 150 sx

    I can tell the difference in weight, it's noticable. The 150sx is going to be 10lbs less than a 150xcw but you pay a price. Smaller fuel tank, no kickstand, no lights, no e-start, 19" rear wheel, tighter trans ratio, lighter flywheel and suspension not well suited for extreme Enduro. After owning a sx and now a xcw I will never buy a sx bike again. Sure you can ride a sx bike just fine in the woods, I did for a couple years and did quite well. I just feel the xcw does the job better. I love my 150 but also love my 250's. Different tools for different jobs. You need to find a local guy who has a 150 you can test ride.
  3. GreenMT_Rider

    2018 ktm 250 xc vs 150 sx

    I currently own a 17 250xc and a 18 150xcw and owned a 14 150sx. I race off-road/ enduros in the senior A class. The 150 can be a great bike in the right conditions. Meaning tight without a lot of steep hills with no runs. I tried the Rekluse on the 150 and it plain sucked. On hill climbs and in mud the bike would just sit there and not move. Like when you bind a chainsaw up. Coming off a 350 you will definitely think the 150 is slow. You have to stay on the pipe to keep the 150 moving and that takes a lot of work. Trail riding at a moderate pace is less fatiguing than the 250 though. After owning and racing these bikes I love the 150 but would never own one as my only bike. If you're going to keep the 500 than a 150 would make a fun 2nd bike.
  4. GreenMT_Rider

    GPX FSE250e first impressions.

    I'm all calmed down now over the weight issue, it is what it is. Took the wife riding today so took it easy on some 2 track. I did get the shock spring but didn't have time to put it in before we rode. I was able to test out the new Goldentyre fatty I mounted up front. It settled the front end down and gave me some confidence on the corners and roots. When I got home I changed out the shock spring. I used a KTM spring from a 17+ , a 4.9 kg stock is 4.5kg. the KTM spring is 10mm shorter though but it still works. Install was easy but you do need to unbolt the subframe to get it out. Took about 1/2 total. I also replaced the main jet with a larger one. There was a 120 in there as delivered , went to a 125. I did manage a ride at my house. I have some trails to test the bikes out. The main jet change did wonders. It pulled harder and seemed to review out better. My guess was right it was to lean. The spring helped out a lot to. The back end feels a lot better. With the suspension working better , the jetting change and the new tires it's dam good bike. I could rail it through my trails just like the KTM's. If your on tighter trails it will the KTM a run for the money. I have about 6 hours on the bike now. The only real issue has been a loose connection on the key switch and bad intertubes. So far so good.
  5. GreenMT_Rider

    GPX FSE250e first impressions.

    When I was researching the bike I didn't see anything on the real weights of these bikes. If the info is out there it's not easy to find. If they know the weights are that far off from an ethical standpoint they need to change there website. Hopefully my little rant here will come up with a search and the info will be easier to find. With that said I'm not disappointed with the bike and still think it has a lot of potential. The price point is good and motor runs great. I'm picking up a stiffer shock spring this morning so will see how that works.
  6. GreenMT_Rider

    GPX FSE250e first impressions.

    Well at this point I'm f'ing pissed. Pushing the bike into the back of the truck it felt heavier than the 230lbs advertised weight. So I got my scale in today and weighed it. 268lbs! Yes 268lbs 38 lbs over the advertised weight. That's b.s. . There going to get a nasty phone call tomorrow from me. 5 or 10 lbs over I could see but 38lbs. I had to weigh my KTM150 xcw to make sure the scale was working right. Yep 224lbs for the 150. This is just bad business.
  7. GreenMT_Rider

    01 CR125 Seized Crank

    Wiseco cranks had some very major quality issues. I'm not sure if they are any better now. From how bad they were most guys who know won't touch them.
  8. GreenMT_Rider

    Websites to sell Dirt Bike

    I've had the best luck with Craigslist myself. Just be patient and figure 50-75% of replies will be scammers. I had 3 in one day before.
  9. GreenMT_Rider

    Rekluse thread #243

    I've ridden a couple of bikes that had the Z start model. Like you describe the engagement was way too high in the rpm. I absolutely hated them.
  10. GreenMT_Rider

    GPX FSE250e first impressions.

    I looked over the rest of the wiring and it seem good. I think the tank caught the wire on install and pulled it loose. I'm picking up a spring tommorow morning for the shock. The front tire was actually working good. It wasn't slipping on the wet roots or deflecting off anything. I will probably mount up a goldentyre fatty since it's flat.
  11. GreenMT_Rider

    GPX FSE250e first impressions.

    Ride number two today went not as planned. Made it a whole half mile and the rear went flat. Load it back in the truck go the 20 minutes back to the house. Good news is the rear wheel from a KTM fits right in. Back out I went. Take two. With the adjustments I made the bike felt better. I cut the bars down to just over 30" and changed the rear sprocket from a 46 to a 50 tooth. It almost felt a little to low with the 50 but I'll do one more ride before making a decision. Forks felt pretty good the shock is definitely under sprung for me. Time to order up a spring. The shock takes the same springs as the KTM's . It has a 4.5 kgmm probably a 5.0 is what's needed. The motor ran great. Started right up in the freezing temps. Were you realize the lack of horsepower is when you grab a handful. It pulls good up to a point then it just falls flat and quites reving. This isn't bad just kind of funny because it runs so good in the bottom and mid range. You just expect it to keep pulling but that's a air cooled 4st for you. I could could keep a pretty good pace on the bike. Not A level race pace but a good 80+% pace. I wouldn't have any issues keeping pace on this bike. About 15 miles into the ride the bike started cutting out. Then it would start but as soon as you put it in gear it would die. I thought it was the key switch because if I wiggled it I could keep it running. Finally it stayed running after about 20 minutes of messing with it. I made it back to the truck and the realized the front tire was flat. The key switch ended up being fine it was the plug for the switch. A wire pulled out and was making intermittent contact. Easy fix but I couldn't see the plug until I took the fuel tank off. To sum it up the motor works great for what it is. Forks feel good the shock my need some work. Handling is excellent turns like the KTM's and feels like one. So far I'm fairly pleased with the bike.
  12. GreenMT_Rider

    GPX FSE250e first impressions.

    The 250 tpi is pegged in 2nd the rest make it to 3rd.
  13. GreenMT_Rider

    GPX FSE250e first impressions.

    Lighter than the 250tpi was my first thought. I don't think there to far off on the weight claim. I just ordered a digital scale so I will weigh them.
  14. GreenMT_Rider

    GPX FSE250e first impressions.

    I had a ttr230 that was uncorked and still own a xr218 stroker stuffed in an old cr125 frame. The GPX is definitely stonger than both. I pulled a couple of steep hills in 2nd gear that the ttr230 could barely pull in first. Maybe peak HP is only 17 but at 4 or 5000 rpm the power is a lot stronger. I did a speed test up my driveway. Its about 60 yards at a 10% grade To give you an idea My 2018 KTM 250tpi can hit 35mph . The 2018 150 xcw can hit 33 ish. The GPX did 46kph( 28.5 mph) and if memory serves me the ttr230 would do about 25.
  15. GreenMT_Rider

    GPX FSE250e first impressions.

    1:The kicker could work in a pinch. You just need to hold the foot peg towards the frame. A small bungee cord could do this. 2:The carb is keihin clone. Jets are the same so no problem buying them. The mains are the small flat screwdriver style like used in the xr100-200 carbs. 3: Brakes take KTM pads. The back could just have some oil on them from shipping 4: I'm good at math so for now I'm just converting.