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  1. jjgixxer

    05 value?

    I just sold mine for $ 2,500 also.
  2. jjgixxer

    Sold the 05

    450 I already have a 250:thumbsup:
  3. jjgixxer

    Sold the 05

    Alright, I sold my 05 just yesterday. It's been a great bike to me, i hated seeing it go. But it's time for a new bike. I really want to get a 09 honda, but after seeing the clutch problems, decomp pin problems. I'm wondering if i should try another brand ?
  4. jjgixxer

    05 value?

    I also have my 05 forsale for $ 2,800. I think I would take the offer. I'm about to drop mine down.
  5. jjgixxer

    Woods suspension on 07' KX250f

    Is 105mm of sag with or without gear ? 22mm offset will help the bike turn better. I would try 95mm of sag to start though.
  6. jjgixxer

    Tricked out yzf's??

    A little tore up in these pics due to hours of racing.
  7. Everyone's fast, and can ride over the net. Who cares... :busted:
  8. in my 05 I tried everything from stock all the way up to 90. It seemed to have the best response from the 55.
  9. jjgixxer

    Iraq Bound have ride will travel

    Go to hatfield in wv. I have been to coal creek many times and hatfield puts it to shame.
  10. jjgixxer

    Getting it to turn.

    I do wear a camel pack. I will put all my gear on and re-check. I will also raise the forks up more.
  11. jjgixxer

    Anyone know of a good Silencing exhaust?

    Buy the inserts for it...
  12. jjgixxer

    Getting it to turn.

    I have an 07 yz250f that I race harescrambles and gncc's. I had the suspension set-up from John Curea last summer. It's been back for a rebuild only. I really like the way the bike soaks stuff up and handles ok. I just can't get the bike to turn the way I want it to. I'm running 95 mm of sag without gear. Forks 5 mm above triple clamps. On fast sweapers, tight corners the bike just seems like it wants to stand up. Opinions ?? I also have a 05 crf450 that was set-up from John. I'm running 105 mm of sag, and forks 5mm above. But I just put a set of 22 mm offset triple clamps and it made a huge difference in cornering on it. So what do you think ? running different offset ? or there's more in the set-up i'm missing?
  13. jjgixxer

    Dissappointed With My 262 Big Bore Kit

    Sounds Fat up top. I'm running 175 main on my stock bore. I have a ported head and pipe only.
  14. jjgixxer

    Best ways to get more power out of my YZF

    I would start out with jetting, then changing sprocket size. Then I would get a set of hot cams with 14:1 cp piston. After that if your still wanting more power get ready to spend some $$ on head work...
  15. jjgixxer

    2009 EFI is coming..

    Your talking about Honda. They have all the funds they need.