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  1. Yes the lowest point of the SC seat is close to the tank but the entire seat is lower also. I bought mine with gripper fabric so no sliding around. If descending a very steep hill offroad you may end up at the front of the seat but that is a good place to be IMO. I don't notice the extra width when riding and the seat is far more comfortable than the stocker which is really why I got it. If you can handle the comfort and the height of the stock seat I would keep it and sell the Moose.
  2. That seat looks taller than the stock seat. I would look into getting a Seat Concepts low seat which is 1.5 inches lower than stock and probably 2 inches lower than what you have. I have one and like it a lot. Whatever you do don't get a lowering link if you want good offroad suspension performance.
  3. Don't know about the seat but the tank is a Clarke 3.9 gallon.
  4. Just call them at 1-800-634-9166 and order it. When I repacked my RS3 last year I ordered everything over the phone. Very helpful sales staff and they shipped out quick. http://www.yoshimura-rd.com/prodcat/replacement.asp
  5. E model stock gearing is 14/47. That is also the most popular gear down combo if you have a S model. I wouldn't go lower if you do any extended highway riding.
  6. I just measured 26cm in a line from where the pin the spring mounts to and to bottom of the tube that welds on to the foot. (10.25 inches-converted to the metric for you..) Slightly longer wouldn't hurt either IMO as the stocker is a little bit short
  7. LiPo on both the DRZ and my KTM 450XCW.... saved over 5 pounds weight between the two!
  8. The Raptor petcock works fine with the Clarke tank. No need for the spacer as the petcock lines up horizontal with the carb without it. Make sure to plug the vacuum hose used with the stock petcock. If I wanted to keep the factory vacuum petcock I would buy OEM only; not worth it for me to buy cheap chinese knock-offs for such an critical part.
  9. 11,500 miles and counting with routine maintenance... what a beast!
  10. This is the second latest opening of the pass since 1974 when it opened on the 12th of June. Much quieter around here ( 30 miles east) when the pass is closed; wish it were closed year round but that would take some serious climate change.... Then where would we ride?
  11. How old is the brake fluid? My rear felt the same way until I bled and replaced the fluid which may have been original. Big difference in modulation and pedal feel after the fact.
  12. Here ya go mate http://www.wheelingcyclesupply.com/shop/product/ufo-replacement-radiator-shrouds/144
  13. I would say yes but not much.. Tough to say exactly how much of course. However, if the oem seat was shaped like the SC "low" seat I suspect one would be sliding down to the low point of that seat too but that is conjecture on my part. I have noticed that my choice of riding pants has an impact on how easy it is to slide around on the seat.
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