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  1. Haven250

    Pissed off (valves)

    IMO they dont look all to bad. I have worked on several that were way worse than that and customer didnt want to replace and had no problems. All 4 OE valves should only be about 150.00 Most likely your springs are still alright just have the shop measure them to make sure they are still in spec. Also I would replace the keepers if you decide to replace the valves - At least replace the oil seals since you already have them apart. Also if you have an old valve use it to clean up your head with some fine laping compound at very low speed just enough to clean up the head.
  2. Haven250

    Rear Wheel locking up

    I still cant figure out what the hell I did???? The tire still will not turn with or with out the chain on. It will spin freely until I actually give the nut a snug tork down. As soon as the drum snugs up against the actual wheel hub It will not longer turn. I even removed the brake pads to try it. On your bikes does the brake drum where the actual pads sit come in contact with the wheel hub when completly tightened up??????
  3. Haven250

    Rear Wheel locking up

    I have the rear break completely disconected from the drum.???? It spins freely when the axle nut is just hand tight to loosely tightned..
  4. Please help. I just purchased this bike and it needed a new rear tire- so I buy a new tire and mount it all is well. Now I go to put the tire on and tighten it all down now the rear tire will not move at all. If I loosen the axle nut alot it will free up. It apears that the brum it tightening into the wheel hub and not allowing it to turn.. So i messed with it for hours and still nothing. As soon as I really tighten down the axle the tire will not turn period. Has anyone ever had this happen to them or please tell me it is something stupid that I am overlooking Thanks
  5. Haven250

    Please Help Me Fix Carb

    I have come across this problem several times on the 500ho and the 700 often the rubber boot that covers the choke lever on the handle bar back out or the retatainer nut will back out so that it will not alow you to push your choke cable "all" the way in. Lube your cable from the top and ck those two things and hopefully that will resove your problem. Make sure you push that plunger in all the way.
  6. Haven250

    70CC Carb problem, need advice

    I agree with you Hawk - Check your vent lines. Fuel will flow when you open the system it will allow air to flow thru the lines so fuel will come out of the fuel lines when ever you remove them to check. After you verify your float is working try to run the bike with the fuel cap off that will alow the bike to vent. If the bike runs then you may have a blocked vent. Gravity feed systems are bad about this.
  7. Haven250

    Who's to blame???

    I feel the same way adams... Also hondaracer that squeal could be your main or even crank bearings going out. Another sign would be excessive vibration almost to the point you cant hold on to the bars. The bike in question on this thread was a 03 rm100 and the real ironic thing about this hole ordeal was the day this lady came to me I was just finishing up another 03 rm100 with the exact same problem. I have done several of the rm100 and kx100 with crank problems.It may be worth your while to pull the jug and do a physical inspection of the crank. or at least pull of the stator cover and turn it by hand and listen for any grinding or roughness use a stethascope if you have one..
  8. Haven250

    Who's to blame???

    I have choosen not to repair the bike.. The lady sent her "personal" mechanic to question everything I was going to do to the bike. So after putting up with his arrogance for I while I straight out told him why doesnt he do the repair and save this lady some money. I just had a gut feeling that I was about to marry this bike for ever. I felt that if anything that would fail on the bike would be my "fault" for the life of the bike. I then packed everything up in box and told her "mechanic" it will be sitting outside the shop if they wanted to pick it up!!!!! Ohh it turns out that her mechanic is the guy that sold her the bike...
  9. Haven250

    During the second moto the bike ran like C&%P?

    I have come across this problem alot in the 01 rm125 . I will assume that you can feather the throttle to get power but if you gun it just goes to crap.I was able to fix this by adjusting the float and usually that takes care of it. In a few cases i had to replace the float. The first couple that i did drove my F'n crazy .. good luck. dont start to second guess yourself as I did .. the problem is in the carb
  10. Haven250

    Who's to blame???

    Very well put Wiz .. I currently am working on 21 dirt bikes and atv's all different brands and problems so my plate is always full. It is hard to help out cutomers with what they are looking for when at least 1/2 of them dont have a clue of what kind of bike they even have. So I have put up a sign at our shop that says "My crystal ball is currently out so if you dont know your year make and model chances are I wont either" some get it others are still clueless.
  11. Haven250

    Who's to blame???

    Here is an update. I tore the bike down and the main bearing on the contecting rod is locked up tight. But what has me puzzled is that the plug looked like imo that it was burning fine. I was expecting to see a really oiled plug from not being able to burn properly..The crank bearing do have slight smooth movement but i can not rotate them completly due to locked up rod. I sort of am leaning toward the bearing just plain out going out and sort of bad timing on the oil issue. Also I come to find out the bike had not been serviced for 7 months but was rarley ridden. Also the airfilter was as dry as the New Mexico land scape..
  12. Haven250

    Who's to blame???

    OK here is a quick run down.. I had a customer bring a 03 rm 100 in to our shop for a "siezed" engine.. In talking to the lady she tells me shes is new to bikes . She had went to another shop and asked for mixing oil but they mistakenly gave her transoil which she mixed with her fuel and put into bike. While shortly after the main bearing locks up.. While she is not the first person in history to do this and it has been my experience that the bike will either run like crap or foul a plug before locking up.. I also have replaced many main bearings on the rm 100 and the kx 100 sort of a continues problem.. but on the other hand she was given the wrong oil and advice from the other shop so it what is your take on this?????????? The other shop says thay are not a fault and the owner of the bike says they are!!!!! Meanwhile I am stuck in the middle because i do not want to choose sides..
  13. Haven250

    Stripped oil drain...Heli coil?

    You can buy a kit from any of the after market suppliers ie.. WPS, Tucker Rocky, Parts Unlimited for around 35.00 It comes with the insert tool and helicoil. all you really need is the drill to over size the hole and some lock tight. It tells you what size of drill bit to use right on the package. You need to be a little careful in the drain plug area because to helicoil is a little long so if you put it in to far the crank with hit it.
  14. Haven250

    honda recon es shifting problem.

    OH by the way it is a 250es-- sorry!!
  15. OK i have a 04 recon that wont shift into gear???? I put the bike up on all 4 in the air and shifted thru all the gears manually and it moved fine.. next i remove the shifter motor and testd on the benh and that is working also . So now i really dont know which way to turn???.. Also when i turn the bike on the 1st gear indicator light will flash 3 times then stop for a sec and continuasly flash 3 times over and over .