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  1. GoPackGoGreenBay

    Lexx MXe Slip-on Silencer with mid pipe

    Love it. No re-jetting. Easy Installation. More Power. Nicer Sound. Lighter weight. I purchased mine from Amazon Sold by: Desert and Iron. I did have to contact them and service was fantastic!
  2. GoPackGoGreenBay

    Happy Trails K9 Fork Brace KLR650E 2008+

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    DETAILS As good as the KLR650 is, the 2008+ comes up short in key areas. The K-9 Fork Brace ends the commonly experienced brake pull and general feeling of instability in this bike. Custom made for the KLR and easily installed. Note: This fork brace also fits the model C KLR with 41mm forks. Tim says: The need for better suspension and handling is a progressive issue. The more experience you have and the more aggressive you ride, the more aware you become of need to supplement the front forks on the KLR650. Please note the HT Logo is embossed but not painted white as pictured. The Happy Trails Fork Brace is made from 6061 billet anodized aluminum and includes SS bolts and zinc plated nuts. We are no longer anodizing the fork braces, we are just selling the bare billet aluminum fork braces as of 4/1/16!!!!
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    DETAILS These things have paid for themselves several times already on the street and on the trails. Saved my plastics several times. A MUST have item! Super tough. And I love the highway pegs for those long rides as well. Includes the skid plate, Engine guard with highway pegs and the side guards! My tool tube straps to the engine guard perfectly. PD Nerf For the ultimate in KLR650 protection, select our exclusive PD (Paris Dakar) Nerf Design. Loops of 5/8 inch tubular steel protect your expensive fuel tank and shrouds. The PD Nerf package includes our exclusive fourth generation engine guard/highway peg combination (EG-4). The EG-4's one inch steel base tube adds additional support and the highway pegs give the rider more choice in riding positions for comfort mile after mile. A bonus is that the highway pegs give protection for the engine side cases... then they easily fold-up when not in use.
  4. GoPackGoGreenBay

    Happy Trails LED WOW Kit KLR650

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    DETAILS Don't be deceived by its looks. It may be a bit homely but this ugly duckling is a superstar. The exclusive Happy Trails WOW LED Taillight System transforms your KLR650 to the safest bike on the block. It is routinely blinding: during testing staff members grew accustomed to being temporarily blinded (like looking at a camera flash). We kid you not! Both lights are brilliant, both the taillight and the brake light are exponentially improved to a startling degree. The light installs in seconds: unscrew the stock bulb screw in the adapter unit; the board mounts securely underneath the taillight lens cover. The WOW LED taillight system uses less power, is far brighter (both tail and brake), and is rated to last over 100,000 hours with no signal degradation. Fitment: fits all Kawasaki KLR650 (A or E series); customers report it also works in the KLX250s. Power usage comparison (14VDC engine running): Taillight: Stock 1157: 5 Watts vs WOW LED GEN II: 0.1 Amps/1.4 Watts 10 Candela taillight Brake Light: Stock 1157: 21 Watts vs WOW LED GEN II: .7 Amps/10 Watts 100 Candela brake light (Light brightness testing carried out using a Minolta T-10 light meter at 1 foot). Flash Pattern: The brake light comes with a built-in dip switch toggle to activate a 1.5-2 second (4 flash) alert flashing before a brilliant steady brake beam or a brilliant steady beam (without flashes). Notes: Full brightness is not realized unless the bike is running and producing the full normal 14V. To disable the flashing mode slide both switches to the "off" position (switches are tiny toggles on the circuit board.) If your installation causes a small gap between the tail-light lens and gasket, remove a small amount ( about 1/16") of material from the taillight mounting posts with a small file or rotary tool. This will let the lens seal tight and keep water out. The brake light circuit on the WOW taillight requires an active and working taillight to function. Consequently, if you have a headlight cut-off switch that also eliminates the taillight the brake light will not work. Also, the WOW taillight cannot be bench-tested. It must be installed so that both the tail and brake light circuits are active. Dimensions: The light is about 1 1/4" deep, from the top of the mounting posts to the back side of the circuit board. The circuit board is 1 5/8" wide, and 2 5/8" wide. The maximum width on the installation holes is 3 1/4 while the minimum width is 2 7/8".
  5. Running Bark Busters here. I have 2 thoughts on this. 1) If there is a "get off" and the bike goes down it will protect the handles so I can ride out. With out them I have to carry extra handles. 2) $h^t happens and it sure would be great that my hands and fingers are not worked over. Yes just another safety instrument. Why is that a bad thing? I purchased these: http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/barkbusters-vps-handguard-kit-for-78-handlebars Remove the handle bar anti vibration weights and they screw right back into the bar ends. So far so good. No complaints.
  6. GoPackGoGreenBay

    Kawasaki KLR650 (2009)


    What a great machine. "THE" Swiss army knife of bikes. I have taken this thing all over Wisconsin. It is my grocery getter. Trekker. Over the river and through the woods to where ever it will take me. Does everything well and nothing perfect. Butt everyone should try one of these!
  7. GoPackGoGreenBay

    Kawasaki KLR650 2009

    What a great machine. "THE" Swiss army knife of bikes. I have taken this thing all over Wisconsin. It is my grocery getter. Trekker. Over the river and through the woods to where ever it will take me. Does everything well and nothing perfect. Butt everyone should try one of these!