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  1. epicride

    2020 Beta Motorcycles Wish List

    I think the Beta still has their own style and they are red. I thought the new model Ktm’s took a step back when they went away from the orange frame, not a fan of black/orange colour scheme. I am not a fan of the trend to shrink the number plates and expose the silencer, otherwise some good improvements that will pick up some more customers. Overdue for a Xtrainer RE with some similar improvements.
  2. epicride

    GasGas Ranger review: X Trainer threat?

    It is odd that everyone kept buying Ktm even though they had crap starters and suspension for how many years. Seems to be all in the marketing. ADB rated GG above Beta.
  3. epicride

    "New" YZ125x

    Me too, I miss my 05-125. Such a fun bike.
  4. epicride

    TM Extreme Enduro

    It is my understanding that most riders doing hard enduro want electric start. I believe TM only added E/S to the 2strokes for 2019. These bikes are on my radar, probably the best out there right now.
  5. epicride

    "New" YZ125x

    The Sherco 125 has e-start as well.
  6. epicride

    "New" YZ125x

    I will take the 10lbs and not trade that for weaker swingarms wheels, spokes, clutch covers, cylinder walls or whatever they are thinning to shave weight.
  7. epicride

    "New" YZ125x

    I don’t see the point in adding expense and weight to a very easy to start bike. There are plenty of people willing to save 2k or more for a simple, reliable and well suspended bike. I would have liked to have seen a 175X with a narrow 10 litre tank, 100w lighting coil, and 1.5” lower seat height. I would save the $ for e-start and put in a rekluse. Looks like beta has nearly nailed the 125/200/Xtrainer market with the exception of sub par suspension and other small quality issues that you shouldn’t have to deal with at that price point. Yamaha is still selling bikes based off the same platform for a very long time because of excellent quality, reasonable price point, and you can go just as fast on them. Some brands have endless changes but you still need to spend $ to get them sorted out. Ready to ??? I think Yamaha is investing their R&D into the next E-bike.
  8. epicride

    Beta 300 yes or no...

    A TM might be worth considering. They are now counterbalanced, electric start with kick, optional sorted efi, and kyb suspension if you have a dealer nearby it might be worth it. I have a XT myself, it’s a mtn goat but have been eyeing up the TM myself or I wait for an Electric bike from Honda or ?
  9. epicride

    New Yamaha two strokes 2020!

    At $4000 it would sell. I haven’t seen any effective retro dirt bikes yet.
  10. epicride

    New Yamaha two strokes 2020!

    And you are on a 144? Less is more sometimes.
  11. epicride

    New Yamaha two strokes 2020!

    YZx is great because it isn’t a 300. 300’s are great bikes too just different.
  12. epicride

    New Yamaha two strokes 2020!

    Keep the 250x as it is at existing price point and add 125x or 144x. New X models 125,200,250,300 & 500 with efi, and usual Ktm/2019 Tm luxuries. The 125/200 with 1-2” lower seat height similar to B-Xtrainer/GG-Ranger. Maybe they are waiting to come out with E-models? I’ll take a 200 or preferably E-model with decent range and a 500(for snowbike). Too bad about Alta.
  13. epicride

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    I have found the 300’s generally feel heavier, and slower handling but have the extra torque. With any brand the 250 will likely feel more lively and fun.
  14. epicride

    Wait what? CR300X

    Or a Gasgas it is red already.
  15. At the very least it is for you. Beta 😍