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  1. dmozer74

    YZF250 exhaust on a WR250F

    I paid $40 for a quiet insert for my power core iv. Supposedly may help bring it down to 96 dB. I’m putting it on this weekend and I’ll report back.
  2. dmozer74

    Different Colored Plastics... Thoughts?

    From looking at their catalog they only make certain parts for certain Yamaha bikes in yellow. For my ‘06 (which was the year of the yellow anniversary edition, though mine is blue from the factory) they don’t offer any of the plastics in yellow.
  3. dmozer74

    Different Colored Plastics... Thoughts?

    If acerbis sold a yellow Yamaha kit for a reasonable sum I and many others would buy it.
  4. dmozer74

    2019 YZ250FX yellow plastics

    Acerbis et al must have some sort of agreement to only produce certain color plastics? I know I'd buy an Acerbis kit if they sold it in yellow and the graphics to match.
  5. dmozer74

    Athena Wrist pin?

    I’ve already emailed Athena, but their response didn’t actually answer my question, only told me a part number. I bought a used 290 piston and cylinder, but the wrist pin was not included. Do I need to buy an Athena specific wrist pin or can I just use a stock one?
  6. dmozer74

    Introducing my 2008 YZ50F

    If you google "2008 yz250f service manual PDF" you can find one for free to download. I may have printed my at work, but if you choose to do it at a print shop make sure you only print the English pages, assuming that's your preferred language. Took the 600 page doc and turned it into about 220 or so. I'll be tearing into my 2006 in about 3 weeks. Looking forward to the project.
  7. dmozer74

    Dakar 2019 Updates, Pictures & Video

    Brabec always stands a chance to make some noise, but from the pulpmx podcast last week it sounds like if he doesn't jump out in the first stage or two then his teammates will make it difficult for him to compete for a top spot. I'm looking forward to paying more attention to Dakar this year, but running it so close to the start of supercross does make it more difficult.
  8. dmozer74

    06 yz250f top and bottom end rebuild cost

    I’m going through a rebuild of a recently purchased 2006 myself. I justified because the cost of parts+the bike is essentially equal to an otherwise running similar model and year. At least with this bike I’ll know what the state of all the parts is. And I enjoy a project. If you plan to buy a used, running 12 year old bike you’ll need to plan to replace a bunch of stuff anyway.
  9. dmozer74

    WR vs YZ transmission in a 290

    That’s a great response. It’ll be mostly tight single track in Colorado. I’ve been looking at the absolute heaviest weight from Steahly, which is 13 oz I believe. And I’ll be putting in a JD Jetting kit. What gearing did you end up running? Any recommendations on cams? I was planning to run stock for a season and then replace with Hot Cams next winter when checking valves again.
  10. I’ve done some searching, but can’t find quite the right answer, I’d love some opinions. I bought a project 2006 YZ250F and picked up a 290 cylinder and piston. Included with that purchase was a low hours WR transmission. I’ll be mostly riding trails with a little track time. Probably 75/25. I have to split the cases as part of the repair. Which transmission would you put in?
  11. dmozer74

    Advice on WR250F PLEASE!

    KBB is suggested asking retail. NADA is an average of all closed sales prices at the dealer. The truth seems to be somewhere in between those two numbers.
  12. dmozer74

    Advice on WR250F PLEASE!

    If you like it, wait him out. He’ll come down to reality eventually—once his wife tells him to just sell the darn thing. Or I’ve always been a fan of sending a realistic offer via email after you have spoken and are too far apart on price. Something like “I have $2500 I can give you today for the bike. It’s in good condition, but based on similar sales and NADA values I’d be comfortable paying no more than $2500. If you would like that amount let me know and I’ll come pick it up today.” Sounds like a great bike, just not a great deal. Good luck!
  13. dmozer74

    Advice on WR250F PLEASE!

    You can get a 2015 FI for around that price. Wish him luck and move on. No way he’ll come down to reality, even with solid reason.
  14. To be a bit more clear I’d make the frame about 1” longer and wider than the mattress and put 2x2s on the longer sides about 1/2” from the bottom. The slats should go on those.