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  1. Thanks for the advice all. I went ahead with a Primary Drive sprocket for the rear. Getting a new Renthal O-Ring chain. I'll post back later on how it works out.
  2. Regearing my bike for the track with a 13/50 setup. Any recommendations on the brands? I ride the track 4-5 times a year, 40+ old man rider. Looking at Rocky Mountain, they have some deals on brands like Primary Drive and Tag. Any pros cons? As far as a new chain goes, I'm sure my chain could use replacing, but any tangible cons if I don't replace? Also, any pro's/con's for Steel vs Aluminum? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the diagram, that is what I was looking for in the manual. Turns out I forgot that the last trip was to the dunes and I had replaced the rear axel nut washer with a flag mount bracket. The washer was for the rear...
  4. In a hurry today to pull off the front and back tires to take in and have new tires mounted. I pull the back tire pretty often and have that down. When I went to reinstall the front, I have a washer with no obvious home. I'm sure it popped out when I pulled the axel out, but I can't seem to find a spot for it. Any clues where the washer should go? Thanks!
  5. Did you finish this job? Doing mine tonight and it seems like there is a little play on the shaft that shouldn't be there. I am thinking that once the shaft seats in the gear, I'll be good, but wanted to doublecheck. I took a quick video to illustrate what I'm talking about: http://youtu.be/k6y41fOmWTY?list=UUYzQuZ6aXh_K4zF9RWRXA7g Thanks!
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    Bike has been a lot of fun.
    Bike has been a lot of fun.
  7. It looks like it comes with sizes 8-19mm. It was $25, so I'm going to return it for now. I didn't have a coupon the day I picked them up.. http://www.harborfreight.com/9-pc-38-in-drive-metric-bolt-extractor-socket-set-67894.html
  8. Harbor Freight sells a bolt extractor socket set. I used it to remove my sub-frame bolt that I had stripped almost totally round. I thought I'd have to drill it out, but this tool cranked it right off.
  9. Nothing like a 7 year old post to save the day for me. I had a similar problem described here. Bike had been cracking and popping for some time. Cleaned the carb, discovered the pilot screw had fallen out, so put in a whole new jet kit. Once I put it back together, it ran terrible. Would not idle no matter how high I set it, still cracked and popped, difficult to even get started. I tore it back down twice and consulted my expert friends before finally typing "crf450 wont idle" into google. Low and behold this post appeared, and the light bulb went off. I went back out, pulled out the slide plate, and sure enough, it was upside down. Darn thing sure looks like its supposed to go that way too. Buttoned everything up and she fired right up, all problems gone. Thanks forum!
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