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  1. sckrocodile

    What would you guys do?

    So you want to ice it which contracts all the muscles and arteries in the area as well as you skin which raises the pressure within the contusion and give it no where to go... if it were growing then absolutely not but a dose of ibuprofen can thin the blood slightly barely even significant, which causes your blood to be moved faster therefor vacating the area and bringing in cells that will actually repair the damage. You have to get the blood out and get rid of the pressure your body has put on the wound in order to allow it to bring in the cells that can do the repair. We are talking about a hematoma not a contusion.
  2. sckrocodile

    What would you guys do?

    Ice the crap out of your hip.. 15 on 15 off for atleast a few hours a day. and give a a week or so of ice and ibuprofen and see what happens.. I had one on my knee last year and my brothers a nurse and pretty much had me do the same thing.. went away in about a week and a half.
  3. sckrocodile

    Somebody Make This ...

    Everyone talking about the perfect frame and material.. Carbotanium Is pretty much what your looking for. It can be 3d printed.. it can be epoxied if it ever gets a crack. Depending on the section of the fame you could add or subtract the amount of ti in the mixture in order to make it stiffer or have more flex.. pretty much one of the most amazing new materials of this century. However it's extremely expensive and a printer that can do it is outrageous. But it's getting there.. if your interested in 3d printing and new ways of construction check this thing out http://www.cnet.com/news/3d-printed-shelby-cobra-makes-its-debut/ with a printer like that you could print a new frame in a mater of a couple hours..
  4. sckrocodile

    Flipping bikes, really worth it?

    I flip probably 3 to 4 bikes a year most of the time I try to pay about 20% of what a running bike is worth and I dont even work on a bike that is worth less that 1800.. that way if you end up running into a complete rebuild you can afford it and at minimum come out even. Iv been doing it since I was about 12. But definatly do you research on typical problems for that bike and year and how much each repair is going to cost.
  5. sckrocodile

    Carrying while riding...

    So.... has everyone argued enough? If you want to cary a pistol then cary one if you dont then dont. Its a personal preference.. So for those who do how do you carry? I wish it was open cary here so I could attach a hard latch release holster to the bars I feel like it would be quicker and slightly easier to ride with.
  6. sckrocodile

    Carrying while riding...

    Maybe im just used to it.. I work in a machine shop that produces weapons and we are required to carry anytime we are in the shop. I have my concealed license in SC and since iv gotta have it for work I pretty much carry it all the time. Iv only once ever had to draw on a person and that was at work however the time I feel like it's actually a safety issue is when im out in the woods riding or not riding. You never know what ignorant person your going to run into.
  7. sckrocodile

    Carrying while riding...

    Thats a nice way to put it!
  8. sckrocodile

    Carrying while riding...

    I trail ride quite often on the east coast.. usually pretty far out in the woods.. on more than one occasion I have had warning shots fired in my direction from hunters or land owners who dont want you there... Im usually where im supposed to be at all times unless I get lost. Keep m the pistol in the small of my back with a leather holster.. I always keep one in the chamber my gun has about a 16lbs. trigger pull so it is not going to go off in a crash or anything like that. I can safely draw it withing a second or two if stopped or about 5 seconds with my left hand if im moving.. I have tested it and I shoot regularly. Snakes are about the only animal iv encountered a problem with but typically my pistol is just for security from people for myself and the people im with. I used to ride with a mount on my bars but I figured it was better for people to not know I had it.
  9. any guys carry concealed or unconcealed while trail riding? I carry a sig p229 concealed as open carry isnt aloud in sc.. I have ran into quite a few guys here that are scared they will drop there weapon and dont want to chance falling with it.. Just curious to see how many people out there do?
  10. Loctite.. freaking loctite every freaking thing except your spark plug and spokes; make sure you use non permanent on most stuff.. your bike vibrates alot more than most people think.. good use with loctite will definitely save you alot of time, money, and pain. being stuck out on the trail because your axel nut got loose or you clutch lever or ......... but other than that just get some general tools pliers, sockets, allens.. and go at it you will always fine a tool you need so pick it up.... and a big thing I see.. the smaller the tool the more likely it is to break trying to pry off a stuck bolt. SO DONT FREAKING BUY WALMART BRAND ALLEN WRENCHES... lowes sets arnt even that great. The smaller the tool the better quality you should buy, and if you break a tool dont go back and buy the same one. upgrade just like when you break something on your bike.
  11. sckrocodile

    Bike security

    I keep a pit and a German shepherd in the back yard.. Unless somone is willing to shoot a dog they arnt getting in the shed.. Best security iv ever invested in.!! well that and a pistol in my back pocket.
  12. sckrocodile

    oil leak, need help

    More than likely you improperly tightened the bolts on the cover you removed.. refer to you owners manual for procedure and torque.
  13. sckrocodile

    Wambaw Cycle Trail Update

    Thanks I plan to check it out around new years day.. I have never been out there before.
  14. sckrocodile

    yz450 shows no signs of starting at all. need help

    yup atleast stick a feeler gauge in the valve so you will atleast know if they are even in the ball park.. also compression tester would be a good idea. you can rent one from a parts store usually for free.. how did you check the spark on the plug?