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  1. MotoX178

    2019 YZ250FX yellow plastics

    If you want OEM then Yamaha had yellow WR's in Australia for 2016. You can try and make the 2016 yellow OEM YZ-F plastics fit but one of the biggest hurdles is the rear fender since it has the battery/electronics mounts. I believe the yellow rear fender part number is 2GB-21610-21-00 but it has been a while since I researched this. You may need to import from Australia.
  2. MotoX178

    CRAFTSMAN tools new home...LOWE'S!!

    A lot of what you see is the big brands buying from the same suppliers. It is also not uncommon for competitors to purchase product from each other to fill their ranges. Examples, the old Sears Craftsman pipe wrenches were RIDGID pipe wrenches and Stanley used to make the screwdrivers for Klein. Definitely a messy industry with every brand pretty much having some sort of relationship behind the scenes.
  3. MotoX178

    CRAFTSMAN tools new home...LOWE'S!!

    No, Husky is The Home Depot's brand and Stanley has nothing to do with it.
  4. MotoX178

    CRAFTSMAN tools new home...LOWE'S!!

    Stanley Black and Decker bought the Craftsman name and rights to sell outside Sears, not the product. Two completely different Craftsman brands right now but once Sears is gone so is the old Craftsman. This should be a nice refresh for the brand with some classics like the screwdrivers staying the same. Some product is made in the USA with the intention of getting the majority of it state side over the next few years. I believe most of the mechanics tool sets are out of Dallas and box/cabinets are Missouri. Some of the power tools I believe are assembled here as well. They typically show if they are made or assembled in the USA right on the front of the packaging. Overall personally I think this is exactly what the brand needed after Sears ran it into the ground. All my first tools were Craftsman and I still have my original mechanics tool set.
  5. Forks are working fine now. I removed the plastic spacers which were bonded into the top out springs. Had to get new cartridge seals, but luckily the rod itself looked fine, no visible wear.
  6. MotoX178


    Wow, I chalked my multiple issues with RMATV up to bad luck over the last year. Unfortunately it sounds like it is a trend. I have had wrong items sent, wrong account used, my RM Cash balance got wiped clean, and their wait time to get anyone on the phone is getting ridiculous. Their customer service has been lack luster on top of that. They have failed multiple times to follow up and I have had to call twice to have my replacement orders shipped (for wrong items sent). I have been purchasing from them for 15 years and I have been going elsewhere recently. It's unfortunate to hear they were sold and we can only hope it is growing pains. They were the model of excellent customer service!
  7. MotoX178

    Brushy Mountain This Saturday?

    9C is all the way to the right on the map below. 9C EXT is the addition. I'll be heading up tomorrow since only that section is closed. Lots more trails to hit!
  8. MotoX178

    Trade 2017 250 xc for Yz250fx?

    Sounds like the YZ250FX or YZ250X is exactly what you are looking for. I went with a YZ450F and now also have a YZ250FX in the stable. The Yamaha's are heavier but the suspension is excellent and maintenance is easy: tires, oil, and filters. I loved certain things about my KTM's but the suspension was poor and durability was lacking, plus you add in the higher up front cost. I still see a new XC in my future but for the time being I am sticking with the Yamaha's.
  9. MotoX178


    I just had a new Antigravity Lithium battery fail that caused the starter button to go completely dead on my FX. The bike would kick start but not run past idle.
  10. MotoX178

    Essential extras for a 250fx??

    Racetech is way off on the FX fork spring recommendations. Actually they were way off on the 2014+ YZ four stroke springs in general from my experience. Use the manual or Q-Springs has decent charts as well (http://www.q-springs.com/suspension-springs-yamaha/)
  11. Yep, that looks like what the tuner was going for. Unfortunately it seems kind of half-assed and ended up jamming in the bottom of the inner chamber and binding up the rod. Rear shock travel was also shortened with a spacer.
  12. Found these inside. The plastic bushing is the problem. Can someone confirm these are not stock? I do not see them on diagrams anywhere and they seem like a DIYish lowering kit.
  13. I am in the process of rebuilding SSS forks off a 2015 YZ250FX and the damper rod on both forks is not moving freely. I have to use an extension and hammer to get the the damper started through the bottom of the inner chamber. I have never encountered this before. Anyone run across this problem? Bleeding the inner chambers would be a nightmare right now. The friction is at the bushings and seals at the bottom of the chamber. I do not see these as replacement parts through through Yamaha, if they are even serviceable. New to me bike, but I would guess only 10 hours max on it.
  14. MotoX178

    2019 U.S. Models (Early Press Releases)

    I was just told KTM has July in their system for XC's but no specific date.
  15. MotoX178

    2019 U.S. Models (Early Press Releases)

    XC's and SX's remain carbureted