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  1. DWJC

    throttle cable broke again!

    Thanks DRZDUC!
  2. DWJC

    throttle cable broke again!

    Thanks guys for your input. The "return" cable was already broken so I took that off long ago. It was kind of wierd but this time it broke at the throttle. The other times it broke was at the carb--both times the "return" cable. Smittyman is probably right, I probably just didn't have it working properly from the beginning.
  3. This is the third time this has happened. Pushed my bike over two miles yesterday! Does anyone think a Yoshimura throttle wheel would help prevent this?
  4. DWJC

    Wheel bearings are shot!

    I'm sure that you can do this yourself. I did this just this summer. Wheel bearings have interference built into the hubs--so the bearing is larger than the hole in the hub. You heat the hub with a torch for about three minutes to expand it then from the backside hammer it out with a long punch. Then to install the new bearings heat it again and pound them in with a bearing driver (I got mine at a auto parts store for about $10)
  5. DWJC

    Speaking of Spoke Wrenches-???

    I never got the spoke wrench with my bike. (that's my excuse) I was riding one day and reached some pavement. Hopped on the road and it immediately felt like a had a flat tire. Looked down--no flat. I got off the bike and realized that the spokes were so loose that the rim was floating around! Check those spokes occasionally.
  6. DWJC

    swingarm linkage problem?

    Thanks for the reply, I've got it sorted out. It now moves effortlessly.
  7. DWJC

    Should there be tools with my DRZ400E?

    Consider yourself lucky, I didn't even get a spoke wrench.
  8. DWJC

    Can I Nabster a $400E Manual Anywhere?

    Sorry, just figured out what nabster means. (New to this whole thing)
  9. DWJC

    Can I Nabster a $400E Manual Anywhere?

    I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for but I have a DRZ400E service manual. Got it from the dealer. Pricey though.
  10. DWJC


    Friend of mine just received his Yosh team graphics kit in the mail last week from Hipersports.com He paid 138.99 plus shipping. It included the graphics and the seat cover.
  11. DWJC

    Paging Crazy Luke!

    Just wanted to say thank you again Crazy Luke. I began to follow your advice and found out that apparently there was no grease in the right side of the swingarm and way to much in another area. The thing moves completely effortlessly now! If I had not looked into that I would have put my newly revalved and resprung shock onto a swingarm that took two hands to pivot--what a waste! I did attempt to take the swingarm pivot shaft out and could not for the life of me get the thing to move. Is there a secret? According to the shop manual you just remove the nut and take out the shaft. I will probably need to do this at a later date.
  12. DWJC

    Paging Crazy Luke!

    Thanks, I appreciate the reply.
  13. DWJC

    The countershaft seal failing issue....

    True, the only purpose I saw for cutting the thing was cosmetic. I took the whole thing off for a while and crap just flung off the chain onto the back of the ignition cover. If you don't care about that then it may just be a waste of time (although it only takes minutes).
  14. DWJC

    Paging Crazy Luke!

    I noticed the pictures. (nice) Evidently you know a thing or two about maintence. I took the shock off my E and noticed that the swingarm does not move up and down freely, it actually takes some effort to do this. Is this normal or does this sound like a problem?
  15. DWJC

    The countershaft seal failing issue....

    If you don't think that the case saver is necessary, but don't want to completely remove the cover, I took a Dremel tool and cut out the front of it. It does not allow mud to build up but it still offers some of that "protection". It actually keeps does still keep debris and chain lube from accumulating on other parts.