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  1. My 2005 WR450 is leaking fuel. At first I thought it was leaking from the end of the fuel line where it attaches to the carb, but it isn't the fuel line. I think it's the brass inlet valve where it attaches to the carb. I've looked at the parts diagram and called around to a couple local shops, but the diagram doesn't show a part number and the shops I've called say that since it doesn't show a part number, it must be part of the carb and I need to just replace the carb. There's a screw on the fitting though and my neighbor replaced the same part on his Honda. I can't believe that it's not an actual part. Any ideas? Here's a pic, and yes, it's dirty. Here's a clip of the leak:
  2. Thanks. I never would have figured it out. It went together easier without that slide though.
  3. Thanks ramz. And on the list of things I'm still trying to figure out... How to rescale images.
  4. Thanks folks for the links and the help. My project went fairly well, but I have a leftover part that I can't figure out. It fell on the ground and I'm not sure where it came from. It seemed like it fell from the throttle and it even looks like there's a channel for one of the cables, but I can't find where it goes. Any ideas?
  5. Maybe PPV. And hang in there Derwud. At least you didn't have to commute today.
  6. That is a beautiful thing. Thank you so much, ramz. Have a great weekend.
  7. I was hoping for a YouTube or some other link. I'd like to do this over the weekend.
  8. Can anyone point me to instructions for removing/replacing the carb on a CR230? I've found lots of write-ups on changing the jets, but nothing for the entire carb. Thanks so much in advance.
  9. Psst. It's me, Abe Froman. Dude, I *am* your friend with the same problem.
  10. Has anyone noticed that those closed trails are full of cow and critter hoof tracks? Nature LIKES trails. Just because we aren't riding them doesn't mean that the land is magically going to heal itself and grow brush across the trails. The whole notion of closing them down is ridiculous. It's too bad the gullible judges have never been out there to see what they're actually ruling on.
  11. Haven't tried it yet. I'll try it next time I pick up her bike. Thanks!
  12. Just like the cure for amnesia on the Brady Bunch.
  13. My daughter dumped her CR230. Now it only starts in neutral. She used to be able to start it in gear as long as the clutch was in. I thought maybe she bent the lever and the clutch wasn't fully engaged, but I adjusted the thumbscrew on the clutch lever and that didn't make any difference. My other daughter also has a CR230. She said she crashed it once and the same thing happened. Then she dumped again about a year later and it "fixed itself". Any ideas?
  14. I used that mount last season. There wasn't enough tension to keep the batteries contacted. So I always had to wad some Kleenex in there to hold the batteries in. I'm hoping to get away from "stuffing". I was hoping this other mount would do the trick.
  15. Does anyone have a picture of an IMS GPS handlebar mount for a Garmin GPS? A friend gave me the mount, but it's pretty big. I'm not sure where to place it. Also, I'd like to see how the GPS fits in the mount. The instructions suggest using a zip tie to hold the GPS in the mount. I sure hope there's a better way.
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